Best Mini Electric Skateboards 2021 [Buying Guide + Top Picks]

You are probably familiar with electric skateboards and electric longboards, but one of the newest additions to the electric skateboard market are mini electric skateboards.

These boards are as the name states,  smaller versions of the regular or longboard sized models and are also referred to as: Electric Penny Boards 

Many reasons lead people to choosing these great boards. They are superb for commutes and riding them to work, to and around college and schools but are also great toys for recreational riding.

They are light and able to perform tricks on, yet still have exceptional speed and power. They are small, portable and easily stored in small places.

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Top Mini Boards At a Glance: 

Comparison of the Best Electric Penny Boards 

What can you say other than it’s a Boosted Board. When you are buying from Boosted, you know you are getting top quality from one of the cult-favourite brands on the market.

So what makes the Boosted Mini X better than the Boosted Mini S? 

In short, the X is a more spec-y, higher performance version of the S board. The X possesses an extended range lithium ion battery compared to the regular range lithium battery of the S.

The Boosted mini X is definitely the better commuter board with a range of 14 miles (compared to the Mini S' 7 miles) and a max speed of 20 MPH (compared to 18 MPH)

The deep dish deck and kick tail make this the ultimate manoeuvring board, allowing you to make sharp turns with ease.

The extended range battery means that, if you are thinking about taking this on a plane, unfortunately you will be unable to do so as these batteries are not TSA permitted.


  • Fast and Good Range
  • Great for Commuters 
  • Great at Hill Climbing
  • Excellent at turning/carving


  • Not good for off-road riding
  • Can't take on planes

The Voyager Neutrino compact is a really popular mini electric skateboard that comes at a great price whilst still being great quality. At 9.5lbs and 30 inches long this board has a 350W hub motor, that can hit speeds of up to 12.5 MPH.

The Voyager Neutrino has a 7 mile range, which makes it great for recreational riding and short commutes. This board is one of our favorite mini boards for its sleek all-black look, it is definitely the most visually appealing.

The Neutrino comes with a handheld bluetooth remote to easily switch between the riding modes, and allow you to check the battery mode as well.

Another feature that sets this board apart is its water resistant. Don’t worry about the water ruining the battery, the Voyager Neutrino continues to operate in the rain.

We fully recommend the Voyager Neutrino to anyone looking for a great mini electric skateboard no matter their age.


  • Fast and Good Range
  • Sleek look
  • Affordable
  • Water resistant


  • Not good for off-road riding

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  • Great beginner/kids board
  • light and small


  • Not ideal for adults

The AZBO mini is a great choice for beginners and if you are on a budget, coming in at under $250! 

This board is unique as it is probably the shortest mini electric skateboard at only 17 inches! It can fit in a backpack and a duffle bag very easily and weighs only 7 pounds!

In case that makes you skeptical, this board is still a fantastic choice for adults, and the shorter size doesn't compromise on sturdiness and stability. The maximum weight of the board still stands at a very high 243 pounds! 

The board has a good range of 7 miles on a full charge, and a 11 MPH top speed which is decent.


  • Great starter or child-friendly board
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Good range


  • Speed not the fastest
  • Doesn't fare well with hills

The E-Asum is another high performance mini electric skateboard that makes our list! With a max speed of 13 MPH and a top range of 10 miles, this is one of the most spec-y mini boards around.

The battery itself can be charged fully in 3 hours. The 7 ply Canadian maple board is light, yet sturdy and solid with an all-black sleek looking finish.

The board is only 8lbs, making it easily transported and stored. One of the features that sets the E-Asum apart from other boards, is its ability to climb hills of up to 15 degrees. A remote controlled board - the handheld controller allows you to dictate the speed and braking. We also experienced next to no connective issues that can be common with other remote controlled boards.

The E-Asum is suitable for both kids and adults alike, with a weight limit of up to 200lbs.


  • Fast and Good Range
  • Great for hill climbing
  • Affordable
  • Sleek look



5. HiBoy Electric Skateboard

The HiBoy is a perfect starter electric skateboard for all ages. The low price point makes it a great choice for someone who is just starting out with an electric skateboard, yet the impressive functionalities are why this board makes our list.

