How Much Do Electric Skateboards Cost?

How Much Do Electric Skateboards Cost?

Forget driving, walking or even regular skateboarding. Electric skateboards are quickly becoming many peoples preferred mode of transport these days. But the question everyone wants to know is how much do these electric skateboards cost? Do I need to splash out to get one of these or is it possible to find a cheap model that still performs at a good level? And why do they cost as much as they do? Keep reading our post to learn about everything surrounding electric skateboards' pricing.

How much should I spend for a Good electric skateboard? 

Some of the top of the range electric skateboard brands such as Boosted or OneWheel can be priced at well over $1000. These boards are fitted with all the top specifications and highest quality materials, and really don’t have anything to be faulted about. Whilst they are great and a must-have for any electric skateboard fanatics, they are a sizeable investment especially if you are new to electric skateboarding. You may want to test the waters first and familiarize yourself with some low to moderately priced boards first before you invest in a high end board.

We have written separate buying guides to help you decide on electric skateboards at any price points including the top boards at under $1000, $500, $200 and $100. If you aren't set on a particular budget, but keen to find a great cheap board we have ranked our top cheap e-skateboards which you can read now!

Alternatively, if you are ready to spend, check out our best electric skateboards buying guide.

At the end of the day, we own some great cheap electric skateboards that serve a good purpose. We recommend just weighing up the features that are important for your electric skateboard to have and then shopping around to find the perfect board that fits your bill.  

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What Factors Affect the Price?

Check out some of the main features of an electric skateboard that determine its different price points.


The electric skateboard motor is one of the most important features of the board and is essentially what powers your board. Most boards on the market come fitted with dual motors and are either belt or hub motors. Belt motors are when the motor is fitted underneath the board and attached to the skateboard wheels by a ‘belt’. Hub motors are when the motors are inside the wheels. Brands such as Boosted all use belt motors. These are preferred by a lot of advanced riders, as they allow for you to customize and modify your board by swapping the wheels and trucks. Hub motors on the other hand have some great benefits too, as since the motors are fitted inside the wheels they are lighter and less bulky. These ride very similarly to a regular skateboard when the electric mode isn’t being used.


Battery is another crucial feature as a high quality battery will allow you to ride for longer periods of time on a single charge as well as having a greater number of charging cycles before the battery starts showing signs of wear and tear. The battery is what powers the motor, so a good battery is important to look for. When you are looking at electric skateboards the battery is measured in volts and Ah (amp hour). You’ll want to look for greater numbers of volts, but be mindful that the most expensive board will have the highest voltage. An average electric skateboard battery can last up to 3 years and anywhere up to 1000 individual charges before wear and tear shows.

Some more things you’ll want to look for is the number of hours the battery takes to fully charge. Some batteries can take up to 4 hours. Whereas others can only take around 2. Ultimately it is up to you and which one you prefer, as with longer charging time boards you can just charge it up overnight. If you are forgetful (as I am!) you’ll probably want to look at one with a shorter charging time. 

But just keep in mind a longer charging time doesn’t necessarily mean that the battery is more powerful (therefore why it needs longer to charge.) A lot of the top range electric skateboards have more advanced and efficient batteries and have a lesser charging time. 


Goes without saying, but the more established well known electric skateboard brands such as Boosted, Maxfind and Backfire tend to have a higher average price across all their models. They are well known for a reason - they manufacture great quality electric skateboards and have developed a positive brand reputation and name amongst its users. 

Where the Board is Manufactured

Boards that are manufactured in either the United States or European countries will be more expensive due to the higher rates, taxes and wages these companies will be forced to pay. Electric skateboards manufactured in China will generally be cheaper as the companies will not have to pay these higher fees. Also the cheaper raw materials mean that the boards will be manufactured at a lower price. 

Additional parts that Contribute to Pricing

Electric skateboards still have countless smaller parts that will eventually add up in price to give you the buying price. Trucks are necessary as they are what allows the wheels to move. All electric skateboards also need an electric speed controller. The ESC is a circuit that regulates speed. 

Electric skateboards can either come with or without a remote. The remote controls every aspect of your riding whilst boards without the remote ride intuitively but often these are starter boards and don’t have the higher speed capabilities or multiple riding modes that electric skateboards that come with remotes have. These boards without remotes are always at the lower end of the pricing scale.

Additional products that can increase the price of electric skateboards can be features such as LED lights built-into the board or the electric skateboard having phone connectivity so that you phone can act as a remote.

