Top Electric Skateboard Accessories 2020 [19 Must-Haves]

When looking at purchasing an electric skateboard, there are definitely some accessories you should consider purchasing along with your board. We have compiled our guide of some must-have accessories both for both safety, practicality and also cool modifications.

 19 Must Have Electric Skateboard Accessories


Some electric skateboards do not come equipped with lights, so it is necessary to think about whether you want to add lights on to your electric skateboard. Not only do they make sure you are illuminated and visible if you are riding at night, but they are also a really nice looking addition to your board. Here are some great electric skateboard lights that are easy to install and work great on any board sizes and shapes.

Board Blazers LED Lights

These LED Lights are easily attached by adhesive and stick right near the trucks of any electric skateboard. They are battery powered and come in many different colors to keep you visible whilst skateboarding in the dark.

IWONDER V3.0 Lights

The IWONDER V3.0 skateboard lights are easily installed and have 6 lighting modes. They are USB rechargeable 

Carry Cases

For us, a good carry case is a must-have! We want to protect our electric skateboards as they can be quite an investment and we want to preserve the exterior for as long as possible. A carry case can be great for covering your board whilst storing at work, college or schools but also are great for carrying whilst traveling. Not all cases are made as a one-size-fits-all, so we have included a variety of sized carry cases whether you have a mini, regular or longboard sized electric skateboard. 

GoRide Backpack

This is a must-have electric skateboard accessory. It fits any size electric skateboard or longboard which can be easily strapped in and is fully secure. It is multi-functional and comes with a great amount of storage space for your laptop if commuting, and large storage pockets if you are going on a trip. It also comes with deep side pockets and 2 water bottle holders.

Hubro Designs Extendable Longboard Travel Bag

The Hubro Designs bag is a great choice if you are looking for an electric skateboard bag that covers your board fully. The backpack can be converted from a travel bag to a backpack for whatever purpose you may desire with the external straps easily packed away. The bag is 39 inches long but can be extended to 44 inches. The internal straps ensure your board is locked in place.

YYST Backpack Attachment

Alternatively, if you already own a backpack that you want to keep, you can purchase this electric skateboard backpack hook. It is easy to set up. You just wrap the straps around the backpacks straps and then put your electric skateboard on. It works with all sizes of electric skateboards and it under $10! 


Electric skateboards often have interchangeable wheels. Whilst changing may seem arduous and a time consuming process, riding with the appropriate wheels can make a huge difference to your ride. For example, if you are riding off road and through rugged terrains, yet have thin, urban style wheels on your electric skateboard, your ride is going to be much bumpier and unenjoyable. Not only this, but you can cause damage to your wheels. So it is recommended that you swap your wheels out. 

Also over time, the wheels can become worn down so a fresh set is necessary.

MBS All Terrain Wheels

Got a regular electric longboard? These wheels are great for swapping out your wheels for riding all terrain/off roading. The set comes with 4 wheels in 5 different colors to choose from. 

We have found that often riding in cities like New York, the roads are bumpy and uneven. We swapped our regular wheels for these All terrain ones, and it makes riding much smoother.

It is also great for riding on dirt and grass.

Orangutang Caguama 85mm

These wheels are a best seller and a must purchase for your electric skateboard. They are large, smooth wheels which are great for speed and momentum and easily glide over cracks, rocks and rough surfaces.

We would recommend purchasing these to enhance your riding if you skateboard in predominantly urban areas.


It should go without saying, but wearing a helmet when riding is extremely important. Electric skateboards can travel at quite fast speeds so to protect your head in case of an accident, a good, reliable helmet is an investment that you can’t put a price on. We found a great source that really covers the importance as well as what you should look at when purchasing a helmet.

Here are some of our favorite skateboarding helmet brands so both adults and kids. 


These helmets come in 3 sizes and a variety of colors for kids and adults. The adjustable chin strap ensures the helmet is mounted to your exact head size.

Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet

This is a great smart helmet however it comes at a higher price. The helmet comes with white LED front lights and red rear LED lights, with 6 customizable modes and has a battery life of 10 hours. If you are planning on night riding, we would definitely recommend a helmet with LED lights build in. The helmet also has turn signals and the lights will flash red when braking to alert traffic and pedestrians.

Overade Plixi Fit

Another unique helmet is the Plixi Fit foldable helmet that provides all the necessary safety protections of a normal helmet, yet is foldable reducing its size by 3 to be easily folded into a small size to pack away in bags. This is a must-have helmet if you are electric skateboarding on the go.

Other Protective Gear

Especially if you are a beginner or purchasing for a child riding, you may want to consider other guards and protection. A lot of skateboarders wear knee and wrist guards and we think that they are a great added element of safety to your skateboard.

Triple Eight Saver Series Set

This is a great choice for a joint knee pad, elbow pad and wrist guard set that are high density and impact absorbing, with adjustable straps for a rigid yet comfortable fit. This 3 protection guards along with a helmet will cover all your safety bases when riding.

LOSENKA Skateboard Gloves

These gloves are made from microfiber leather and are great if you are practising tricks on your electric skateboard. They have adjustable wrist straps to keep the gloves in place and soft gel pads on the fingers and palms to absorb shock and provide maximum comfort.


Surf & Rail Adapter

The Surf and Rail Adapter fits to any size electric skateboard and basically gives you better carving and smoother turning. If you are finding your electric skateboard to be rigid, we definitely recommend purchasing this.

The Surf adapter mounts on the front truck and gives you board increased carving ability.

The Rail Adapter lets the rear truck lean and the combination of both adapters can transform your electric skateboard into a really great carving board allowing you to perform the smoothest turns.

Here is a video just to show what the Surf & Rail Adapter can do.

Other Cool Accessories


This is our favorite GoPro Camera Mount for an electric skateboard. It works for all electric skateboard sizes and can be easily attached loosening and tightening the screw on the mount. Also did we mention it's very cheap at under $15!

Black Diamond Grip Cleaner

This is not the most glamorous accessory, but it's definitely a necessity. The Black Diamond Grip cleaner is only around $10 and is great for cleaning dirt off your grip tape.

If you have an electric skateboard that is covered in grip tape, we definitely recommend cleaning it regularly. Having clean grip tape not only looks better, it helps your feet grip the board better and keeps your shoes clean. 

DIYE NoseGuard

This DIYE NoseGuard comes with a 2 pack nose and tail guard to protect your 

SENSIVO Deck Guards Protector

The SENSIVO is another great guards protector that is thicker than other ones on the market to protect again chipping of your board. If you are unsure whether certain guards will fit your electric skateboard, the SENSIVO is a one size fits all. It is easily fitted by placing the rubber guard around the edges and pushing.


Electric skateboards are large pieces of equipment - don’t get me wrong! If you have limited space around it can take up unnecessary space. For our electric skateboards, we store them on wall racks as a great way to neatly organise them, yet still have them on display and as an easy reach when you go off riding. Here are some easily installed wall racks for your electric skateboard!

Parking Block

The Parking Block is a great electric skateboard floor storage stand. They can store all sizes of electric skateboards with shorter boards stored vertically and longboards stored horizontally.

Grab & Go Wall Hanger

This is a great choice if you have reduced space or want to hang your electric skateboard electric skateboard on the wall. The mount is easily screwed and works with any size electric skateboard.

StoreYourBoard 3 Board Wall Storage Mount

Own multiple electric skateboards? This is the mount for you! It is a heavy duty mount and easily fits electric skateboards of all lengths.


Obviously the electric skateboard accessories market is pretty extensive, which is why we have compiled this list to give you a list of our must-haves. We have also been conscious to find some of the best affordable accessories, as we certainly know the board itself can be enough money!

We'd say at the bare minimum, invest in high quality safety gear however don't sleep on these other great accessories such as wheels, bags, racks and lights. They make owning an electric skateboard far easier and more fun!