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Electric skateboards and longboards are some of the most popular, fun and practical gadgets around. We have tried and tested MANY e boards

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Overall Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

Best Electric Skateboard & Longboard Reviews 2021


The URBANPRO is another great contender for the best electric skateboard on the market. 

It has a more moderate top speed of 20 MPH (which is still very quick for all you adrenalin junkies!) and a top range of 10 miles

The speed can be changed through 3 modes of riding, great for novice to advanced riders. The URBANPRO can be fully charged in 3 hours. The 400W brushless hub motor can glide up hills of up to 20% with ease.

The URBANPRO has an 11 layer composite deck composed of maple wood and fiberglass with grip tape making it strong and durable. The max weight capacity is 265 lbs, so adults and kids alike can enjoy riding on this board. The excellent wheels can conquer different surfaces with a strong grip, making rides very smooth.

The handheld remote is easy to use and is also highly responsive, so you won’t have to worry about any connectivity issues. The modes can be switched between forward and backward direction travel, as well as braking and acceleration choosing which speed modes you want to travel at at a given time. 

By purchasing the URBANPRO you know that you are buying one of the best, at an exceptional price. The URBANPRO even comes with a 6 month warranty, so you can put all your worries aside!


  • good top speed
  • high max load


  • long charging time
  • range not as long


The H5 is one of the most popular boards out so much so, that we've done a full comprehensive review which you can read here. 

But since it is one of the best e-skateboards, it had to be included on this list, so we will give a brief overview of the TeamGee H5. 

First off - the performance specifications. The H5 has a good top speed of 22mph and a decent range of up to 11 miles. It also has good hill climbing capabilities with hills of up to 20 degrees. Charge the board up in only 2 hours and off you go again!

Teamgee H5 board is designed with all riders in mind. The unique drop down deck, is lower to the ground to give better stability. This also enables the rider to gain better control when turning. The deck is also extremely thin and the board is very light at only 14.6 lbs. 

It is the perfect choice for riding for fun as well as short to medium length commuting. 

The H5 can hold riders of up to 220 lbs. 

Everything on the H5 is controlled by the handheld remote which works has 4 speed and brake modes for all levels.

In our opinion, this is one of the most versatile boards around that ticks all the boxes from performance to a sleek look. It is also a very affordable electric skateboard!


  • Impressive top speed
  • High weight limit
  • Thin and lightweight board
  • Fast charging time


  • long charging time
  • range not as long

Skatebolt Breeze II

The Skatebolt Breeze II is an all-around exceptional electric skateboard and here's why we love it... 

In terms of performance it is hard to fault. It has a top speed of 28mph and a max range of 15 miles. The powerful dual 350W motors can propel it up hills of up to 30% hill grade.

The wireless remote is user friendly and has an LCD display to see the range, battery remaining and other features. It also controls the 4 riding and braking modes seamlessly. A nice feature is the cruise control which is great for long rides.

The board is also great quality, with the deck made from bamboo and glass fiber providing a nice combination of strength and flexibility. It's deck is fitted with a set of 100mm wheels and a spare 90mm set for interchanging. 

With a 6 month warranty, you can be assured that your board is protected in this period. Don't wait to get the impressive Skatebolt Breeze II now!


  • Great top speed
  • Impressive range
  • Powerful motors
  • Sleek looking board


  • more on the expensive side


The Skatebolt Tornado II - in our opinion one of the most high performance e-skates today.

The Skatebolt Tornado II board has a top speed of 25 miles per hour, which can be activated through the two modes of riding: normal and sport modes.

Depending on your preferences, the speed can easily be dictated on the handheld remote controller, so this is great for beginners and advanced riders.

The Skatebolt has an exceptionally LONG range of up to 24 miles when traveling on medium mode, but an average of 18.6 miles when switching between faster and slower speeds.

You’ll never have to worry about running out of charge when cruising or commuting! The 500W dual hub motors allow hill travel with ease and can cruise up hills of up to 25% steepness. 

Skatebolt is a highly reliable brand, and the Tornado II is a direct reflection. The top notch 8 ply Canadian maple deck can support weights of up to 280 lbs, has 90mm wheels for a comfortable and smooth ride and a wide deck which is great for balance.

