Top Electric Skateboard Kits 2020 [Buying Guide + Reviews]

Interested in Owning Your Own Electric Skateboard but Don't Want to Part Ways with Your Board?

Electric Skateboard Conversion Kits are great alternatives to buying an electric skateboard. Whether you are fixed on keeping your existing skateboard or looking for a more budget friendly option to buying an electric skateboards, these conversion kits are a great choice for you.

At a Glance: 

Comparisons of Our Favorite Electric Skateboard Kits:

Our Top 8 Electric Skateboard Kits

Unlimited X Loaded is a electric skateboard company that we really like. They sell 3 electric skateboard models on their site but what we most love is how along with the 3 electric skateboard models, they sell 3 electric skateboard conversion kits so you can transform your regular board into 1 of their 3 models.

All the kits are airline friendly. Also each one is upgradable 

There is an app where you can customize your modes to your preference for acceleration, deceleration and max speed. 

With the unlimited X Loaded Boards we found it so easy to assemble, and really appreciated the videos they have on their site which show an assembly if you need a visual guide.

The 2 electric skateboard kits are the: 

  1. Cruiser
  2. Race

The solo model is the lightest kit available and is suited for skateboards under 33 inches. The kit is made to fit pretty much all wheels and trucks. The kit can allow you to travel up to 37 kph and 11km, and has 3 modes of riding to suit beginners to advanced riders.This is the cheapest kit Unlimited X Loaded sells.

Everything you need for assembly comes in the kit as well as all the regular accessories such as chargers and remotes.

Best described as being small and light like the solo kit, but has twice the range if you want a more powerful kit. This kit also works great on any skateboard, and any wheels and trucks.

What gives this board a greater range is that it has 2 batteries in it.

Speeds up to 37 khp and distances up to 21 km!

Comes with: 2 Batteries, 1 Motors

Wow! This is an insane electric skateboard kit. The double motor and two batteries can give speeds of up to 42 kph and distances up to 21 km. This kit is suited for boards over 33 inches.

Comes with: 2 Batteries, 2 Motors

The ZX Moto is a good kit choice if you are on a budget at less than $200. The kit comes with dual hub motor wheels with 1500W each.

With this kit you'll need to purchase a remote and dual ESC () separately, as well as getting an enclosure to keep the battery and esc secure. 

To set the kit up all you'll need to do is attach the colors on the ESC to the matching colors on the motors of the wheels! The remote should automatically connect.

If you get into trouble, there are many videos on YouTube which can guide you through this process.

The PROMOTOR kit is a top quality kit at a very cheap price!

It comes with high quality wheels made from elastic material which are durable and long lasting. The wheels are 90MM which are sizeable and make for a smooth ride.

The dual motors are built into the wheels, which makes assembly very easy.

This kit only comes with the hub motor wheels, so it is best bought if you already have an ESC and remote or looking to purchase it  separately. 

This is a great kit if you are wanting to transform your skateboard into an off road electric board. This kit uses the off road pneumatic tires which can travel over uneven surfaces. The kit comes with 1650W brushless motors and can hit speeds up to 25 MPH.

Another L-faster kit has made our list, but this time it is just a regular electric skateboard wheels kit.

We really like this kit as it has 4 different variations that you can choose based on what you want.

The 4 variations of the kit are:

1. Dual drive

2. Dual drive and remote

3. single drive

4. Single drive and remote

The dual drive and single drive kits are for those who already own an ESC () and a handheld remote for their board. These kits come with the set of wheels: 

Dual drive being the kits have dual motors built into the wheels for a more powerful and faster ride. The single drive kit, has a single hub motor built into the wheels. 

The dual drive and remote, and single drive and remote kits are for if you are building your electric skateboard from scratch. 

5. Maxfind Electric Skateboard Kit

This kit is great if you are looking to ride electrically for long distances. The Maxfind Electric Skateboard kit is available in 3 options for different ranges - and the longer distances reflect the number of batteries.

  1. Standard Range (up to 15 miles)
  2. Long Range (up to 30 miles)
  3. Super Range (Up to 45 miles!)

No matter which range kit you choose, all 3 are fitted with 2 in-wheel motors which can hit speeds of up to 26 MPH. The four riding modes: beginner, eco, fast and max accommodates riding for all levels.

The wheels are 96mm, larger than most wheels available which make for a smooth ride.

This hill grade of 30% is also greater than a lot of the other kits on the market.

