Best Long Range Electric Skateboards [Top Picks + Reviews]



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Skatebolt Tornado II

  • 24 mile range
  • 26 MPH top speed

Maxfind Max2 Pro

  • 15 mile range
  • 20 mph speed

Teamgee H20

  • 19 mile range
  • 24 mph speed

Skatebolt Breeze II

  • 15 mile range
  • 28 mph speed
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Spadger D5X

  • 12 mile range
  • 23 mph speed

Top 6 Long Range Electric Skateboards of 2020

1. Skatebolt Tornado II

The Skatebolt Tornado II is a very popular long range electric skateboard!

Personally we really like the Skatebolt Tornado II as it ticks the boxes across many electric skateboard features. Firstly, it has a great range. You can cruise up to 24 miles riding on the medium riding mode which is definitely on the high end of the long range electric skateboard list.

Along with a great range it also has a great top speed of up to 26 MPH. The board also has a hill grade of 25% so you will easily power up hills effortlessly.

The Skatebolt Tornado II is crafted with a durable and tough design made up of 8 layers of northeast maple. It can support weights of up to 280lbs so really is suitable for most riders. It has 90mm wheels which are wider than normal, that adds to the steady ride feeling. 

Bonus features included are red tail lights so you can safely ride at night, which flash up when you activate the brakes. The remote control has an LED screen for easy viewing of speed, range and brake modes and lets you select cruise control mode.

The Skatebolt Tornado II comes with a buyers guarantee - a 6 month warranty as well as all the necessary certifications required so you know you are buying a top quality product.

Overall, we would definitely recommend the Tornado II as it has an exceptionally long range as well as many other great features.  

2. Maxfind MAX2 PRO

Maxfind is a groundbreaking electric skateboard company producing some great boards. The Max 2 Pro makes our longest range list with a range of 15 miles on a single charge, so it sits at the lower end but still with a good range. 

 This board differs from other electric skateboards on our list, as this one is a shorter, lighter and more compact electric skateboard. It has a unique oval shape and is not recommended for riders above 186 lbs in order to work at its full capacity. 

It has a top speed of 20 miles per hour to get the adrenalin running and you are able to get to this speed through the 3 riding modes which range from beginner to fast. This is all controlled on the handheld smart remote.

The wheel size is the same as the other boards on the list at 90mm. The Max2 Pro has an IP65 waterproof certification as well as being dustproof and shockproof. 

The MAX2 Pro is definitely the best choice if having a portable long range electric skateboard is important to you. It is only 12 lbs and 31 inches long so you’ll never have to lug around a heavy board or worry about where you will store it. This board is a commuters dream!


3. Teamgee H20

Teamgee is a very reliable electric skateboard brand known for producing some of the most popular models on the market.

The Teamgee H20 is no exception to this. Starting with the range. The H20 has a maximum range of 30km which is almost 19 miles on a single charge. This definitely slots it nicely into our list for the best long range electric skateboards. 

Not only this, but the H20 has a max speed of 24mph and a hill grade of 30 degrees. 

A downside would be the board has a charging time of 4 hours, so if you are needing to use the board multiple times a day and don’t have much time to charge it - we wouldn’t recommend this board for you.

The H20 has 4 speed modes and 4 brake modes. You can switch between modes using the handheld remote and activate the different braking modes using the throttle. It is easily adaptable to suit riders of any level or speed preference. 

If you are interested in the makeup of the board, it is a 8 ply Canadian maple deck with a layer of fibreglass. This ensures stability when riding at the top speeds plus allows the board to have the necessary flex to allow the rider more comfort. Yet again, this board is suitable for most people with a weight limit of 286 lbs.

4. Skatebolt Breeze II

This board is branded by Skatebolt for being their long range and very fast board. Whilst having a very long range of up to 15 miles, it has a top speed of 28MPH. Hill climbing is definitely not an issue with this board, with dual 350W motors that can see the board climb up to 30% steep hills with no problems. 

The 100m wheels are very thick to allow for a smooth ride, but also come with a set of 90mm wheels which can be interchanged. 

The deck itself is made of bamboo and a double glass fibre layer. The top quality deck is made from fibreglass materials triple the price of maple (the material traditionally used on electric skateboards.) This combination of materials allows for a solid deck whilst allowing room for flexibility. 

The 4 braking modes range from soft to strong and the sensitivity can be adjusted on the handheld remote. The Breeze II comes with 2 tail lights for visibility when riding in the dark.

It also comes with a cruise control feature that can be activated using the LED remote. This feature is particularly great for a long range electric skateboard as you can turn on cruise control for long journeys making them much easier. 

5. Spadger D5X

The Spadger D5X Electric Skateboard is a really powerful electric skateboard with a top range of 12 miles. Whilst it is lower than the other ranges, it still has a decent range and many other great features at an affordable price.

The board itself is very flexible and is great for turning and easy to control. The wheels are slightly larger than the other boards at 97mm.

 It has a top speed of up to 23mph and a 25% hill grade which will meet all your hill climbing needs. It has a max weight of 264lbs, so again it is suitable for most people.

The 4 speed modes of the board are Beginner, Eco, Expert and Pro modes which are all controlled through your smartphone. Just download the app and connect via bluetooth. 