Safety is not compromised, with tail lights that flash red as you ride at night to ensure you are visible to cars and pedestrians. 

The remote control is also extremely user friendly. It has an LCD screen, so you can check the speed, battery and braking. You are also able to choose a cruise controlling setting to hold a speed over time and also illuminate the tail lights whenever you want.


  • high top speed
  • long range
  • tail lights
  • cruise control setting


  • sensitive brakes
  • heavier board


The Blitzart Huracane is a high quality electric skateboard at a really affordable price under $300.

The Blitzart Huracane has a top speed of 17 MPH and a range of up to 8 miles on a single charge. The lithium battery can be fully charged in only 3 hours. The 350 watt motor is extremely reliable, and the hub motor also gives the board a much more aesthetically pleasing look.

The Blitzart Huracane, like most others, is controlled with a wireless handheld remote with a wrist strap to give you full control over acceleration and deceleration. The board has 2 modes of riding, with speeds for both beginners and more advanced riders.

The deck is made from a combination of 7 layers of maple wood and 2 layers of bamboo to make a strong deck that can support up to 250 lbs, yet it is still flexible. To ensure sturdiness and grip, the skateboard is covered with a grip tape layer to keep your feet in place. Whilst many other electric skateboards are heavy and bulky, we love the Blitzart Huracane for the reason that you can ride it without the electric mode and it is light, just like a regular skateboard!


  • affordable price
  • good top speed
  • light and transportable


  • shorter range


Teamgee H8

Extremely Thin and lightweight electric skateboard


The TeamGee H8 is a great high performance board, but what immediately sets this apart from others is how thin the board is. Teamgee have implemented some great technology where the lithium ion battery is inside the deck, yet it looks like a regular electric longboard. At 0.5 inches, it is the thinnest deck available on the market.

The Teamgee H8 has great speed and range. A mph top speed of 15 mph, and you can use the handheld remote to flick between the 3 speed modes: low, middle and high to give you the most customizable ride possible. 

The handheld remote also lets you view the battery and control braking. The 15 degree angle hill grade, makes hill climbing simple for varied terrains.

Another reason why we love the Teamgee H8, is how easy it is to transport it. Most longboard sized decks are heavy and bulky and unpleasant to carry. At only 11.6 lbs, you can carry the H8 around with ease, making it the ideal transportable electric skateboard.

Another reason why we love the thinness of the deck, is that it rides like a regular longboard. The board is flexible, yet sturdy which allows it to both bend and flex like a non-electric longboard. This makes it a comfortable ride.

Charge the H8 up in only 2 hours and off you go! With a low price tag there is no reason to not get the Teamgee H8!


  • light board
  • fast charging
  • thin board
  • decent hill climbing


  • top speed not as high


We could not compile a list of the best electric skateboards out on the market without including a Boosted Board. Boosted is without a doubt, the cult favorite brand. The boards are extremely high performance and at the same time very visually appealing. 

The Boosted Mini X is just that. It is our personal favorite Boosted boards, and really has the whole package. It doesn’t compromise on performance, yet its smaller size can be a great choice for many reasons.

It has a mph top speed of 20 MPH, with 3 riding modes that can be changed on the ergonomic wireless remote, or through the Boosted app. The extremely high performance board has an extended range battery that can travel up to 14 miles and has an exceptional hill conquering ability. Not to mention the battery only takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to charge!

The deep dish shaped deck gives you the feeling and control that a penny skateboard gives and ensures you are locked-in whilst riding. With the 80mm terrain wheels, you are in for a very comfortable ride! The deck is a composite deck wrapped in fiberglass, to give a sleek yet solid and lightweight feel. 

This board is high end and on the more expensive side, however with you are getting a high quality easy to ride e-skate that not only has the best specifications but will last for years to come!

If you are interested in learning more about this board, we have written a comprehensive Boosted Mini X here.


  • great quality board
  • fast charging
  • good range and speed
  • great hill climbing


  • price a little high


We also love to share our favorite budget options, as often these boards can come in at under $500.

That’s why we have included the Hiboy Electric longboard. At under $400, the Hiboy is one of our most favorite affordable longboard sized e-skates on the market. It is also a favorite of many other people and is a top seller!