The board has 4 modes of travel. Beginner mode consists of gentle acceleration whilst you familiarise yourself with electric travel. The modes then progress up to the top speed of 12.4 MPH.

This board is definitely for urban street riding, as the wheels are only designed to absorb small bumps and won't ride smoothly on uneven surfaces. The HiBoy isn't specialised in hill riding and slows significantly on approach of an incline.

The board can travel up to 6.2 miles per battery but the battery is easily interchangeable for longer rides. The board is easily controlled by a handheld remote.


  • Great beginner or child-friendly board
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Interchangeable battery


  • Not a good choice for seasoned riders
  • Doesn't fare well with hills

7. Teamgee Rayscoo

The Teamgee Rayscoo is a mini electric skateboard produced by one of the top electric skateboard brands on the market - Teamgee (click here to read some of our other Teamgee reviews.) We really like the Rayscoo as it is different from the other boards on the market - it is a handsfree model, not requiring a handheld remote to control the electric mode.

The board has a top speed of 10MPH and

The automatic power up means that the electric riding mode kicks straight in, and just rides it like a normal skateboard. The quick shutdown function means that there is no battery wasted when it senses that it is not being used. The beep sound activates a number of beeps depending on how much charge is left on the board. One of the other cool features is the LED lights on the rear of the board that make it great for night riding. Another unique feature is that this electric skateboard can be taken on planes as it passes aviation standards (unlike many other boards.)

The affordable price and reliable brand Teamgee makes this a great board if you are looking for a hands-free ride!


  • Good speed
  • LED lights
  • Affordable
  • Battery saving modes


  • Travels without a remote

Backfire Mini

The Backfire Mini is a nifty little board! But don't let its size fool you. This mini electric skateboard is fast and powerful. It has a max speed of 26 mph - as fast as large e-boards and a range of 11 miles on a single charge. 

The Backfire Mini is the ultimate commuter board. It is lightweight at only 13 lbs and extremely thin and easily transportable. The deck has a nice deep concave shape and is made from carbon fiber. This gives it the strength to withstand years of use. The double kicktail feature makes it great for sharp turns and maneuvering.

It is fitted with dual 450W ultra powered, high torque hub motors and samsung batteries which are some of the most efficient on the market. 

This sensational electric penny board is controlled by the Backfire R2x remote control. Switch between the 3 modes to customize your ride, including turbo mode if you are feeling daring.

You can also view the boards speed, miles, battery and other features here. 

The Backfire Mini is one of the highest quality, top performing mini electric skateboards. Don't wait to get your hands on it now!


4. Skatebolt Mini

The Skatebolt Mini is a more traditional looking electric skateboard, covered with the classic grip tape you would get on a regular skateboard. The board itself is 20 inches long, and very lightweight at 7.9lbs. The Skatebolt Mini has a top speed of 12.4MPH and a range of 9.3 miles on a single charge which is really good.

The remote control comes with a LCD screen allowing you to control all the basic functionalities such as speed and braking, and see the current charge remaining on your board. The board can be fully charged in 3 hours. The only criticism we would give, is that it isn’t great for hill climbing. If you are looking for a mini electric skateboard for flat terrains though, we would definitely recommend this one!


  • Fast and Good Range
  • Lightweight
  • Traditional look
  • Affordable


  • Not good for hills

Mini Electric Skateboard Buying Guide

So you've landed on our page to learn more, and find the best small electric skateboard. Read our guide to find the perfect mini electric skateboard for you. Alternatively, if you want to see the best electric skateboards of 2021 check out our guide!

When you think of a mini electric skateboard, you may associate it with kids and teens. It is quite a common misconception! Mini electric skateboards or electric penny boards are incredibly strong and designed for both adult and child enjoyment. 

What Features to Consider When Buying an Electric Penny Board

We have compiled the important features to consider if you plan on buying a mini electric skateboard, so you can make sure that your board is right for you.

