Top Electric Skateboards for Kids 2020 [Child + Teen Friendly]

Electric skateboards are great toys and a lot of fun for all ages. However if you are looking to purchase an electric skateboard for kids or teenagers there are important considerations you must make before.

Electric skateboards can be very powerful, fast, large and heavy. Our guide has filtered through the large market of electric skateboards to bring you a comprehensive list of the top 10 electric skateboards that are kid-friendly, whilst most of them can still be ridden by adults.

If you want to know the best electric skateboards for kids read our guide below.

Our Top 11 Picks for Kids Electric Skateboards

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Overall Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

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We have included 2 razor electric skateboards on this list, as we know a lot of people are familiar of this  brand, and would be interested to know our thoughts.

The RazorX Black Cruiser is a 29.7 inch deck made from 5 ply maple, making it a pretty light board.

The Cruiser can travel at 10mph for 40 minutes of fun at top speed. That indicates the board has just less than 7 miles range. These are some pretty standard specifications but nonetheless, can be sufficient for kids.

The ability to turn on this board is really good, and its ability to navigate around tight corners. 

The handheld remote is alike most others, allowing you to control speeds and has a wrist strap so you have a firm hold on it whilst traveling.

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The Swagtron Swagskate is a cheap board, great for kids, if you don’t want to spend too much.

The top speed of this board is 9.3 MPH and has a 4-6 mile range. It is 19.6 inches long and 8.85 inches wide, which is wider than most other boards and makes balance for kids easier. 

The fast charging is a good feature, fully charged in 1.5 hours.

The board itself does not operate with a remote and has technology to stop when the rider has dismounted. The board is very safe and has one of the best start features for kids and young people. 

To start the board, the rider just starts riding with a kick push like they would ride a normal skateboard, and the electric feature gradually builds. This is unlike most other boards which the rider must stand stationary on the board before it starts, and can be jerky and hard to adjust to at the start.

The deck has a really cool shape design on it, which is pretty unique on the market. The board is made from polypropylene which has ant-wear and crack features.

Bonus safety features include a rear indicator system that lights up for different modes, such as when braking or when the board is ready to ride.

The down side is the board itself isn’t the best for hill riding, so don’t purchase if you have hill climbing ability in mind.

The Aceshin electric skateboard has a 12 MPH top speed along with a 7 mile range. 

The board is 27.5 inches long, which is a standard sized electric skateboard and weights. The deck is made from 6 layers of maple and a layer of bamboo. Grip tape covers the surface for a secure ride and the board has a handle cutout for carrying made easy.

The 3 speed modes can be easily changed using the handheld remote. The board also has a reverse functionality.

There is a battery saving mode, that if no power is detected in 5 minutes the board powers off to save charge. Another benefit is how quickly the board can charge, done in 1.5 hours.

The skateboard has a max weight limit of 140 lbs, so this probably isn’t the right choice for you if you are looking for a board that both adults and kids can ride without the power being compromised.

The board is water resistant, so can handle riding in rain. (Not waterproof so don’t ride through puddles!)


1. E-ASUM AS01

This electric skateboard has higher specs than other boards on this list, and is equipped with better technology. The E-ASUM travels with a top speed of 13 MPH and a 10 mile range. 

There are 3 modes of riding low, medium and high speeds to suit anyone as well as a reverse feature to change direction. The top of the range motor is silent, and the smooth acceleration and deceleration all combine for a great riding experience.

The battery is fully charged in 3 hours, and is triple protected to avoid battery damage such as overcharging. This extends the life of the battery, allowing it to be charged many times without wear or loss of functionality.

The wireless remote is known for having no connectivity issues which can be a common problem with other electric skateboards.

The board is also exceptionally strong with a max weight of 200lbs, much higher than other boards on this list. This makes it a great choice for both child and adult use.The board is also very light and portable at 8lbs! The hill ability to climb 15% grade hills is also a unique feature on this list.

Regenerative braking is also a cool feature that when the board brakes the energy is pumped back into the battery which simultaneously charges the board - giving the battery longer life.