Another cool feature is the easy swap batteries. Just turn a latch and pop the new battery in and you are back riding in seconds!

We found this kit extremely easy to fit onto our board.

6. Teamgee DIY Kit H3

This kit is one of the more affordable ones on the list from one of the top electric skateboard brands. The kit itself is easily installed, and can travel up to 16 MPH and has a range of 6.2 miles. The hill degree is 15% grade and is charged in 1.5 hours.

The board comes in 3 different options depending on range you are after -

The respective ranges are:

  1. 10-12 miles Samsung

  2. 12-14 miles Panasonic

  3. 15-19 miles with the Sanyo

Installation is easy taking no more than 30 minutes. 

The max speed is 24 MPH for all 3 types of kits and the kit can climb hills of up to 30%.

Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit Buyers Guide

Why Purchase an Electric Skateboard Kit?

Skateboard riders love to be in control as they manoeuvre on different types of terrain; as such, an electric skateboard kit allows you to be creative and fully in charge when setting up your e-board.

Buying an electric skateboard kit over a normal electric skateboard gives room for versatility, optimization, and customization of the functions. The desire to own a skateboard that can withstand harsh terrains makes it necessary to select kits that are durable and made from high-quality materials.

It also affords you the privilege of deciding with the voltage, power, wheel, torque, and speed control to your desire and comfort level.

If you are still undecided whether you want a kit or a normal electric skateboard, you can check out out favorite boards here!

Can Anyone Put Together an Electric Skateboard from a Kit?

Electric skateboard kits are most certainly designed for anyone wanting to make a DIY electric skateboard and are not exclusively for people who have prior experience and know what they are doing. 

The kits come with instructions and Youtube videos are also available, to give you a visual resource whilst building if you get stuck! 

We have also written our own round up on DIY-ing your own which you can check out!

Considerations when Buying an Electric Skateboard Kit 

Types of wheels

To get the best out of your product, the electric skateboard kit must have the right distance between the deck and wheels.

The best types of wheels are those made from Urethane since they tend to last long; thus, using such will help prevent wheel bite.

Nonetheless, make sure it has the right type and size to prevent a frequent change of the wheels.

Doing this will ensure you enjoy a stable and smooth ride.

How easy is it to build?

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The technical know-how you possess and your level of experience with DIY tricks will determine how easy it will be to couple an electric skateboard.

A right combination of both factors while building the product will ensure the product serves you well while avoiding safety challenges.

Be that as it may, you should consider the best brands that will make the job easier for you without going above your technical level.


Since speed is the primary factor for using an electric skateboard, you must buy the best motor type available.

This move will determine how fast you can go when climbing hills, accelerating, and how effective the brake system will be.

In other words, your choice of electric skateboard kit should have a very powerful motor.

The different motor types include the hub motors, which have a lighter weight, great brakes, less noise, less drag, and require fewer maintenance sessions.

In any case, the braking system and acceleration are not top-notch.

Whereas the geared motor type will give you better acceleration, more torque, and braking system, you will have some minor challenges considering that it is not easy to ride without batteries, therefore, needing more maintenance from time to time.


When deciding on your choice of electric skateboard kit, the battery quality, lifespan, and make are essential.

It is the battery quality and size that will determine the range and best outcome you will get out of your e-board.

Consequently, going for big sizes and higher quality of battery will up your budget, but you will get better value in the long run.

You can also consider brands that have swappable batteries to enable you to have more time to enjoy your ride without worrying about flat batteries.


Knowing the range of your electric skateboard when using it is very important in selecting the right electric skateboard conversion kit.

What you intend to use your e-board for is a crucial factor. 

  • Is it for the fun of feeling the wind on your face during leisure hours?
  • For commuting from point A to B?
  • For adventurous trips off-road?

Putting this information in mind will help you when choosing the motor type, battery type, and size. 

Top speed

If you love speed, every part of the electric skateboard kit of your choice must fulfil the need for speed.

For people interested in DIY, speed is what they are looking for with all the performance-related features.

However, you should bear in mind that the wheel types have control over the speed levels (the larger the wheels, the higher the speed) with a decrease in torque and acceleration, and vice versa.

Be safety conscious when you get the speed of your choice. We can't stress it enough: It is crucial to put on safety gear always.

Great Customer Support

An electric skateboard kit brand that does not have working customer support is a waste of your resources and time given that there are situations when you need to ask questions, make complaints, or need a replacement.

