Best Electric Scooters

Electric Scooters are definitely one of the preferred methods of transportation around cities. If you have been to a major city like London, Los Angeles or New York chances are you have seen lots of them out and about. 

There are so many benefits to owning an electric scooter in a busy city overriding in a car, bus, train or even walking. But now, they are also becoming more popular in suburbs and towns for convenience and fun.

Not to mention they fold easily and are much easier to store compactly then bikes.

Our guide reviews the best electric scooters on the market. Our team tested out many of the popular electric scooters on the market, to come up with a definitive ranking system on the best e-scooters around.

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Overall Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

Here are the 14 Best Electric Scooters on the Market

We assess many different features of electric scooters including:

  • The speed and range of e-scooters
  • The riding experience - how smooth the ride is and whether they are able to navigate rough surfaces
  • Safety features
  • How portable these scooters are

And many more…

Our guide aims to take the difficulty out of choosing the right e-scooter to suit your needs and most importantly your budget! Electric scooters can massively vary in price, and it is not common to see them populate more on the expensive side of the market.

We ensure that our guide also includes affordable choices. 

The GOTRAX V2 commuters electric scooter is one of the most popular and best selling scooters in the world!

It is a perfect entry level commuters electric scooter that is well-built and sold at an incredibly affordable price of under $300.

Its battery lasts up to 12 miles on a single charge for medium length commutes, and it can reach speeds of 15 miles per hour. The superior motor strength means it can climb hills of up to 14 degrees.

The battery can be fully charged in 3-4 hours which is also very convenient.

The scooter is made with 8.5” air filled wheels that easily glides the scooter over bumpy concrete. 

Perfect for commuting, the GOTRAX can be folded to a small size for storage. The frame is also lightweight, weighing only 26.4 lbs. 

The GOTRAX is made with all riders in mind from children to adults. Its max weight limit of 220 lbs is accommodating use by pretty much anyone.

It is IP54 waterproof rated, so you can ride stress free in any weather conditions. Night riding is also very safe with the extra bright LED headlight and the rear reflector for increased visibility. 

One of the cool features is the digital display between the handlebars. You can view all your riding information like the battery life and speed as well as turn on cruise control or the headlight. 

The Mi M365 is a visually appealing, minimalist looking electric scooter that combines practicality and quality specs with a modern appearance.

It is available for less than $500 in either black or white, and has a max speed of 15 mph and a top range of 18 miles. It requires roughly 5 hours to fully charge.

What sets this electric scooter apart is how lightweight it is. As well as being foldable, the Mi weighs a mere 26.9 lbs making it one of the best portable e-scooters available. 

Not only this, but it makes it an attractive choice for kids or those needing to carry their scooter around without the added inconvenience of a heavy weight. 

The wheels are shock absorbing and have an anti-slip tread for a stable ride even in wet conditions. Whilst the wheels are pretty good for smooth riding they are not as large as other scooters at only 8.5 inches. Bear this in mind if you will be riding over very bumpy surfaces and smaller wheels are designed for more urban, city riding.

Xiaomi has marketed their e-scooter to operate as simply as it looks, and it does exactly that. The intuitive controls simplifies use, allowing riders to instantly get the hang on riding. It is all controlled using a single button that kicks the e-scooter to life.

Between the handlebars, LED lights will flash to show you remaining battery life, and the single button allows you to control all features. This includes turning the scooter on and off, turning headlights on, and changing between normal and power saving mode.

The downside to this scooter, is the LED screen is not as good as other e-scooters and does not display extensive information like they do.

You can however check all your riding statistics on their smartphone application which pairs to your smartphone via bluetooth and lets you view current speed, power remaining and other real time stats. 

Safety features

The e-scooter is equipped with reliable safety features. This includes the ultrabright headlights, red taillights for braking and the braking system which minimizes the braking distance to just 13 feet! 

Its battery is protected with the management system that prevents overheating and charging issues, to prolong the battery's useful life.

The Xiaomi without a doubt is a modern, sleek looking design coupled with top specs. 

It asserts itself as one of the best mid-range models and is one of the best-selling e-scooters on the market.

Don’t wait to get your hands on this awesome electric scooter now.

Chances are you are familiar with the brand Segway and their self balancing electric transporters, but they also produce some of the best electric scooters on the market.

