Best Cheap Electric Skateboards 2021 [Buying Guide + Reviews]

You may have heard of some of the big electric skateboard brands, and sometimes they are not cheap!

But that doesn't mean you can't find cheap electric skateboards in your price range.

We rank the best cheap electric skateboards in this guide.

For more cheap boards, check out our guides on the different price ranges at under $500, $300 and $200.

Looking for the Best Cheap Electric Skateboard?

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Overall Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

The Top Cheap Electric Skateboards on the Market in 2021:

1. Blitzart Huracane

This board is priced under at $500, and is our favorite cheap model on the market. The board itself is very sturdy and the wheels and trucks are strong. The deck is made from 7 ply maple wood on top of 2 layers of bamboo. The deck is covered with grip tape keeps you balanced when riding. You have the option between choosing orange or black wheels.

The board itself is a longboard, and can reach speeds of 17 MPH and can travel up to 8 miles. The battery is fully charged in 3 hours. No need to worry if you board runs out of charge, the Blitzart Huracane is light enough to be able to be ridden like a regular longboard.

We really liked the ergonomic remote which was easy to hold and had a wrist strap to prevent you from dropping it when riding.

The board is designed with 2 riding modes: beginner and advanced. The remote allows you to easily swap between these beginner and advanced speeds and also has a reverse button.

The board is fitted with hub motors - our preference over belt motors - which we've observed to be more reliable and last longer than those boards with belt motors. The hub motors also gives the board a neater look, as it doesn't have these large, bulky batteries that other electric skateboards have.

The Blitzart Huracane comes with regenerative braking.

No need for any building or DIY, the board comes to you fully assembled and ready to ride!


  • Good speeds and range
  • Quiet Ride
  • Can perform with weights of up to 250lbs


The HiBoy S22 looks and rides great! And most importantly is cheap, priced at under $400.

If you are looking for a longboard sized electric board, this is the one for you. It has solid trucks yet turns and rides just like a long board.

It has a max speed of 18.6mph and a long range of 13 miles on a single charge. Very powerful too, the motors are great for conquering steep hills.

This is the perfect board for beginner and advanced riders alike! It has 4 modes of acceleration and braking so you can set the ideal speed for your level. 

It is remote controlled and the simple ergonomic design makes controlling the board very easy.

This is one of the best boards you will find at this price range, so don't wait to get your hands on it now!

3. Teamgee H5

The Teamgee H5 is an extremely thin electric skateboard at less than 0.5 inch thick.

The board is longboard style, at 37 inches long, 8.7 inches wide and weighs 14.5 pounds. It can ride with weights up to 200 pounds. The concave shaped deck makes turning even the sharpest corners easy.

The electric skateboard is fitted with advanced, high performance 380W dual motors which gives a top range of 11 miles on a single charge and a max speed of 22 MPH.

A 25% hill grade (most boards are up to 20%) means the Teamgee H5 can take any hill with ease.

Made from 10 ply canadian maple wood and a layer of fibreglass, this board offers a smooth ride whilst still strong. The board is actually lower to the ground than most boards at 3 inches off the ground which we noticed definitely makes you feel more stable and confident when riding.

Hard to believe that it only takes 2 hours to fully charge. A cool extra features is the regenerative braking.

Overall, we thought this board was an exceptional electric skateboard and the fact that it comes in at under $500 makes it one of the best cheap electric skateboards on the market.


  • Good speed and range
  • 2 hours to fully charge
  • Easy turning



The URBANPRO electric longboard, but what sets it apart from the rest is that it has a slightly wider deck. The URBANPRO is made with 11 layer maple wood and 1 layer of fibreglass and can carry a max load of up to 265 lbs.

The URBANPRO has a range of 10 miles, a top speed of 20MPH , and can conquer hills with a grade of 20%. The battery is fully charged in 3 hours, which is a downside. Equipped with 3 riding modes, the multifunctional remote lets you change between them easily as well as choose forward or backward direction and control the acceleration and deceleration.  