Not having someone to reach out to will frustrate your efforts, and this explains why it is important to know ahead (from past customers’ reviews) if customer support staff are responsive and helpful before purchasing the products.

What Comes in an Electric Skateboard Kit?

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The wheels made with Urethane, which is hard plastic, offers superior durability and grip, unlike other materials.

You can also choose a rubber model that is suitable for an all-terrain board.

A striking feature of the wheel to always considered is the size and suppleness, which determines the grip and shock absorption capabilities.

Electric Speed Controller

The Electric Speed Controller (ESC),  is the brain of an electric skateboard since it controls the speed and drive of the motor.

It is a vital part that controls braking and acceleration because it supplies the right amount of electric power depending on your cruise speed and terrain.

Without the ESC, you won’t have control over your e-board.

So, ensure you invest in a controller that is of high-quality and guaranteed to last long.

Wireless Remote

Well, since an electric skateboard doesn't have a button to control it while in motion, the handheld wireless remote comes in handy to control the motor speed, brake, and acceleration.


The best batteries are from LG and Samsung with more power that can give you a better range.

The batteries in your electric skateboard kit should have excellent capabilities and also maximize your riding time.


This part delivers power to the wheels from the motors; the wheels will not spin without it. 

It is vital to get the right one to make the most out of your electric skateboard.

Skateboard Enclosures

Having set up all the electronic components of the e-skateboard, it is essential to protect it from the elements as you roll down the street.

It is advisable to keep sensitive components such as batteries, ESC, and cables safe from moisture, which might cause them to malfunction.


It is a critical part of an electric skateboard kit, given that the e-skateboard top speed affects the performance of the electric motor.

The basic features they must have are voltage, torque, and total power output because these components affect the overall performance.

Advantages of Electric Skateboard Kit over Regular Electric Skateboards

1. Customization

With an electric skateboard DIY kit, you have full control over the features you want on your skateboard, ranging from the battery, motor, size, and type of wheel and deck.

You can bring to reality everything you have conceptualized and visualized for the purpose you want it to serve, which includes suiting your body type, cruise needs, etc.

Customization allows you to have custom features that suit your personality.

2. Value and price

With a strict budget, DIY might be the best option to save up on money spent on buying a standard ready-made electric skateboard.

DIY electric skateboards are much cheaper than buying pre-installed models.

It is cheaper for you to source for components from different sources as well as saving on professional assemblage.

DIY kits give you the freedom to be creative and spend money wisely on producing an electric skateboard that will be unique.

3. Fun!

Having control of the process of converting a regular skateboard to an e-board is an exciting journey.

You can improve on the performance, speed, and safety of your ride with quality components sourced from different brands to enable you to have control over it. 

It is a fun project which you can undertake, or to give to the kids - but can also make a great gift to anyone who enjoys outdoor hobbies and owns a regular skateboard.

The DIY journey is an opportunity to have fun while learning as you test the different components you are coupling before going for a full ride.

Disadvantages of Electric Skateboard Kits Over Electric Skateboards

1. Time-wasting

The need to use a product straight out of the pack without wasting time coupling is a sentiment shared by most people.

Also, you have to conduct a lot of research on the individual components to determine the best fit before coupling them, further spending so much time scouting about.

Such research, nonetheless, is necessary to avoid putting yourself in danger, especially if you lack mechanical experience and technical know-how.

2. Safety Risks

With DIY electric skateboard involving putting together different parts, there are many kinds of risks to consider.

This point is crucial, considering that the DIY option is unlike the regular electric skateboard that has passed through quality assurance and safety tests.

You have no guarantee of what the outcome will be like since they lack the final fine-tuning exerted and confirmed by a certified manufacturer/technician.

3. High-end Parts

In a bid to use quality and high-end components for your electric skateboard, you will end up spending more money than you would for a pre-installed e-board.

Bearing in mind that you want a piece that is durable and can withstand every terrain and weather condition you will expose it.

You have to be ready to increase your budget if necessary to get the best outcome.

Our Conclusion

Choosing an electric skateboard kit might seem like a daunting task, but in the end, it is worth it.

The opportunity for a DIY adventure allows you to create a masterpiece that suits your needs, comfort, and personality.

You can use the electric skateboard conversion kit to make your longboard get you around with ease.

Is it then a waste of resources to buy a normal electric skateboard that may not suit your weight, body type, personality, etc.? 

Your guess is as good as ours!