Some other really cool features are the LED lights which change color through the bluetooth app, and the bluetooth speaker built into your board.

If having a flashy electric skateboard is your idea, then we definitely recommend the Spadger D5X!


Long Range Electric Skateboard Buying Guide

One of the most important purposes of electric skateboards is their ability to travel long range. Whether it be a long distance commute or just planning on cruising long distances, nobody wants to have an electric skateboard that battery dies in the middle of their journey. This is especially important if you are on a time crunch you want to know that your board can ride the distance!

That is why we have created this guide on the best long range electric skateboard. We want our readers to be able to find the perfect board for their desired purpose. We go through all the details you will need to know when choosing a long range electric skateboard, as well as reviewing the top 5 long range boards on the market. 

What Range is Classified as a Long Range Electric Skateboard?

We definitely think that a long range electric skateboard is a board with a range of over 15 miles travelled on a single charge.

If purchasing a long range board is the main feature you are looking for, we don’t recommend going less than this.

This is primarily because when electric skateboard companies measure the range of their electric skateboards, it is on a smooth, flat surface which has little friction. So if your conditions vary such as hills or bumps you will find that the skateboard will travel for slightly less than the stated range.

It takes more power for the board to travel in these conditions hence it will naturally travel a slightly shorter distance than disclosed.

So What Factors Ultimately Determine the Range of an Electric Skateboard?

Battery and Motor

Two of the most significant features of an electric skateboard are vital in determining the range of the boards. The long range boards have a direct correlation to battery capacity so you’ll be looking for the most powerful batteries.

Combined with motors, which are primarily single or dual motors, these are the 2 major factors that determine the range of the boards.

Certain cons with this is often these boards are not TSA approved due to risk of taking it on planes. So far the TSA allowance for batteries onboard flights is 99Wh.

Weight of Rider

If you are planning on riding an electric skateboard and are a greater weight than what the product says it can handle, it will not be able to travel the long distance. 

A greater weight requires the motor to work harder to be able to travel at speed, hence distance is shorter.

Be sure to check the weight capacity of the skateboard before purchasing to make sure that you won’t have any issues with this.

Terrains and Riding Conditions

When the range of the board is tested initially, it is tested in ideal conditions on a clear day and the board is riding on a flat and even surface. If you are planning on riding on mixed surfaces or will encounter hills your boards motor will be working far harder to travel up these, so the battery will drain faster.

Also wind can make a difference in the range of the board. Riding against the wind is tougher on the 

This is just an important factor to keep in mind.

What Bonus Considerations Should You Make?


If you are planning on riding for long periods of time, comfort whilst riding is paramount. Having a wide sized deck can make a real difference in comfort. It’ll enable you to get a better stance whilst riding.

Wheel type also adds to the comfort factor. Choosing the appropriate wheels which you can buy already on the board of an electric skateboard, or buying a separate set of wheels and changing them yourself is a great idea. Thicker wheels make for a better ride when the conditions are uneven, and the urban style smaller wheels are great for cities, parks and anywhere in suburbia!

You would also want to have a board that isn’t too rigid and stiff. Look for boards with 7 ply decks or less, as they are sturdy but still have flexible decks.

Charging Times

Do you have a long commute in which you will be required to charge your board multiple times a day to get to and from your destination? Looking at the charging time of the board is a very important feature for you to look for! Some electric skateboards can charge for 4 hours, so these are not ideal for you. Get any board which has a 2-3 hour charging time or better still has a removable battery so you can change the battery on the go!

Cruise Control

Cruise Control is a bonus feature that comes with some electric skateboards on the market and is a great feature to have for long range boards. It is a mode that can be activated on the remote, and takes the hassle out of constantly controlling the speed you are traveling at so you can cruise for long distances.

We have included in the reviews which electric skateboards have this feature so look out for that as it is definitely a game changer!

Why Purchase a Long Range Electric Skateboard

Only One Initial Cost

Compared to driving and taking public transport which require a constant string of payments over time that add up quickly, buying a long range electric skateboard only takes 1 upfront cost.

Although the upfront cost can potentially be sizable, it is far cheaper than a car or taking the train. These boards do not require any maintenance costs and all that is needed is a power outlet to recharge them when the battery is dead.

Make the switch to these cost effective electric skateboards and watch yourself save money now!

Our Final Word

Finding the right long range electric skateboard is crucial as who wants to be in the middle of a journey, and the board runs out of charge?! Not a good situation when you have to kick push or carry your skateboard the rest of the way.

Our recommendations will ensure this never happens to you. Choose any of the boards we’ve reviewed and you will be cruising the long distances without a worry.

In our opinion you can’t go wrong with the Skatebolt Tornado II. It has the longest range as well as all the bells and whistles which you would look for in an electric skateboard.

Closely followed by the Maxfind MAX2 Pro which is a no-brainer for having a long range as well as a board that has all the latest technology and innovation. You are definitely purchasing a top of the range electric skateboard with Maxfind.

Moving then onto the Spadger, which is a great long range board that is great if you want to show off to your friends and family. It has an unconventional deck design which will make sure you stand out as well as a built-in bluetooth speaker?!? Who wouldn’t want to cruise and listen to music at the same time!

As mentioned before, choosing any of these boards will have you well equipped for your long journey.

Best of luck choosing.