The SEGWAY Ninebot Scooter is an incredibly powerful and well-built scooter that is designed to be sturdy for maximum versatility.

It has an exceptional range of 40.4 miles and a top speed of 18.6 mph.Pressing down on the throttle will activate the 350W motor that accelerates well and can climb hills of up to 20%.

With a huge riding range sadly comes with a longer charging time of 6 hours. The battery is not removable and charging is done through a single cord plugged straight into the scooter. 

Build Features

SEGWAY’s E-scooters are designed for all riders with a weight limit load of 220lbs.

The Ninebot Kick uses the newly upgraded 10-inch pneumatic tires which are very tough and can withstand punctures without deflating. 

The scooter is made with a wide 7 inch platform that is wide enough for 2 people to ride at once, and an anti slip covering for safe riding.

It is also a foldable scooter, and can be compactly folded in just 3 seconds for easy carrying and storage.

The Ninebot Kick Scooter also has 3 riding modes for custom riding. The modes Eco, Standard and Sport can be selected using the LED dashboard. Another riding feature is the power assist which gives you an electric boost when riding manually. 

You can also use the LED dashboard for checking your speed, battery levels and other information about your ride.

The Segway Ninebot app is a great way to control your e-scooter and manage your ride on your iOS and Android smartphone. 

Safety Features

SEGWAY has fitted their e-scooters with plenty of great safety features.

These include front facing extra bright LED lights to illuminate night riding and ensure you are fully visible. The dual braking system also ensures that braking is safe and responsive. 

Unlike other electric scooters, the Kickbot has a battery management system that ensures safety when charging. This will ensure the battery does not overcharge or overheat to stop any electrical dangers and extend the life of the battery.

In conclusion, you can never go wrong with buying from a brand like SEGWAY. You are guaranteed the highest quality and top-of-the-range specs. For us, the Kickscooter Max is their most impressive model. Whilst it is on the more expensive side, it is a worthwhile investment and will last for years to come.

The HiBoy S2 Pro is a more affordable commuter’s e-scooter at roughly half the price of the SEGWAY whilst still having similar specifications.

The S2 Pro boasts very good speed and range for the price. It has a speed of up to 19mph and a range of up to 30 miles. This is roughly 1.5 hours of continuous riding.

It is unfortunately not a fast charging battery and will need 6 hours to recharge up.

Riding can be done in either two modes, comfort and sport. Like most other electric scooters, the modes are changed on the display and can be switched between using single button control.

It is a foldable electric scooter and in 3 steps can be compactly and securely folded for storage in small spaces. The scooter weighs 36 lbs and so is practical for carrying when not riding. 

One click of the button activates the headlights, 2 clicks allows you to switch between comfort and sport mode and 3 clicks can enable or disable cruise control. As well you can see all your ridining data on this screen. Overall, the display is user friendly and easy to view your riding stats.

HiBoy have used rear dual shock absorbers and the upgrade 10 inch tires to maximise the smoothness and comfort when riding. A downside is the wheels are solid, and in our opinion make for a less smooth ride than air filled tires.

Overall, we’d definitely rate the HiBoy S2 Pro as one of the best mid-range electric scooters at a more accessible price point. If you are still looking for a quality commuting and long range scooter, but don’t want to be forking out extra for all the bells and whistles in the SEGWAY model, we would recommend you check out the S2 Pro!

GOTRAX is another great budget pick at an even lower price. For less than $400, you are still guaranteed a high performing commuter grade electric scooter.

The specifications of this scooter are still to be commended for its price, with a top speed of 15.5 mph and a maximum range of 18.6 miles. Hill climbing is still relatively easy and the GOTRAX can climb hills of up to 15% grade.

Just like the other e-scooters we’ve reviewed the GOTRAX has a smart LED display for viewing the speedometer, battery life as well as selecting cruise control and activating the headlight. 


The XR Elite is a folding e-scooter, with 1 touch folding system allowing you to quickly fold the scooter down to a compact size, perfect for storing or carrying.

The GOTRAX is fitted with a pretty wide deck. At 6.6” wide, there is plenty of room for both feet giving greater comfort and stability when riding. 

Its dual braking system utiloises both disc braking and anti lock electric braking to ensure braking is fast and responsive even when traveling at a top speed. 