You can rest assured you are covered, as the skateboard comes with a 12 month product warranty for the electric skateboard and 3 months warranty for the accessories (remote, charging cables etc.) . Right now, you can check out the URBANPRO on Amazon to get $100 off your order - which makes it less than $300!


  • 10 mile range
  • Under $300
  • 265lb max load


  • 3 hour charge time

The Maxfind MAX2PRO is a top of the range electric skateboard at a budget price of less than $100.

When we say this is not your average board we mean it. This deck is made out of a strong composite material deck instead of the regular wood.

It uses 90mm wheels and is IP65 waterproof rated. The MAX2PRO has a top speed of 20 mph and a range of 15 miles, making it perfect for commutes and medium distance riding. 

Its 3 riding modes all controlled by the wireless bluetooth remote lets you customize you ride to best suit your riding level.

The board is really light at only 12 lbs, and is easy for those that are on the go and looking to travel or commute with it. This being said, its load capacity isn't as high as other boards and recommends riders that don't exceed 176lbs.

Overall, this is a high end yet affordable electric skateboard with a fast top speed and a impressive range.


  • 20 MPH Top Speed
  • Under $500
  • 15 Miles Range
  • IP65 Waterproof


  • 176lb load capacity

6. Voyager Neutrino

The Voyager Neutrino is a crowd-favorite and coming in at under $200, this board has a lot to love. 

The board is equipped with a 350W motor, can travel up to 12.5 MPH, has a max range of 7 miles and a hill grade of 15 degrees. It is a superb commuting and cruising board.

The Voyager Neutrino is a mini electric skateboard, but at first glance you would just think it's just a regular penny board. The battery and motors are so compact and well concealed, that the board comes in at a mere 9.5 pounds!

From side view, the board is also extremely thin which adds to the torque and the ability to carve.

One of the stand-out features is that it is waterproof! Waterproof skateboards on the market are often few and far between, so to find an electric penny board that is under $200 and can ride in wet environments is a huge plus! No need to stop if it starts raining while you are riding!

Another benefit is that you can take it on planes with no TSA issues.

The Neutrino comes with the bluetooth remote so you can monitor battery life and control speeds while riding.


  • Very Lightweight and Thin
  • Waterproof
  • Good range and Speed
  • TSA Approved


  • Riding is best on smooth surfaces only

7. Swagtron Swagskate

The Swagtron Swagskate NG3 is a really cool looking board, and is a great choice for kids and teens coming in at under $100!

The board can reach speeds of 9.3MPH, and has a traveling range of 

This is actually a mini sized electric skateboard which our team agree are some of the best types of electric skateboard. This makes it easy to carry, store and transport.

The board itself is made with kids riding in mind, and is equipped with responsive sensors which stop the board when it detects dismount. The LED indicators in the rear of the board light up to let you know when the board is ready to ride and also serves as indicators for pedestrians.

When choosing the Swagtron you can rest assured that you are choosing a safe, yet still great board for your kids.


  • Small and Easy to Carry
  • Smooth Ride
  • LED Light Indicators


Another electric penny board makes the list, this time it is the RazorX. You know when purchasing a product from a reputable brand like Razor you will get a high quality and reliable product and this is the case for the RazorX electric skateboard.

This skateboard is a kids dream, but can also support a riders of up to 220 pounds. It is a great board for day trips and cruising with a top speed of 10 mph and 40 minutes of continuous use. This board makes a great beginners or kids board as it has a lower top speed than other boards, making it a safe choice.

The deck itself is light and covered with grip tape makes it easy for balancing. 

The wireless handheld controller comes with a removable wrist strap and the switch makes it easy to control speeds.

Due to its novice range and speeds we recommend the RazorX as a great first board and perfect for kids.


  • Small and Easy to Carry
  • Lightweight board
  • Great for beginners and kids


  • Low Range

Teamgee H9

Teamgee holds the title for the lightest and thinnest electric skateboards anywhere on the market!

We chose the Teamgee H8 on our list as it their most affordable board, yet still maintains exceptional quality. 