Riding Off-Road/On Different Terrains

If you are planning on riding your mini electric skateboard off board, you will quickly find the boards DO NOT RIDE WELL. Due to the small wheel size which is made to accomodate smaller board size, the shock absorption of rough surfaces is less than a regular or electric longboard and it'll be a very bumpy and unpleasant ride.

If you are after an off-road electric skateboard, check out our guide to the best off road electric skateboards or our electric longboard guide - which are great for those kind of adventures!


You'll notice that even some of the mini boards like - have surprisingly high travel range. However in summary, short boards can't carry the same sized battery as a longer board hence as a whole - normal sized or electric longboards boards travel further.

If you are specifically after a mini electric skateboard, be sure to map out the routes you plan on traveling on your skateboard before you purchase to make sure your board will last.

If you are a longer range traveller - check out our guides on long range electric skateboards - which include boards of range up to X.

Why Purchase a Small Electric Skateboard?

Great for Commuters

Mini electric skateboards are  described as a commuters dream. Although these boards are small, boy do they pack a punch! The very powerful motors will zip you through the morning rush in no time and you will be hitting speeds of up to 29 MPH. The range of these boards of anywhere up to 19 miles makes it 


One of the main deal breakers for regular sized electric skateboards or electric longboards is the size of the decks and the weight make it hard to carry, travel with and store.

Mini electric skateboards on the other hand are light, small and very portable. These boards can come anywhere with you, and are easily stored and taken on public transport. The perfect choice for the busy on-the-go person.

Another issue with large electric skateboards is due to battery size they are unable to be taken on planes. Most mini electric skateboards are TSA approved and you will have no issues traveling on planes with them.

Also Great for Beginners and Kids

Mini electric skateboards are great for beginners and kids alike!

You can purchase a high quality mini electric board for a lower price, if you are new to electric skateboards and unwilling to fork out a lot of money.

Many of these boards also come equipped with beginner riding modes which only allow the board to reach low to moderate speeds while you get the hang of riding. 

They are also great for beginners and kids alike, as they are easy to control, as well as still being manoeuvrable for intermediate and advanced riding. 

We do have a separate guide where we go through all the features when looking for the best kids electric skateboards, so check that out now!


Overall, you will notice that there are more mini electric skateboards at affordable prices than regular boards. Due to less materials required, and smaller battery size - you will be able to purchase a high quality mini electric skateboard at a MUCH cheaper price than a high quality electric skateboard or longboard. 

They often can be up to $700 cheaper than regular sized or longboards! If you are interested in electric skateboards on a budget, our cheap electric skateboard guide is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mini electric skateboards suitable for adults?

Mini electric skateboards are great for all ages. You may think that mini equates to child/teen use, but you would be wrong there! 

These mini boards are actually very strong, able to hold weights of up to X, without compromising on speed or power.

How do I know if the electric skateboard I want to buy can come on plane?

In the products we review we specify whether our boards can be taken on planes. Your countries aviation standards industry will have a website page where you can see if your battery is able to be taken on board a commercial aircraft.

For USA, the TSA have answered your question here.

How long do electric skateboards last?

The range of mini electric skateboard ranges from 6 to 18 miles.

The range also depends on numerous factors such as the weight of the rider, the speed of travel as well as the terrain (constantly riding up hills can reduce the range). Typically, boards max. range is measured riding on a flat surface.

How long is a Boosted Board Mini?

Boosted Board Mini X model is 38 inches whilst the Boosted Mini S is 29.5 inches long.


Mini Electric Skateboards are among some of the best electric skateboard models on the market, and we can't get enough of them.

Now has never been a better time to get one with all the best top brands such as Boosted releasing mini versions of their popular regular or longboard sized electric skateboards.

If you are willing to pay for top quality we definitely recommend the Boosted Mini X as you really can't go wrong with a Boosted Board. The quality is second-to-none, and makes for an awesome riding experience.

If you are looking on the budget side of the market, we recommend the Skatebolt Mini and Azbo. These models are still great boards, which have a more buyer friendly price point and still being a great performance board.