The headlight on the scooter is very bright, and with the LED taillight and 6 reflectors you will always be visible at night.

The scooter is also IP54 waterproof rated.

If you are on the hunt for an affordable electric scooter that still has a good range and speed, the GoTrax XR Elite is the choice for you.

Another SEGWAY scooter makes our list and this time it is the ES4.

Priced lower than the MAX, the ES4 stands out for being SEGWAY’s lightweight e-scooter option. Despite being lighter and a more discrete scooter, it still packs a punch in terms of performance and beats it out for the better commuter e-scooter.

The ES4 model follows the ES2 and what sets them apart is the double battery capacity of the ES4. With a max range of 28 miles this is the ultimate long range e-scooter. The top speed of 18.6 mph ensures you get to your destination in no time. It also has a decent motor catapulting up hills of up to 15%.

It is also foldable, making it portable for carrying and easy to store anywhere you need. 

The built-in LED display on the ES4 is one of our favorites of all e-scooters. It allows you to do the basic functions such as viewing riding stats, turning on headlights but also lets you customize your rear and side light colors. 

The ES4 comes with an internal battery and a removable external battery for swapping in and out. 

This is a great electric scooter for city and urban commutes or riding in even surface areas. The wheels are pretty thin and won’t be able to navigate surfaces like grass or dirt.

In summary we recommend this e-scooter primarily for those looking to do long city commutes or long distance urban rides. It is on the pricey side, but is worth the money if you will be using it on a regular basis, as it is on of the best commuter scooters. 

If it is in your price range, definitely purchase it as buying a SEGWAY you are guaranteed a long-lasting, top notch e-scooter. 

GOTRAX XR Ultra is one of their latest models and the upgrade from the GXL V2. 

The main selling point of the XR Ultra is the immense value for money. It is very affordable yet still offers a range of 16 miles and a top speed of 15.5 mph. 

The motor used in the XR Ultra is the increased 300W motor. Hill climbing is made easier and it is now able to glide up hills of 15 degrees. 

GOTRAX have used the one step folding system to allow riders to easily fold the scooter up for portability. 

The XR Ultra has the standard LED display for showing your riding data like speed, range and battery life and well as allowing you to turn on the headlight and toggle riding modes.

One of the downsides to this e-scooter is the smaller wheel size. At only 8.5”, the wheels are specifically made for riding in urban areas. Riding is smooth on flat surfaces with the pneumatic tires, however it is not the best for conquering bumps and rough terrain.

It also has a safe and reliable dual braking system. The disc brake and anti locking brake system allows for responsive and quick braking even whilst at top speeds. The smart battery management system also protects against the battery overheating or charging. 

At just over $350, the GOTRAX XR Ultra Electric scooter is a no-brainer. If you are looking to spare a cost, but don’t want to miss out on the features such as long battery life and a fast speed, the XR Ultra is for you!

8. Turboant X7 Pro

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Turbnoant is known for producing top of the range electric scooters with exceptional performance. The X7 Pro is no exception.

This electric scooter comes in at under $500, and is foldable and great for fast and long range commuting or adventuring.

It has a top speed of 20MPH and a maximum range of 30 miles! The range is so impressive and one of the top out there - ideal if you are doing long commutes. 

The scooter is made for all ages and levels and with the 3 modes of riding you can customize your riding experience to suit your level. 

These 3 modes are capped at various speeds to give you more control when riding. The modes are beginning, eco and sport mode, where you can travel at a safe speed of 6mph on beginner or up the adrenalin and change to sport where you can zip around at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

It does however have a slightly longer charging time at 6 hours to recharge fully, but it is ultimately worth it for the high specs!

The battery is also detachable so you can pack spare batteries and extend the range as long as you want! 

It folds up nicely for easy storage at home, in your car or workplace and has a weight of 33 lbs. At this weight it is still manageable for carrying around with you.

The wheels on the X7 Pro are pneumatic (air filled) and the 10 inch size means it can comfortably absorb shocks from uneven surfaces and makes riding very smooth. 

Safety features are also present on this electric scooter. The LED headlight ensures you are visible at night and the triple braking mechanism creates an efficient braking distance of only 5 metres. 

The LED screen on the scooter is also nice for displaying scooter’s speed and battery remaining as well as allowing you to switch riding modes.