Overall, this is our favorite kids board on our list, as it is overall really good.

The Azbo Mini is a great mini electric skateboard at 17 inches, but still has decent specs.

The board can travel at 11MPH and 6 miles on a single charge. The battery itself takes only 1.5 hours to charge fully, great for kids who will often forget to charge and won’t have to wait 3-4 hours for a full battery.

The 7 lbs weight makes it the ideal weight for kids to carry, and it is compact enough to fit inside a backpack or duffle bag.

The responsive remote gives you full control over the speed using 3 level speed adjustment. Braking is made easy, as well as switching between forward and reverse travel. The battery remaining is also displayed on the remote’s charging indicator.

Despite being small and light, the Azbo mini has a max weight of 243 lbs, so the whole family can join in on the fun. The non slip deck and water resistant board makes for safe yearly riding, taking the worry out of riding in the rain!

The Azbo is really easy to control and perform turns though the concave board shape, making it ideal for kids and teenagers.

This electric skateboard is really unique, coming in 3 bold colors: green, red and purple. The Alouette is 30 inches, so regular electric skateboard size and weighs 12 lbs.

The board is the most powerful of this list with a 12.4 mile range and a 16 mph top speed. The hill grade of 15% means it can travel up pretty steep hills without losing speed.

Instead of grip tape like the other boards, the board is covered by a frosted top doubling as an anti-skid surface. The built-in handle in the kicktail makes it convenient for carrying around. The kicktail on the board is a good addition, and makes turning very easy.

The LCD screen display remote shows speed, battery and range and allows you to set cruise control and direction (forward or reverse travel) as well as having full control over your acceleration and braking.

The only downside is the battery takes 3.5 hours to fully charge.


3. Phoenix Ryders

This is a great electric penny board with a top speed of 12.4 mph and a max range of 9.2 miles. The powerful lithium battery takes 3 hours to fully charge, and lasts many charging cycles. 

The board itself is sturdy and durable, made from northeast maple. The Phoenix Ryders board is 7.9lbs making it very light and easy to carry, able to be taken anywhere.

The board is 20 inches long and what makes it so portable is that it is able to be transported in a bag! Great for school and college age kids to ride to and from campus.

The user friendly remote has a LCD display screen that shows the speed and battery and gives you full control over changing the mode of riding. 

The cruise control feature is great for long rides, allowing you to travel at the same speed.

The electric skateboard comes with a 6 month warranty.


5. Skatebolt Mini

The Skateboard mini is overall pretty similar to the Phoenix Ryders. It is 7.9 lbs and 20 inches and has a top speed of 12.4 MPH and a max range of 9.3 miles. The wheels are thicker, at 70mm that provides a more enjoyable riding experience as it is able to glide over bumps, for a very smooth ride.

This board is yet again very light and transportable ticking those boxes. The board is a 7 ply maple board, making it flexible and good for turning.

The remote has a screen that displays charge and speed and the cruise control mode can also be set.

The deck is covered in grip tape giving an anti-slip surface, so you can ride in the rain whilst not worrying about slipping.

The type of motor is a hub motor - built into the wheel. If you want a different riding experience it is possible to change the wheel tire to different thickness or style, not necessary to change the whole wheel.


The shaofu single motor board hits speeds of up to 12 MPH and has a 10 mile charge. The Samsung lithium battery is fully charged within 2 hours.

The 27 inch deck makes it a medium length ride and the maple deck makes it a great cruising board.

The remote is child friendly, giving 2 modes of riding: beginner and advanced. You are also able to see the current battery level as well as controlling the speed, braking and initiating cruise control.

With a maximum weight of 132 pounds, we would recommend this board for primarily child, teen and young adult use.


11. Verreal Mini

The Verreal mini was designed specifically for kids' use and is a cool shaped longboard-style mini board, that gives of a cruising skateboard feel.

The 9 layer Canadian maple board has a top speed of 10 MPH and a 7 miles per charge range, alike to the Razor.

The regenerative braking system makes it very safe and easy to stop anytime. You are able to ride and turn freely without worrying about the board’s braking ability.

