The #1 Electric Skateboard and Electric Longboard Guide (2020)

Electric skateboards are fast becoming many peoples top mode of transport all over the world.  We love to test out new boards, as they all have a different purpose and features.

This is why Skating Electric exists - As an authority to answer all your questions: what is the best electric skateboard? How do I ride an electric skateboard to name a few. 

Our Electric Skateboard Guides

On a Budget?

Electric Skateboard Reviews

Boosted Mini X

Check out our comprehensive Boosted Mini Review now!

Blitzart Huracane

We review one of the top budget boards here!

Maxfind Boards

Maxfind makes some of the best electric boards around. We review all of them here.

Skatebolt Boards

We compare all the best Skatebolt boards on the market

Teamgee H9

Teamgee H5

Find out all about what makes the Teamgee H5 so popular