Turboant’s X7 Pro is an exceptional electric scooter that boasts fast speeds and an extended range. If you are looking for a performance e-scooter, the X7 Pro is the pick for you!

Best Electric Scooter Buying Guide

As well as knowing what the best electric scooter models are available to purchase, there are also some crucial considerations to make if you are new to the e-scooter game.

Our buying considerations breaks down all the nitty gritty details of e-scooters. There are definitely important factors you should consider in your buying decisions which we will describe below. 

This will ensure that your scooter will be the optimal model to suit your needs.

Best Electric Scooters at Different Price Ranges

Under $300

These are your budget options. At this price range you can expect to purchase a basic looking electric scooter with basic specifications. These will have smaller sized motors, average speed and range and lesser battery capacities.

If you are new to the electric scooter world, these are your best starter options. They won’t require maintenance but will unfortunately be less durable and more fragile to harsh terrains.


At these prices, you are likely to find some mid range scooters. They will be able to travel further and faster and be able to weather tough riding conditions.

Its wheels will likely be bigger for smoother riding and have a larger motor for better hill climbing.

Above $600

These are you premium electric scooters and can easily range in price into the $1000 range for the state-of-the-art models. 

In our opinion, if you have the money these are very worthwhile investments.

Not only will they be built with the highest quality materials, but will have all the technology and specifications to go with it. Features you can expect include 

Most Important Features in Electric Scooters

Speed and Acceleration

As with all of our electronic gadgets, speed is once again one of the most important features. 

Speed is determined by the type and number of motors built into the electric scooters. With different models you will find they have either one or two motors depending on the price range.

Even basic, low-end electric scooters you can expect to have a speed of 15mph. More expensive and higher-end scooters can have a top speed into the 40mph range!

It is likely that where you live may have placed regulations on the speed of riding electric scooters. The speed limits may be capped at around 20mph.

Cheaper models will likely have one motor and more mid to high end range models will have two motors.The motors in electric scooters are built into the scooters wheels. This is known as hub motors.

Then consider acceleration which is how quickly the scooter can increase its speed.

A good acceleration is a feature that you will definitely want as it will allow you to get to a fast speed with no time wasted. A good acceleration will also mean that it climbs hills with ease.

The maximum acceleration will be found on dual motor electric scooters as they have more motor power. 


As well as speed, range in the next most obvious feature. This is something you always want to look at before purchasing as this will determine whether your e-scooter has the range capacity to be effective for what you need.

Those with long commutes will be looking for those longer range electric scooters. Buyers who are purchasing for leisurely and hobby riding will not necessarily need as long a range. 

The average range of an affordable electric scooter can be around 12 miles on a single battery charge. More expensive scooters can have a range of well into the 20s or 30 mile range.

Just be aware that the stated range of an electric scooter is for riding on flat surfaces and takes into account a ‘maximum weight limit’ of the rider.

Variables that may change the expected range include the weight of the rider, type of surface ridden on, whether you are riding up hills and the speed at which you are traveling at. 

Range is determined by the battery and higher quality and larger batteries will inevitably give it a longer range. 

The most common battery type used amongst models is lithium ion. Lithium ion batteries are lightweight, compact and don’t add weight to the scooter or contribute to bulk. 

Certain models you can purchase even have removable batteries. This can be convenient for riding ultra long distances as you can pack spare batteries in your bag and switch them out to extend the range of the scooter. 


It is known that most electric scooters can take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours to fully recharge. Electric scooters simply charge through connecting the scooter to the charging cord plugged into an outlet. 

You will want to find a battery in an electric scooter that is efficient. It is not worth your while purchasing an electric scooter that takes AGES to charge and then lasts 40 minutes before the battery is dead again. Choose a scooter that has the lowest charging time possible and still has a decent riding time.

Most will have an LED battery indicator light that will illuminate green when fully charged. In order to protect the scooter’s battery, just be weary about not overcharging. This means monitoring how long it is plugged into the wall and disconnecting it as soon as possible after it has fully charged. 


Electric scooters have hub motors which are built into the wheels. The number of motors in e-scooters is either 1 or 2, and the power of these motors are measured in watts (W). The greater the wattage, the more powerful the motor will be. 