Materials of Deck and Wheels

Electric skateboards are primarily made from two materials. Either wood or composite. Wooden boards made from bamboo or maple often have more solid, shock absorbing qualities. They are strong and not as flexible as composite boards and these ones are generally cheaper.

The composite boards are made from materials such as fibreglass and have the solid properties whilst being known for their carving and turning abilities. This is what Boosted Boards are made from.


The materials as well as the thickness of the wheels can also add to the price of the electric skateboard. Boards come with wheels of all different sizes as well as functions such as off road suited wheels. The larger wheels are generally more expensive as those are the wheels that can reach higher speeds.

Customer Service

A company with a good and responsive customer service team generally has their electric skateboards priced higher. In order to employ a team of customer service employees such as a call centre can cost the brands significant amounts. However this is also reassuring if you purchase a more expensive board knowing that you will have 24/7 customer service response. 

Economies Of Scale

Economy of scale is where the size of the production means that the companies savings will be greater as the costs of the production is spread over a greater number of units produced. Since the electric skateboard market is still fairly new and niche, the scale of production is still low. That means that prices will be more expensive as the scale of production is not as big as say regular skateboards or bikes. Companies that order materials in large quantities will be able to buy these materials at cheaper prices.

Electric skateboards will inevitably assert themselves as a popular product in the market, so prices will lower over time.


When you purchase an electric skateboard, buying a board with warranty should be a non-negotiable. You’ll want to be covered in the event of damage. But electric skateboard brands that offer warranty, will often be reflected in higher priced boards as they have to take into account the potential cost of replacing parts for free for customers who return the boards.

How much do individual parts of an electric skateboard typically cost?

Here is a round up that is an average of how much each individual electric skateboard part costs.

Wheels: anywhere from $20 to up to $200 for a set of 4

Deck: up to $150 for wooden decks, $300 for composite

ESC: $30 to $250

Motor: up to $300

Battery: up to $500

Remote: $30 to $200

Are there any financing deals available?

Yes, certain electric skateboard brands have financial deals where you can choose to pay for the board monthly under a 6, 12 or 18 monthly payment plan.

Are there any additional costs involved?

The good thing about electric skateboards is once you purchase them, there is little maintenance and upkeep required to keep it in tip-top shape. They are fairly self-sufficient in terms of them needing no servicing and any additional costs are generally the rider choosing to modify the board for their own riding preferences.

Will my Electric Skateboard need Maintenance?

The only maintenance is purchasing a new battery after 4-5 years. Most of the time you won’t even need to replace the battery after this long. Battery replacements are only really needed if you are charging and using your board everyday for that period of time. Be careful not to overcharge your board by leaving it plugged into the power source for a long time!

To avoid damage to your board we would recommend cleaning it periodically. Clean down the deck and bearings and you can also oil them if you see fit. Here is a guide to show you how to oil your bearings if you are unfamiliar.

Other than that, be weary if your board is not water resistant or waterproof. Don’t leave it outside for extended periods when not in use to limit its exposure to the elements.  

Pretty much any other problems or fixes you’ll need will be able to be covered by the brand under your warranty.

Do I need to Purchase Safety Equipment?

We could not recommend getting appropriate safety equipment enough. A helmet is a MUST as electric skateboards can travel fast and it’s really just like riding a bike - you can encounter unexpected obstacles and it’s just better to be safe than sorry. Other pieces such as gloves, elbow and knee pads are really just a personal preference.

Are Any Accessories Necessary? 

Accessories are not compulsory, but we definitely recommend certain accessories as they can make riding much more enjoyable and your life a whole lot easier. We have a guide where we cover some of the must have electric skateboard accessories such as electric skateboard stands and racks, carrying cases as well as attachable lights and swappable wheels.


At this point there are electric skateboards that really range from all price points. If you are looking on the lower side of the price scale, check out our cheapest electric skateboards guide, or our pinpoint price point guides which we have linked above.

It is clear that there is a price disparity in the market. The high end electric skateboards tend to be significantly more expensive than moderately priced boards. The mid range price points are quite saturated and have lots of choice from brands such as Teamgee, which produce really great boards.

In time we definitely see the electric skateboard market becoming more populated with new brands as currently it is still quite an untapped market. This will inevitably lower the prices of boards such as Boosted boards. If you cannot wait to get your hands on one of these elusive Boosted Boards we would say check out ‘s refurbished and used boards which are still good quality boards at reduced prices.

And finally definitely make sure you have the necessary safety equipment such as a fitted helmet to protect you.