The fast charging is a benefit with it only taking 2 hours for a full charge.

Kids Electric Skateboard Buying Guide

We have covered the most important things you should consider for kids, and have based our information on children below the age of 16. 

When they are 16 or older, we believe that they are at the age where they are suited for any electric skateboard on the market, so check out any of our other guides for top picks.

If you kids are over 16, we recommend any boards on the market, so you can check out our best electric skateboards guide of 2020 as you first resource!

What You Should Consider Before Purchasing an Electric Skateboard for Kids 

Small and Light

It is a good idea to start your hunt for kids electric skateboards by looking at smaller sized electric skateboards. Electric penny boards and mini electric skateboards are all good choices and we have compiled some of our favorites in this guide below.

Small-regular sized boards are definitely better for a number of reasons. They are more proportional to kids and easier to steer and control for smaller bodies. If you are purchasing for a child under 16, we would recommend steering away from electric longboards, but if you are buying for a teenager - this is a great choice.

So what are the dimensions you should look for? We think the best range of lengths for kids is anything below or around the 30 inch range. Good choices are between 17 and 30 inches.

Choosing a light electric skateboard is also very important. The lighter they are, the easier it is for kids to carry around, as bulky electric skateboards can be heavy and hard to carry around for long periods of time. What makes larger electric skateboard heavy is often they have large, and bulky batteries.

Being a light mini electric skateboards implies they have more compact designs and can be more easily stored away and transported in cars as well as taken on planes.

Purchasing a light electric skateboard is also a good idea, as it makes it easier to kick push (ride like a regular non-electric skateboard) if it runs out of charge, or if the child simply prefers to ride it without the electric boost. There you get a 2-in-1!

We recommend the ideal weight range for children is anything below or around 10 pounds.


Sturdiness of the board is another important feature, as it makes the board durable and provides a solid, balanced platform for kids riding.

It also implies that the board is made from high quality materials and is able to last a long time. Most of the boards on the list are maple wood combined with bamboo - the combination being sturdy and flexible.

Low Top Speed

Electric skateboards can be very fast, and when you have a child riding it, you want to know that they will be in control the whole time and traveling at a speed that is safe for them and others around them to eliminate the event of an accident.

We definitely recommend choosing an electric skateboard that has a lower top speed than conventional electric skateboards.

The range to look between would be anything at or below 13 MPH. 

The restricted lower speed reflects it has a less powerful motor, which is what you want to be looking at. If you are worried that choosing one of these boards will compromise the fun, you are wrong as these speeds will still ensure a great time for kids!

Extra Safety Features

Nowadays, it is possible that you can purchase electric skateboards with various safety features. Electric skateboards can come with built in LED lights that ensure your child is visible completely when riding, especially in low light or night time.


If you are unfamiliar with electric skateboards, they are primarily controlled with a wireless, handheld remote. These remotes can be comprehensive and allow for changing of riding speeds and braking.

We recommend choosing an electric skateboard that has a remote that is easy to operate. All of our 10 electric skateboards below, have been chosen taking into account the ease of the using the remote.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important consideration. Choosing a model with a substantial range eliminates the chances of your battery dying when out, and the frustrations of constantly recharging.

The electric skateboards with a longer range are usually more expensive, but a worthwhile investment.

Are Electric Skateboards Safe for Kids?

Yes, electric skateboards are most definitely safe for kids when you choose the right board for their age. They can provide hours of endless fun and a great purchase to make to keep your kids outside and off the electronics! We would definitely recommend looking at our safety tips above to make sure your kids are protected whilst riding. 

We have included a great video to show you how easy it is for kids to ride these boards below, so check it out!


Electric skateboards are great for kids of all ages if you can find the right model. As we've said if you are looking for skateboards for under the ages of 12, it is a good idea to choose one that has reduced power and speed for safety,

We definitely recommend the E-ASUM for it's reliable performance as well as the Phoenix Alouette for their really cool colors and good spec's. For a cheaper option, the Swagtron Swagskate will not disappoint!