Best Off Road Electric Skateboard 2021 [Buying Guide + Reviews]

Thinking of taking your electric skateboarding adventures off the streets? Are you bored with the same street signs and walkways but want something more adrenaline-pumping?

Try the exciting thrills off-road electric skateboards can offer. You may see that they are often referred to and known as all terrain electric skateboards and electric mountain boards. Riding one is truly an experience like no other!

However you'll need to find a board fit for your off road adventure and we are here to help.

The Best Off Road Electric Skateboards

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Overall Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

Overall Rating: 5/5

The Backfire Ranger X2 is one of the best all terrain boards out there. It is built well, has fast acceleration, is powerful and has large airless tires for smooth riding in any conditions.

First with the specifications. The X2 has dual 1200W hub motors which can get you up to speeds of max 22mph and a top range of 18.5 miles. It is powerful enough to glide effortlessly up hills of 30% grade.

The board has a really solid build. The drop deck is springy and the airless wheels are large to navigate any terrains and absorb vibrations. 

Along with the large wheels, the board is fitted with double kingpin trucks which gives it good carving capabilities. The wide wheel base is especially good for balance and allows you to feel sturdy at all times.

The tires are replaceable and can be changed as you please to convert your all terrain board to an urban board for city riding.

A nice touch is the IP55 water resistant certification. Rest assured when you are riding, that riding in wet conditions will not damage your board.

Overall the riding experience is really good and the board traveled fast yet smooth over grass, sand, dirt and bumpy surfaces.

The board can support weights of up to 245 lbs and the board itself weighs 23 lbs.

The wireless remote is responsive and fits comfortably into your hand. 


  • Impressive speed and range
  • Large airless tires
  • Water resistant
  • Versatile off road and urban e board
  • New model is lighter than the previous X1


  • Charging time is 5 hours

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This is a great off road electric skateboard if you are looking for a board on the cheaper end of the market. Complete with large treaded tires which have some of the best grip on the market, even riding on sand is made easy.

This board can reach a top speed of 22 mph and has a range of 10 miles , riding for up to 90 minutes of pure adrenaline.

We like this board because of its anti-lock braking system which makes stopping easy and safe.

In the true spirit of being a board built to travel through the tough terrains, this board is heavy. So we don’t recommend making plans to carry this board around for long periods of time. Also given the treaded tires, it isn’t the smoothest urban e-skateboard, so we say keep this for sticking to the roughs. 

  • Battery: 14aH 
  • Weight: 71 lbs
  • Length: 46.5 inches
  • Motor: 1600W
  • Speed: 22 MPH
  • Water Resistant: No
  • Range: 10 miles 
  • Warranty:No
  • Deck: Maple

This board is quite similar to the Outstorm electric skateboard in terms of look and specs, however not as overall powerful. The board itself has dual 1500W motor, reaching a top speed of 25 mph and has a range of 19 miles.

The board is made with a very strong maple deck, and anti-slip surface so you won't have to worry about gripping onto the board if riding in the rain. Aesthetically, we really liked the grip tape on the board with the stripes. 

The handheld remote is very user friendly, easily allowing you to change modes and speeds seamlessly. We also like how it displays the battery remaining on the board.

Similarly again to the Outstorm, the Azbo comes with foot straps which we found made the journey much more comfortable. Another notable feature is the smooth acceleration and deceleration, that wasn't jerky or jarring at all.

  • Battery: 11aH 
  • Weight:
  • Length: 42 inches
  • Motor: 3000W
  • Speed: 25 MPH
  • Water Resistant: Rainproof
  • Range: 19 miles  
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Deck: Maple

Halo Board Beast

The Halo Board Beast electric skateboard is a quick and powerful electric skateboard that has the power to travel long range.

The beast has a top speed of 26 mph, with an insane amount of power delivering 3200 watts of motor power. No hill proves too great for the Halo board Beast board.

It also has a really impressive long range and travels 25 miles on a single battery charge. This is the ultimate board that combines top performance specifications of speed, range and power in one. 

The board is fitted with double kingpin trucks which make it a beast for carving. Glide the streets with the urban wheels and test out the sharp turning capabilities.

Now what makes this board stand out is its versatility. Swap the urban wheels to the all-terrain wheels and you now have a great off road electric skateboard. No longer are electric skateboards confined to one surface and you can swap the wheels in and out for different riding experiences.