It has comparable specs of many more expensive boards with a top speed of 18.6 MPH, but Hiboy has said it can even go up to 24 MPH and a top range of 13 miles on a single charge! Not to mention it is a great hill board with a 20% hill incline capacity.

It has extensive riding modes to choose from, with 4 riding modes and 4 brake modes. No matter what speed you are traveling at, your board can come to a smooth stop. All this is controlled with the ergonomic handheld remote.

We also really like the U shape of the board, that is reminiscent of a regular longboard. It is made from 7 layer maple and has the flex and sturdiness of a regular longboard. You are also able to control the board through its flexibility, just like you would a regular skateboard.

So what are you waiting for! The Hiboy is Amazon’s choice for best electric skateboard with a low price tag, it should be your choice too.


  • high top speed
  • easy for balancing
  • good for hill climbing


  • board quality not the highest


Alouette Phoenix Ryders

Great value electric skateboard at under $300.


Alouette Phoenix Ryders is another great performance, great value board at a very affordable price. This electric skateboard has a range of 14 miles on a full charge, a top speed of 16 MPH, and a hill capacity of 15 degrees.

The board is powered by dual 250 watt motor. The 7 ply Canadian maple material deck is thin and flexible, but sturdy. The Alouette Phoenix Ryders is controlled by a handheld remote with an LCD screen where you can check the speed, miles remaining as well as control the accelerating and braking.

Commuting or just want to go for a ride? Enjoy the cruise control setting where you can flick the mode on and go! The Phoenix Ryders comes with a 6 month warranty and excellent customer service. With a repair and replacement centre, you are covered for 6 months. 


  • affordable board
  • good range
  • board is thin and flexible


  • not the fastest

Is there a Difference Between Electric Skateboards and Electric Longboards?

When the term 'Electric skateboards' is used, it generally acts as an umbrella term, categorising all models and sizes under one name. This includes mini/small e boards, electric longboards and all terrain/ off road e boards.

For a quick summary of electric skateboards you can see here.

In comparison, electric longboards refer specifically to the electric model of Longboard-length boards.

Electric longboards are a great choice for your first electric skateboard due to the size and sturdiness of the board. When you are getting to grips with riding, the longboard size is great for assisting in balancing.

How do Your Ride an Electric Skateboard?

Why You Should Purchase an Electric Skateboard

Electric skateboards are a great and worthwhile purchase for so many reasons. 

Not only do these powered skateboards look cool, they also provide hours of fun and are a great gadget to impress your friends and family with. 

1. Ease of Travel

These boards are the best mode of transportation. They are able to ride at significant speeds (18 to 22 MPH) and their powerful motors make climbing hills effortless.

What ever purpose you need your board for, there is a model on the market that fits the bill! 

2. Versatility

In need of a electric board for commuting or as a mode of transportation? A mini or regular sized board does the trick. Not only do they make ground quickly, they are a convenient size for carrying on public transport and their size makes it easy for stowing away and storing. Even better, a folding electric skateboard makes storing in small areas a piece of cake!

How about just looking for a electric skateboard for recreation and cruising? Really any model can work for you, but some of our personal favorites for this, are the remote controlled longboards.

3. Value for Money

If you go for a more pricey/higher end model, they can be a large upfront investment. But don't be under any impression that these won't save you a heap of money over time! Without the need to pay for fuel, public transport or ride sharing your trusty electric skateboard will pay for itself.

If you need any more convincing, you can check out this great Wall Street Journal article

Features to Look for in the Best Electric Skateboards

1. Motor

The crux of an electric skateboard and its specifications are determined by the type of motor. Electric skateboards use one or dual motors.

Hub motors or Belt motors

Hub motors are built into the wheels of the board. Hub motors give you the longest distance traveled, easier to maintain and are more affordable. They also make the board itself lighter and quieter. However, they give you less turning movements than other belt motors.

Belt motors are on the underside of the deck and allow for more torque and better smooth acceleration. If you are looking for a board excellent for hills - choose a belt motor model.

2. Size and Weight

The three main sizes for the boards are mini/small, regular and longboards - which makes riding easy for all ages and heights! In each of our product reviews we specify the size of the board to make choosing easier.

We have a separate guide for our top mini electric skateboards - which are some of the best boards around!

Alternatively, e boards made for kids are both small and light. You can check out the best children's electric skateboard in our guide now!