As we said before, these boards are so thin you wouldn't even know it was an electric longboard. The secret is the battery is inside the deck, which allows the longboard to bend like a regular longboard so you can carve with complete ease.

We loved how smooth the acceleration and deceleration of this board was and how easy it was to kick push, when not using the electric mode.

The Teamgee H8 can hit speeds of up to 15 MPH - with 3 modes of riding:

Low: up to 9 MPH

Middle: up to 13 MPH

High: up to 15 MPH

The range is up to 8 miles, which is not as high as other boards on the list , but still a fairly large distance nonetheless, and is enough to meet most peoples requirements.

The hill grade is up to 15 degrees which is common for the boards on this list.

10. Alouette Phoenix

The Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Longboard is a really solid, yet still flexible electric longboard. Coming it at under $400, this board is a great choice for quality and power on a budget.

The top speed is 16 MPH and has a max range of 12.4 miles, making it great for commuting and cruising. It has a hill grade of up to 15 degrees.This board has a 6 layer maple with a layer of bamboo deck which is flexible whilst still maintaining sturdiness for an ergonomic design. 

The ergonomic remote features an LCD display screen, which allows you to check the speed, miles remaining, direction and remote battery whilst riding. The molded feel allows you to have a firm whilst natural grip on the remote. The cruise control feature allows you to select a speed and maintain it through pressing the LED on your remote.

The Alouette Phoenix comes with a 6 month warranty.


  • Good for hill climbing 
  • Great range and speed
  • Cruise control feature


  • Not permitted on planes
  • Not water resistant

11. Shaofu

The shaofu electric skateboard is a great choice for kids and youth at the price point of under $250. 

The board is not as fast as other electric skateboards on our list reaching speeds of up to 12 MPH, which is still pretty quick but is a good limit when looking at purchasing an electric skateboard for beginners or kids. The 10 mile range matches up in a similar range to the other boards on our list. 

The board itself has a simplistic look and feel to it. It is made with a 7 ply maple deck for a lightweight ride, complete with high grip wheels for a smooth riding experience. When choosing the board you are able to choose black, orange or red wheels.

There are many heavy, and bulky electric skateboards on the market, but the shaofu is light and easy to carry at only 11 pounds.

Want a board that is aimed towards kids but can be used by adults also? The shaofu can travel with up to 286 pounds.


  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry
  • Good range
  • Battery charges in less than 2 hours


  • Speed isn't as high as other boards

Best Cheap Electric Skateboards Buying Guide (2021)

If you made it to this page, you are probably well aware that electric skateboards can be priced well over $1000 for the top of the range boards.

We have included different types of cheap electric skateboards such as electric penny boards, electric longboards and standard sized electric skateboards. Our guide on the best electric skateboards of 2020 also include a number of cheap boards too!

We have compiled lots of general information in our buying guide below to answer all your questions you may have surrounding cheaper models.

Is it Worth Buying a Budget Electric Skateboard?

Before purchasing an electric skateboard our tips are to define your needs for your skateboard. Cheaper electric skateboards have features such as range, and speeds to satisfy different peoples needs depending on how they plan on using it.

If you are looking for a reliable commuter electric skateboard that will be riding long distances day-in, day-out, we would recommend you perhaps look at a higher quality board. You can check our top commuter boards out here.

When you purchase a cheaper board, you may forgo greater range, speeds and the highest quality. There are definitely more affordable models on the market to suit your needs, if you are on a budget.

We primarily recommend purchasing a cheap electric skateboard if you are set on a particular budget, or are new to the electric skateboard market and want to familiarize yourself before investing in a more expensive model. 

Do You Miss Out When Buying a Cheaper Board?

No not necessarily!

Buying a cheap board can still be a great idea, with reliable brands producing some really great models. We recommend checking out BLITZART, Koowheel and Teamgee brands.

You'll notice that most of the cheap electric skateboards give you the basic electric skateboard and remotes. A lot of more pricey electric skateboard comes equipped with extra features such as LED lights, app connectivity to connect your smartphone to your board and fancier motors that are silent.

We go more into detail on this on our blog post about the pricing of electric skateboards which you can read here.