The board is fitted with brushless motors that have enhanced torque, power and safe braking but are also noiseless. The regenerative braking feature is also nice in squeezing every last bit of battery life out of your board to keep you riding.

Your riding experience is controlled by the handheld remote controller which has a LCD screen for viewing. Switch between 3 riding modes and the cruise control setting as you please.


  • Great speed, range and power 
  • Swappable off road wheels


  • pricey

Wowgo AT2

The Wowgo AT2 off road board has some of the largest all terrain wheels making it one of the smoothest boards for rough terrains. It also has immense power and great performance specs, and is one of our favorite looking e boards! Keep reading to find out more.

The AT2 has a top speed of 25 miles per hour and a max range of 22 miles.

It is fitted with dual 1500W motors for all the power you need. The motors are high quality and noiseless - which is a bonus.

Fitted with the new Hobbywing ESC, the Wowgo AT2 has the latest innovation and technology giving it ultra smooth acceleration and braking and a load of power at the same time.

The board comes with 4 speed modes: slow, normal, fast and turbo - for traveling at whatever speed you feel like. The different modes made it an ideal choice for novice to expert riders. 

The 175mm wheels are great for shock absorption and can tackle any surfaces like grass, dirt, gravel with ease. These wheels are also interchangeable and can be swapped with smaller wheels for when you want to ride on flat surfaces.

The board is made from a 3 material mix of fibreglass, bamboo and Canadian maple. This gives it a combination of strength and flexibility - which makes the board one of the most durable yet comfortable around. 

The board comes with a handheld remote that is easy to use and has a digital screen for easy viewing.

Lastly, it is IP55 water resistant certified - so you can rest easy if riding in wet conditions.

With a 9 month warranty you are protected incase anything happens to your board.


  • Good speed and range
  • Sleek black look
  • IP55 water resistant
  • 4 speed modes to make it great for all levels of riders
  • Large interchangeable off road wheels


  • A little pricey

Meepo City Rider 2

Meepo one of the most popular e board brands on the market have released their new all terrain/ off road electric skateboard.

The 150mm wheels have a wide wheel width base to be able to handle any surface with ease, whilst keeping you grounded and stable.

The City Rider 2 is fitted with dual 1500W motors and has a huge range of 24 miles and a max speed of 28 mph in Pro mode. It also has a 30% hill grade incline capabilities to power you up even the steepest hills.

Everything about this board is made to last and very durable. The wheels are made to last for thousands of miles of riding and the CNC trucks are some of the toughest out. 

No need to worry about copper wires, the City Rider 2’s are protected by a waterproof coating. 

The board is made with a drop deck and so has a nice amount of flexibility to absorb vibrations and makes riding very smooth.

The City Rider 2 comes with the M4 remote control.


  • Powerful and great speed and range
  • Drop deck board
  • 3 hour charging time
  • Under $1000


  • Not waterproof

Tking Off Road Electric Skateboard is a great advanced off road electric skateboard. It is made of up 8 layers of maple, that gives it more toughness whilst still being elastic and lightweight.

The max speed of this board is 24 MPH and the max range on a single charge is 14 miles. The battery is fully charged in 4 hours.

The kicktail and concave board shape makes it great for carving, giving the rider ultimate control.  3 speed modes are available when riding and can be changed using the handheld ergonomic remote. 

The board is complete with LED light bars on both sides of the board, and the color changes depending on speed. At night time the light ensures you are fully visible.

  • Battery: 11aH Lithium Ion 
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Length: 38 inches
  • Motor: 3300W
  • Speed: 25MPH
  • Water Resistant:
  • Range: 9 miles  
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Deck: 8 layer Canadian Maple

4. Outstorm Off Road Electric Skateboard

The Outstorm Off Road Electric Skateboard is a very powerful electric mountain board, boasting dual 1650W motors to give a top speed of 31 mph and a range of 19 miles.

The board is complete with 7.8 by 2 inch heavy duty, pneumatic air-filled tires which are able to navigate any surfaces and you don’t have to worry about these tires wearing down. The board itself has great manoeuvrability as it is lower to the ground than other similar off road electric skateboards

The ergonomic handheld remote is equipped with a joystick, speed switch, reverse button and signal indicators for complete control of your ride.

A unique feature is the goofy (riding with your right foot in front) foot straps that come attached with the board. These are able to be installed and removed as you please to suit your riding preferences. Also don’t worry if you ride regular (left foot in front), just send Outstorm a message within 30 minutes of purchase and they can adjust the straps to suit you. Just don’t try and do it yourself as this can damage the board!