3. Speed

Indeed, different boards are able to reach different Max speeds. The e boards that we review vary in speeds from 18 MPH to a maximum speed of 24 MPH. Check out our page on the fastest electric skateboards if a fast board is for you.

4. Range, Battery Life and Quality

Battery life is often specified in miles per charge. A good quality board will usually have a distance of 10 miles per charge.

It is possible to get ranges of up to 20 miles and if you looking for long range for commuters or just riding for fun, you can view our guide where we review the top long range electric skateboards available on the market.

These batteries are usually made from lithium-ion and are rechargeable. The lifespan of these batteries are very long so you can rest assured knowing that it will hold up in the long run.

5. Wheels

Comfort is crucial, and it's one of the reasons many riders opt for great performance e boards considering their superior wheels. 

It is advisable that while selecting from different types of e boards available, you should give priority to the one with a high-density rubber wheels. Higher density rubber wheels will work to better absorb impact of bumpy and rough surfaces, and will make your ride smoother.

The ideal wheel size is 80-90mm for urban street riding. 

If the electric skateboard you choose has a belt motor, you can always swap the wheels in and out to suit your preferences. You can check out the best wheels in our accessories review guide.

You might have noticed that you can get e-skates designed for different terrains. All terrain or off-road electric boards have much larger terrain wheels designed to navigate these terrains. We have written a guide specifically for these skateboards here which you can check out if you are after an electric skateboard with larger and thicker wheels.

Alternatively one of the newest, most popular gadgets is the one wheel, which has a singular wheel in the middle of the board! It is great fun and definitely worth having a look at.

So, to enjoy and have a good experience, it is definitely recommended to consider the quality of wheels when purchasing.

6. Hill Climbing

If you are choosing a board specifically for its hill conquering capacity we definitely recommend going for a board with hill grades of above 15% and up to 30%. 

7. Price Range and Budget

Last but not least, and probably in the forefront of your brain when choosing a model to purchase is the budget that you have. E boards are great in that you will be able to find great quality boards at both cheap and more expensive prices.

If you are after cheap we would point you towards our affordable buying guide, where we review and rank the best cheap boards on the market!

Should you already have established you price point, you can check out our guide on electric skateboards under $500, or under $200 page, where we review our top picks.

Can Electric Skateboards Ride up Curbs?

A lot of the time when commuting you'll encounter curbs or bumps that you will need to get over. We have included a good video that demonstrates how you can easily get over curbs!

7. Brakes

Electric skateboards are powerful toys, so much so that you want to know you are completely safe when riding one. Thats when choosing one with a reliable braking system is very important! Regenerative braking is also a great feature.

8. Warranty

Product warranty and helpful customer service is a non-negotiable for us at Skating Electric. The products we review have warranty should something happen to your board.

For your first board we recommend choosing a product with up to 2 years of warranty. When you get familiar with the types of boards and products, often 1 year will suffice. 

9. Riding Modes

Having a good experience with an electric skateboard requires some level of knowledge, and more importantly, to avoid an accident. 

There are four riding modes on an electric skateboard; these are the Pro, Eco, Rookie, and Endless mode. 

The Rookie and Eco modes are basically for learners and, as such, do not exceed a speed of 25 mph. These levels are designed to move slowly so that the beginner can understand the intricacies and ultimately avoid an accident. 

The Pro mode, on the other hand, moves a bit faster, and beginners who have mastered the art can conveniently advance to this phase of the experience. 

The endless mode comes with its unique form of control with a kick push and a faster speed than the other three modes highlighted above.

10. Board Material

The materials an electric skateboard is made from is an important consideration, given that such materials will determine how strong the vehicle will be and how long it will last. 

Most common among the materials used by manufacturers to construct the deck (or board) are bamboo and maple wood. Nonetheless, some manufacturers use artificial materials like fibreglass because it is light and very sturdy, ideal for carrying heavy weights while moving swiftly at the same time.

It is quite common that many riders already have a preferred skateboard and want to convert it to an electric skateboard. This is done through electric skateboard kits, where a motor can be fitted to give you the fun of riding electric with your exisiting board.

Other Considerations

Other than the features above, also put these factors listed below in mind as you contemplate shopping for a new electric skateboard.