Do I Need to do Regular Maintenance on a Cheap Electric Skateboard?

Electric skateboards in general are low maintenance. The only potential replacement that may occur after a number of years is the battery may need replacing. Today, it is much easier to replace the batteries than ever.

What are the Terms I Should be Familiar with When Looking at Cheap Electric Skateboards?

With any niche, you'll find out there is specific lingo or jargon that enthusiasts use and this is no different with electric skateboards. We have a comprehensive article, which we have written as a glossary or dictionary for electric skateboard terms to bring you up with the experts but we'll also mention a few here to help you out.

  • Regenerative Braking

This is a common feature on certain electric skateboards that is a type of braking that essentially recharges you battery and it slows down. This is done as the electric current produced by braking feeds the battery, recharging it. It is pretty complex to understand in short, so we have included a video to help. 

  • Torque

Torque is basically how much force of twisting can be produced. This is relevant to electric skateboards as it determines how fast electric skateboards can break or accelerate.

The faster the wheels can twist forward = faster acceleration and the faster the wheels can twist backwards = faster deceleration.

  • Ergonomic Remote

Most electric skateboards describe their remote controllers as 'ergonomic' remotes. This basically just means that the remotes are designed for efficiency. We haven't come across an electric skateboard remote that was not user-friendly and easy to navigate the settings. The remotes either have an LCD screen to view speed, range etc. along with buttons/switches to change settings or simple just the control buttons.

What Should I Consider Before Buying an Affordable Electric Skateboard?

To a newbie, electric skateboards to the eye all look the same, which can make it difficult. We have highlighted the most important features to look for when purchasing a cheaper board, so you can get the best value for your money!

Speed and Range

Depending what you are looking for you can get cheap electric skateboards that are still fast and have a good travel range. 

Typical speeds of cheap electric boards can range from 9 MPH to 23 MPH. We would specifically point you in the direction of the lower speeds, if you are looking to get one for a child. Otherwise choosing any electric skateboard is fine. Electric skateboards are all fitted with modes of riding, with each mode representing a different speed. So even if you are a beginner, you can still purchase any electric skateboards, just ride on the first/lowest riding mode.

Max range is how far the board can travel on a single charge. For cheap boards this is all down to the quality of the battery. It can range from 7 miles up to 19 miles for the Wowgo 2. Generally with more pricey electric boards, the battery is removable. So if you are on the go and your battery runs out of charge, they make it easy for you to put in a spare battery and keep riding.  At the end of the day - electric skateboards range can vary based on type of surface you are riding on, weight of the rider, speed at which you are traveling, and whether hills are being ridden up.

Board Design

It is no doubt that you electric skateboard will be exposed to some rough and tumble - really it is just in the nature of skateboard riding. They will also likely be exposed to unexpected terrains and weather conditions so it is important to be aware of the board's build to know if it'll be able to withstand these conditions over time. 

Most common electric skateboard deck materials are maple wood, bamboo and 

Your typical electric skateboards are made from wood with a grip tape covering like this - which is also what your standard regular skateboard is made from.

If you are into the more 'traditional' look for your electric skateboard we would recommend maple wood and bamboo boards.

On the other hand there are more modern and innovative looking electric skateboards that are made from materials such as polycarbonate and seaglass as seen on the macwheel. 

Weight of the Board

The weight of the board is an important factor, as it can dictate how easy it is to transport and take on the go. If you are planning on getting an electric skateboard to take everywhere with you, be sure to take note of the weight when purchasing as many electric skateboard models can be bulky and very heavy!

A good weight indicator that most boards fall into would be in the 9-15 pound range. 

Anything you want to be portable, choose anything within this range. Note that if you are considering an all terrain board, they will be heavier as the wheels are thicker and larger to ride on bumpy surfaces. 

Weight is also important if you would like to ride without using the electric features. Light electric skateboards make kick pushing much easier, and can give you the ability to have the option to ride your board without the electric mode and can still you a normal electric skateboard feel.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is another crucial consideration, so that your board will be able to perform at it's peak without being hindered by the weight. Most electric skateboards can carry weight of between 140 and 265 pounds. 