Overall we think this board is a great electric off road skateboard, that is easy to ride for all levels and ages and has very good specs!

  • Battery: 11aH Lithium Ion 
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Length: 42 inches
  • Motor: 3300W
  • Speed: 31 MPH
  • Water Resistant:
  • Range: 19 miles  
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Deck: 11 layer Canadian Maple


5. Western Pacific 

The Western Pacific Off Road Electric Skateboard is a very powerful off road electric skateboard with dual motors totalling 3300W. 

The board is equipped with 8" X 2" off road wheels, that are great for any terrain. 

The four modes of riding as well as four modes of braking makes this an ideal board for any type of ride you want.

One of the main features is the foot straps which mean you won't have to worry about losing your footing when navigating through rough terrains.

  • Battery: 11aH Lithium Ion 
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Length: 42 inches
  • Motor: 3300W
  • Speed: 31 MPH
  • Water Resistant:
  • Range: 19 miles  
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Deck: 11 layer Canadian Maple

Off Road/ Electric Mountain Board Buying Guide

We've created this buying guide to help point you in the right direction regarding an all terrain board. 

Their are obvious considerations such as whether the board is waterproof or choosing the longest range board that can last your whole journey, but we will cover all aspects that you might want to consider.

Differences Between Regular Electric Skateboards and All Terrain Electric Skateboards?

Avid riders can tell of the rush of riding in urban areas. Still, only fearless adrenaline junkies can narrate fascinating stories they encounter on board an off-road electric skateboard.

If you want the gush of fresh wild wind slapping your face nonstop and your heart racing faster than a formula one car just like these daring urban daredevils, off-road e-skating is the fun you have been missing out on your whole life.

If you are shopping around, and unsure if an off-road electric skateboard is right for you, check out our guide where we review all of the top electric skateboards on the market!

maxfind max4 pro

A Completely Different Riding Experience

Riding on sand, grass, hillsides, or gravel is a whole new riding experience, unlike regular street skating. Having the right off-road electric skateboard will help you lose the fear as you skate speedily on tough surfaces.

The all-terrain or off-road electric skateboard achieve these feats thanks to excellent purpose-built features that don't feature on regular e-skateboards. 

Well what are these features that set them apart? 

The motors, brakes and large wheels, to name a few! An off road electric skateboard offers more durability. They come with heavy duty pneumatic wheels to enable you to ride in these tougher terrains. They also can be water resistant electric skateboards - whilst a lot of urban electric skateboards are not!

Urban e-boards are most certainly not made for rough surfaces and can damage pretty easily if you try. Owning one of these robust boards, you can confidently ride on hillsides, gravel, sand and any other surface.

Why Purchase an Off-Road Electric Skateboard?

While regular skateboards are commonplace among beginners, an avid skateboarder might want something that offers more than just skating.

All terrain motorized boards are bigger and can be costlier, as such, understanding why you need to invest in one and choosing the right one for you is essential.

Below are the key reasons you should consider, and then upgrade to an off-road electric skateboard.

Great for Traveling on Different Surfaces

Just as the name implies, the off-road electric skateboard allows you to skate on tough and uneven terrains. The board doesn't limit or restrict your skating to paved roads in the urban areas only as regular electric skateboards do.

Consequently, the fun, freedom, and excitement riders seeking great adventure on an all-terrain e-skateboard outweigh the cost-consideration. 

In addition to being able to ride on smooth roads, you can ride on rough tarmac, beachside, gravel paths, forest trails, dirt tracks, and grasslands. 

You may also want to consider looking into getting an electric mountain board that is waterproof as you may come across unexpected puddles when riding off road.

Built to Last for Years

One of the very noticeable features of off-road electric skateboards is their sturdy, bulkier design. 

Thanks to new technology and advancement in materials manufacturing, off-road electric skateboards have become sturdier yet lighter, with a unique ability to remain active for many years. 

Durability is an important feature that makes outdoor aficionados regard these beasts as the monster-trucks of skateboarding. 

Since all terrain electric skateboards are usually exposed to rough surfaces, severe vibrations, and adverse temperatures while in use, it stands to reason that they are always built with premium materials that enable them to withstand all the bumps and humps that are hallmarks of off-road terrains.

Such high-quality materials like fiberglass, high resin plastic, long-lasting batteries, etc., explain why some of the very best off-road electric skateboards come at prices considered as being on the high side. 