Watts can range anywhere from a few hundred in a budget e-scooter to 2000W in a top performance electric scooter. Watts in the lower hundreds are sufficient for riding on flatter surfaces with small hills. Above 400 watts are recommended for hill climbing. 

Build, Construction and Material Quality

Construction is very important when shopping for a top electric scooter. An electric scooter with a solid frame is ideal. The frames are made from materials such as aluminium, steel, composites. The sturdier and more rigid the frame, the better and these will have a longer life time and can handle more abuse. Just be aware that certain types of metals used in electric scooters may make them heavier.

Plastic frames are present in cheaper models but these have the tendency to crack or break easily. It is recommended to steer clear from these if you want a longer lasting scooter.

Then there is the deck of the scooter. A medium to wider width deck will give your feet plenty of space to position comfortably. The decks are also usually covered in grip tape which will give you a balanced stance even if the deck gets wet. 

Weight of the Scooter

Weight is an important consideration especially if you are looking for a portable electric scooter. After all, no one wants to carry around a heavy scooter.

Lightweight and foldable scooters are the most ideal for commuters. These fold up to a manageable size and can be taken on public transport and stowed away into small spaces such as under a desk or inside your car’s trunk.

The majority of electric scooters with a range of 15 miles and above will weigh over 25lbs. The rule of thumb is to stick to in the 30 lb range. Even in the 30 lb weight range, it will be uncomfortable to carry around for longer periods. For longer walks we would recommend purchasing a shoulder strap that can help take some of the weight off.

Weight limit of the electric scooter is also a notable feature. Electric scooters can commonly have a weight limit of 300lbs. Choosing one that can carry your body weight is important as the heavier you are, the more power the scooter will need. Riding on a scooter with a weight limit less than your weight will mean that the scooter’s top speed and range will be reduced. 

Braking System

Brakes are the most essential safety feature in an electric scooter so you will want to ensure they are reactive and work well. 

These brakes are controlled by the brake levers on the handlebar.

The main types of brakes used in high-end scooters are disc brakes.Disc brakes are the most responsive type of brakes. They are reliable in both wet and dry conditions and highly responsive, ensuring you can stop even when riding at high speeds. These are lightweight, safe and extremely reliable brakes.

They generally are in the higher end scooters so are naturally more expensive. If you will be riding at high speeds such as in cities, these are the brakes we would recommend.

Other types of brakes include drum, foot and regenerative braking.

Drum brakes are brakes inside the wheel hub and foot brakes - the simplest type and usually in cheap scooters have a guard on the rear wheel that you push down with your foot to slow down.

Suspension and Tires

Suspension is a feature that most people won’t consider nor know about when purchasing an electric scooter. If you are unfamiliar with suspension, it is simply the system that suspends the rider and the scooter in order to soften the ride from bumpy and rough terrains. 

The sole purpose of dampening shocks.

Suspension on front and rear wheels is ideal for having the smoothest ride possible. 

Along with the suspension system, the other factor that contributes to riding experience is the type and size of wheels. 


The two types of wheels on electric scooters include pneumatic tires and solid tires. Solid are the filled tires and pneumatic tires are filled with air. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before purchasing.

Solid tires obviously have the advantage that they require no maintenance. They don’t need to be pumped up as they can never go flat. Solid tires are also cheaper than pneumatic tires. The downside to solid tires is that you will feel every bump that you travel over. 

Pneumatic (air filled) tires are the ideal tires for smooth riding. They definitely make for a better riding experience, and despite requiring periodic maintenance and monitoring tire pressure, are well worth it. Air filled tires are highly recommended if you are traveling off-road or in cities where the surfaces are uneven and you may encounter pot holes or rough gravel.

Then there is the size of the tires that should also be considered. Larger tires are ideal for smoother riding as they will better absorb shocks than smaller wheels. If you only will be riding on smooth concrete then you could pass with getting smaller wheels but we generally recommend the larger, thicker tires. 

Cool Features

We have tried and tested many electric scooters and a lot of these have cool features that come with the scooter. Some scooters are fitted with GPS capabilities so you can pair your scooter with your smartphone. Others will have a LCD screen so you can check your speed and battery when riding. 

One of the coolest features we have found in electric scooters are the built in bluetooth speakers so you can hook it to your phone and play music as you ride.