Handheld Remote

An electric skateboard works with a handheld remote-control device for controlling the board below. 

Knowing how to use the controller with respect to variations in design and functionality as they differ from product to product is a crucial factor to consider before purchase. 

For some, the power button below has to be pressed for about 6 seconds to turn it on before waiting for the lights to blink and pair with the remote control. Others would automatically pair after the power button comes on, while some would require you to take further steps. 

Consider your desired convenience as well as an easy form of connectivity that cannot be easily hacked before purchasing an electric skateboard.

Brand Reputation

We talked about checking up reviews of the product before purchase. 

Asides that, making inquiries from users and comparing statistics of data gathered seem a tough job, but I bet you it's worth the effort. Trust me, you don't want to have an ugly situation with a defective electric skateboard and get to hear about its negative brand reputation later. 

Taking time to do your findings as well as relying on people who are actual users (and not staff of the manufacturer) would be of great help when making a choice. 

A brand that provides quality service, again and again, has a very high tendency to produce that same quality service subsequently.

Some of the best electric skateboard brands around are Boosted, MaxfindSkatebolt, Evolve, Blitzart, Teamgee, Swagtron and M1.

Component Quality

Some of the challenges and complaints that skaters moan about stems from a product's inability to carry the required or advertised weight. 

As explained above, an electric skateboard for an adult should be able to move smoothly with an average-sized adult on it without pressure and, as well, last for a considerable amount of time if not overused. 

This still falls back to making inquiries and reading up reviews to gain insight from past users' experiences so far. You'll also need a long-lasting product as you would not want to be purchasing an electric skateboard all the time. 

All the features in their proper state, as mentioned above, would form the basis for a competent quality check.

Control and Stability

To truly enjoy riding on an electric skateboard, good control and stability are critical features required. It is important to note that the hub control system operates without the acceleration and braking systems. On the other hand, the motor control system can be managed even while climbing or descending from a hill due to its pulley/geared system. 

Note also that the remote control that allows the rider to use a trigger control with the index finger is better than the one designed for the thumb, thus giving you good control over your movement, speed, and stability. 


Are They Waterproof?

One crucial fact that should not be forgotten is that not all electric skateboards are water-resistant. 

Surprising right? 

It is, therefore, important to not just buy a random electric skateboard and presume it to be water-resistant. Knowing the kind of environment you intend to use your e-skate in is crucial because a wet and muddy surface may cause some irreparable damages. 

So, for those who envision riding an electric skateboard in the rain, getting a water-resistant variant is a primary factor to consider before purchase.

Lucky for you we have compiled all our favorite waterproof electric skateboards in a guide for your easy. Check it out now!

Are Electric Skateboards Plane Friendly?

Can a flight passenger be allowed to travel with an electric skateboard on a plane? 

The answer is Yes and No! 

It is very individual and all depends on each board. They will each specify whether they are plane friendly or not.

To be able to board a commercial aircraft with your skateboard, you will have to remove the battery and adequately arrange it to fit in a bag. 

Additionally, you may be requested to have it locked in the cargo hold during the flight.

Once this level of compliance is met, traveling with your electric skateboard is easy. 

Consequently, when considering purchasing any of the top electric skateboards, go for the one where you can easily remove the battery. Also, ensure that the size is moderate enough to fit into your bag. 

Our Conclusion

The really are no shortages of good electric skateboards on the market in 2021! There are options for whatever purpose you are looking for, and we've provided our diverse list of the 5 in our opinion.

Skatebolt and Teamgee are both very reliable brands that produce many great models. It was hard to narrow down to their best, but we've gone with the Teamgee H8 and the Skatebolt Tornado II.

Looking at the Tornado II, the exceptional range and speed really make this board stand out as our favorite e-skates available on the market.

When looking at the H8 board, we love the colorful deck and how light, thin and quick this board can ride. The URBANPRO also has great speed and range specifications as a cheaper price than the Tornado.

Boosted is really a no-brainer on our list and isn't this popular for nothing. The Boosted Mini X stands out to us as a best pick, however ranks slightly lower on our list due to their steep price point.

In conclusion, these are the best electric skateboards. If you are still looking around don't hesitate to look at any other of our comprehensive guides.

Wrap Up: Our Pick for Electric Skateboards in 2021