However it is not uncommon to come across very cheap boards that have lower weight capacities, as they are specifically designed for child use. If you are interested in boards for children we have written a buying guide specifically for kids and teens where most boards are affordable.

So make sure to specifically check for weight capacity as if the board has a rider that is over it's specified capacity than it will put more pressure on the motor and battery and can hinder it's ability to reach speeds and travel hills.

Remote Control

If pretty much all cases electric skateboards are controlled through an ergonomic handheld remote. You are able to change the riding mode and speed and control when you brake. Some of the boards on this list such as the Swagtron - is specifically designed for kids and has a hands free electric riding mode and doesn't use a remote.

It really is personal preference, but the majority of boards have remote controls. The remote controls do not differ very much for price of the board and they all have the standard speed changing and braking settings.

Some of the electric skateboards come with a remote that has an LCD screen, which lets you view the speed, battery, range and direction as well as buttons and a trigger. Whilst some others come with a remote that does not have a screen but just buttons to control.

Then other electric skateboard brands may have an app which effectively acts as a second remote through which you can control all settings on. 

Battery Quality

Since on cheaper boards that batteries are not as high quality as more expensive boards, it is important to be aware of tips which means you can protect your battery so it can last a long time. Useful tips include: being aware of how long your board is plugged in. Yes, it is much easier to charge overnight, but perhaps limit charging every night to a few times per week, as leaving it plugged in for extensive times overcharges and overheats the battery which reduces lifespan. 

Also using the charging cables that come with the kit. Be wary of using third party produced electric skateboard chargers, and if a charger needs replacing - more often then not, you are able to purchase a new one directly from the brand.


Another important feature which you should be made aware of, especially if you live in a wetter climate is whether the board is waterproof or not. Most electric skateboards on the market are not waterproof. The reason for this is as simple as that water and electronics don't mix, and the battery can be damaged beyond repair.

Aside from most not being waterproof, it is possible to find some electric skateboards that are water resistant. This means that it can handle water to a small degree, such as light rain.  


Electric skateboards are often exposed to the elements and unexpected surfaces which can lead to wear and tear and potential damage.

Due to the nature of cheaper boards, if you suffer a mishap the board is more likely to be damaged than an expensive one. Particularly if you are a beginner and learning to ride, small accidents are more than likely whilst you get the hang of it!

This is why we recommend choosing a board with a product warranty of 6 months to 1 year in case you have any issues.


Electric skateboards are great, but can be pricey at the best of times. Our favorite boards that come in under the $500 range are the Blitzart Huracane, X and the Alouette Phoenix. We love these 3 as they overall have commendable features, such as good speeds, range and safety features. Special mentions go to the Macwheel for it's cool visual appeal and the Wowgo 2s for having an outstanding range.

In the under $300 range, we really like the Voyager Neutrino if you are after a mini electric skateboard or the 

Then we come to the under $100 range where you'll find great kids electric skateboards in the Swagtron Swagskate Mini and the Razor X boards.

When looking for an electric skateboard it is important to keep in mind a few important considerations. First look at obvious specifications such as top speed and then range. Then consider other things such as how long the battery takes to charge.

The size of the board you purchase is important too. Are you after a mini / penny board style electric skateboard, a regular sized electric skateboard or an electric longboard? 

You should also consider the weight of the board and it's weight capacity, to determine whether it is the right board for adults or kids.

Then consider what you want to use the board for. Whether it be cruising for fun, commutes or off road riding, you'll find that there are different designs and features for each purpose. For example off road electric skateboards have much thicker and larger wheels in order to navigate rough terrains.

Visually it is important to consider some design features. To have a skateboard that you think is visually appealing whether it be a more stereotypical cruiser wood deck covered with grip tape or a more modern looking fibreglass board, there definitely is a model to suit every preference. 

And then finally, you'll want to choose a board that comes with at least 6 months warranty to cover you in case of some mishaps that happen in the early months of you owning it.