Fun to Ride - Great for Any Adventure

With an off-road electric skateboard, you can go beyond the usual rides on paved roads and tarmacs to the thrill and excitements you will enjoy with friends and family.

Whether in the Summer or Spring, gliding on electric skateboards are some of the most incredible ways of enjoying the outdoors with loved ones – or alone if you prefer. The very powerful motorized boards mean the list of terrains you can cruise through is almost limitless. 

Everyone craves the freedom to ride wherever they choose. The off-road electric skateboards offer something far from the usual – a true companion for the adrenaline junkie.

The Build of an All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Because of the considerable task placed on off-road electric skateboards and the rigor it has to withstand for years, their construction and design are much different from other regular boards. They are compelled to overcome harsh terrains while maintaining speed and balance.

Some of the striking features of the off-road electric skateboards include:

  • large wheels (often airless)
  • a larger battery 
  • more robust motors
  • larger trucks, and 
  • a bigger deck to support all the features 
  • potentially waterproof

These powerful components provide the boards with the ability to overcome the stress and violent vibrations while in use. 

Unlike regular skateboards that are typically designed for flat surfaces and urban riding , off-road electric skateboards were built to handle unexpected surfaces, rough hills, harsh terrains, and more.

If you are looking for a visualization of the most powerful off road electric skateboards out there, check out this monster of a board by Bajaboards here!

Thus, efficiency and durability are crucial considerations during manufacture.

The braking systems of these boards are second to none. Given the terrain and the fact that the rider is susceptible to accidents, an all-round braking system becomes extremely valuable.

Considerations When Purchasing an Off-Road Electric Skateboard 

The off-road electric skateboard market has enjoyed steady growth over the past few years, as such, more and more of these boards from different brands are making their way into the market. 

The downside of this is the realization that purchasing one of these boards is becoming a complex and challenging task considering the choice of brand and models available. 

Nonetheless, if you fancy purchasing an Off-Road Electric Skateboard, you might want to consider these first, then the brand later.


The striking difference between a regular skateboard and an off-road electric skateboard is the wheels. 

Off-road electric skateboards have large pneumatic tires to handle rough and rugged terrains. These wheels are usually 8 inches or more and are mostly airless. Having airless tires means that they can be thick and robust, and not puncture if you go over a sharp object.

You’ll want to purchase an off-road electric skateboard with top-quality, rubber wheels which can absorb shock and do wonders for making sure you ride is comfortable. A wide wheel base is also important and can give you more stability and balance.

You can purchase off road boards with the large wheels fixed on, or a board with wheels that can be interchanged. If you are looking for a board specifically for off road riding than one with the sole function will suffice.

My personal preference is getting a versatile off-road board so I can enjoy skating off road and then swap the wheels for small urban wheels and still enjoy the benefits of a powerful off road board whilst riding in the city.

Just keep in mind that an off-road skateboard with more substantial wheels have slower acceleration, less torque, and higher top speed, while smaller wheels come with quicker acceleration and more torque and less speed. 


Getting a good side of wide trucks is vital in all terrain skating. Wide, yet being sturdy is ideal. You want to be able to maneuveur but looser trucks can make you feel unbalanced when riding on rough surfaces.  

Battery and Range

Another vital feature of an off-road electric skateboard is the battery. 

It also contibutes to the size, bulk and weight of an e board, as well as higher functioning batteries will cost you more.

We recommend investing in a top quality battery that can produce a good range- for all terrain this is above 20 miles of range.

Running out of battery power in the middle of no man's land is not a fun experience – especially in terrains you are not too familiar with. Especially given the fact these boards are quite heavy. Getting a board with the longest range possible is probably in your best interest.

Our Conclusion

We think off-road electric skateboards are awesome. 

They offer more fun and thrill for adventure seekers when compared to regular or conventional skateboards.

If you have ever wanted to race through the hills, mountainsides, and beyond, the off-road electric skateboard will allow you to achieve your dream.

With smooth rides on the streets and rugged hills, you are given with the freedom to explore rough terrains with comfort and ease. 

Off-road electric skateboard are built with a sturdy and robust design, to withstand the demands of the real outdoors. If you see yourself riding out away from urban areas, having an all terrain electric skateboard is a MUST as a regular one will not hold up in rough conditions.

However, these toys don't come cheap. But if you feel you can beat the price tags, the thrill is limitless!