Other Safety Features in Electric Scooters

Aside from brakes there are a couple of other handy safety features to keep you protected at all times. 

A good set of LED lights are essential. Electric scooters generally come with built-in LED lights with a white front light and a red rear braking light.

It is worth double checking whether they do before purchasing. If they don’t, it is easy to find a separate set of lights that you can quickly install yourself. A simple set of lights that can strap on to the scooter without damaging the paint coat will suffice.

As well at lights, reflectors are also important as they will ensure you are visible to cars on the road at night.

Then definitely wearing a helmet when riding at all times. In a lot of places it will be a legal requirement just as it is wearing a helmet when riding on a bike. Needs no further explanation but a helmet can save you in numerous instances.

A worthwhile investment, it is recommended that you purchase a top quality helmet.

Water Resistance

Getting an electric scooter that is water resistant is important especially for wet climates or riding in unpredictable conditions. Water resistance (and dust resistance) ratings are given by the IP ratings - which standards for ingress protection. 

In understanding IP ratings if the rating is for example IP54, the first number means it has resistance to solids whilst the second letter reaffirms its resistance to moisture. 

Why Purchase an Electric Scooter?

Can be Lightweight and Portable

Looking for a convenient electric scooter that you can use and then pack away or transport? There are plenty of these available. One of the benefits of e-scooters over bikes is that they are smaller and can be made more compact for storing.

One-time Cost!

Unlike cars or even bikes, electric scooters rarely require maintenance. So they are basically a one-time cost just when purchasing. To charge these up all you need is a supply of electricity and off you go!

Environmentally Friendly

Many people have swapped cars for e-scooters because they are great for the environment. There is NO carbon emissions or pollution emitted from electric scooters, making them a fantastic alternative if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint.

No Maintenance

As mentioned above, electric scooters practically require zero maintenance. Forget oil changing, filling up water tanks or cleaning out cooling systems. For those looking for easy maintenance, e-scooters are a viable option.

Miles of Travel at Fast Speeds

Electric scooters are powerful and fast, which is why they are so popular with commuters. They can travel moderate to long distances at speeds of into the 20-30’s miles per hour range. The range is enough for people to get to work or study and back with ease! If not simply pack a charger, and recharge the battery during the day.

No Age Limit or License Required

Electric scooters are suitable for any ages and require no license or permits to use in public areas. This can be another enticing factor with electric scooters as those without a driver's license can ride e-scooters as their own form of personal travel.

Just be sure that if your child is riding that they 

Very Easy to Use

Another great reason to purchase an e-scooter is how easy they are to use. Unlike electric skateboards and hoverboards there is no self-balancing aspect with electric scooters, and doesn’t require a learning period for you to get to grips with riding.

Electric scooters have a wide deck platform to aid balance and the handlebars to ensure you are fully in control and balanced at all times. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I Purchase a Bird Scooter

Bird Scooters are the public use electric scooters that seem to be everywhere in every major city. You are unfortunately unable to purchase Bird Scooters themselves but we have done extensive research to find the closest scooter. 

GoTrax electric scooters are actually extremely similar to Bird scooters! They have basically the same range and ride just as well!

  1. What is the Fastest Electric Scooter?

The fastest electric scooter available for purchase is the MANTIS made by Fluid Free Ride. This e-scooter has the ability to go up to 40mph, which is extremely fast.

Riding at these speeds is highly advised against, and we personally think even 30mph is too fast for electric scooter riding.

For safe yet still fast riding we recommend e-scooters that cap the speed at approximately 25 mph. Stick within the range of 15 to 25 mph.

One of the most important tips is to ride within your level. Stick within your limits when riding and don’t push the boundaries unless you are wearing comprehensive safety equipment and are familiar with safe ways to dismount the scooter should you lose control. 

  1. Are Electric Scooters legal to be ridden on the Roads?

In most states in the USA, it is legal for electric scooters to be ridden. The rule is that all bicycle laws apply and should you decide to ride on the roads, you must stick to the bike lanes. Ensure you keep up with your local laws as these laws vary from state to state.

Also note that the laws regarding riding on the sidewalks are not consistent. Some cities like LA permit this (you’ve probably seen the Bird and Lime scooters around), but other cities do not due to danger to pedestrians.