Brand Review: Maxfind Electric Skateboards

Maxfind Electric Skateboards At a Glance: 



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  • 20 mph speed
  • 15 mile range
  • 23 mph speed
  • up to 19 mile range*

Maxfind's Electric Skateboard Reviews



The MAX2 Pro differs from the MAX4 in that it is a shorter sized board at 31 inches and its deck shape is one that resembles a more surfboard like design.

It has a top range of 24 MPH and it actually has the same range as the MAX4 with a range of 15 miles so it is also a good choice for a rider with long range in mind.

Another major difference between the MAX4 AND MAX2 is that the MAX2 uses a fully composite deck with the carbon fibre coating. It has a really cool looking diamond design underneath the deck. All the materials used are environmentally friendly.

The anti-slip covering on the deck ensures riders are steady and secure on the board. 

The MAX2 has 3 modes of riding (compared to the 4 on the MAX4). Modes 1,2 and 3 offer a fast mode on mode 3 of up to 24 MPH, gradually decreasing to mode 1 with a lower speed of up to 9mph on mode 1.



The Max4 Pro Series is a great choice for the rider that wants to go those extra miles. It was designed specifically with range in mind and has a maximum range of 15 miles per charge with the standard battery.

The shape of the board is a longboard style board.

A great feature is the easily removable battery, so you will never worry about being stranded. Just carry a spare battery on you and you can change it within 10 seconds and take off again!

It has a top speed of up to 26 MPH on the MAX riding mode, however can travel at whatever speed you choose. If you are a novice rider we definitely recommend beginner mode (up to 9 mph) as this is a comfortable speed to learn at.

Another great feature is the thicker wheels. Having the 96mm wheels makes a world of a difference, as they are more shock absorbing and can easily glide over cracks, bumps and uneven surface without you even feeling a thing!

The board itself is 8 layer Canadian maple with a carbon fibre printing to give it a sleek and minimalist look. It is a 38 inch longboard and weighs a mere 16 lbs, so you can easily carry it around comfortably. Maxfind includes a 270 day warranty on the MAX4 so you can rest assured knowing you are covered in this period. 

It is on a limited time offer so get in quick and purchase your MAX4 Pro Series now!


maxfind mini series

The Maxfind Mini Series are small sized electric skateboards which Maxfind have primarily designed for kids. They come in 4 different colors to choose from and are a very affordable and great gift for any child.

The Mini series is designed for riding on flat, urban surfaces. It has a top speed of 14 mph and a range of 8 miles. The board itself is very steady, and is covered with the anti-slip covering. It is still powerful enough to climb hills with a 15% hill grade. 

At only 8 lbs, it is easily carried around. It has a max load of 132 lbs so it can also be ridden by older kids as well. The wide shaped deck is easy for balancing on and makes the stance more comfortable.

It is IP65 grade waterproof so you won’t have to worry about water damage in slightly wet conditions as well as being dust and sandproof. 

The joystick style remote is easy for kids to use and lets them change between the 2 modes of travel and travel forward and back as well as setting the cruise control mode. 

The Mini Series is equipped with a safe EBS brake system which offers improved sensitivity of braking. 

Overall this is a top quality board and a great choice for children.


maxfind ff series plus

The Maxfind FFPLUS Series is a great take on an off road board, and has an extremely durable and strong design.

Riders can now conquer any surfaces with ease whether it be grass, gravel or sand.

This is done through the very large 165 mm wheels and a 35% hill gradient compared to the 30% of all the other boards.

The FFPLUS series has a really fast top speed of 24 MPH and a range of up to 11 miles.

Yet again this Maxfind board has the interchangeable battery feature, so just click your battery out and put a new one in to extend the range whilst you are out.

When riding off road, conditions can be unknown and you may come across unexpected puddles. You won’t have to worry about rain or mud damage as each of the components have sound coverage that protects them from damage. It has IP65 protection and the battery is double waterproofed for extra protection.


maxfind ff series

The FF Series is a revolutionary design for Maxfind and their new 2020 design is one of their most popular additions to their range. Their vision with this board was to create the highest performance cruising electric skateboard on the market.

With similar features to its other boards like the 96mm thick wheels it uses a different deck material in the super flex plastic composite boards. The double kingpin trucks allow for significant maneuverability and carving.

This board’s components are waterproof, dustproof and shockproof for peace of mind. However this board is primarily designed for urban environments and Maxfind doesn’t recommend off road riding for this board.

Everything About Maxfind Electric Skateboards

Maxfind is one of the best quality and most well known electric skateboard brands available on the market today. Specialising in producing Hub motor electric skateboards, Maxfind creates minimalist looking electric skateboards that are equipped with the latest technologies and features.

In this guide we hope to inform our readers about the features, pros and cons and any other useful information about the Maxfind electric skateboards. We will also be reviewing their different electric models and ranking them based on our personal experience.


Maxfind prides itself on solely creating hub motor electric skateboards. This idea came from learning about the design flaw and subsequent safety issue and accidents associated with belt motor electric skateboards. When riding off-road it is possible that rocks or stones can get stuck within the belt motor and thus causing the electric skateboard motor to stop operating and riders suffer accidents as a result of this.

Maxfind was then created and produces only hub motor boards. 

Hub motors are located within the wheels of the electric skateboard. As well as being inherently safer, hub motors are also protected against the elements (as they are inside the wheel), more quiet and have a greater level of water resistance. 

Battery and Range

Another crucial feature that separates low and high quality electric skateboards is the battery. The quality of the battery will dictate range as well as how long the battery takes to charge up.

Maxfind uses lithium ion batteries. These batteries can last anywhere from 8 to 15 miles depending on the model you choose. The Max4 Pro Series model has the highest performance battery lasting a staggering 15 miles on a single charge. 

Its charging times also are some of the fastest we’ve seen throughout the whole electric skateboard market. Most boards average around 3 hours, however Maxfind’s MINI Series only takes 30 minutes and both the PRO series models and the Max4 series only take 1 hour!

Maxfind also sells spare batteries on their online shop which you can check out here.

We recommend to get the absolute best range out of the electric skateboard to be careful of not overcharging the battery. 


Speed is dependent on a lot of different factors such as riding conditions, weight of the rider, terrain of riding as well as the incline. In order to get the most out of your Maxfind board in terms of speed, ride on a flat, even surface.

Maxfind electric skateboards have the ability to get up to 26 Mph. This is on the Max2 and Max4 Pro Series.

By customizing the wheels and adding bigger wheels you will be able to increase the top speed of the skateboard.

Maxfind skateboards have not been designed to be super fast but instead with a focus on cruising, however you will be more than fine with a top speed of 26 Mph. 

Hill Climbing Capacity

Maxfind electric skateboards certainly have an exceptional hill climbing capacity with a hill grade of 30%. If you have no concept of hill gradients (don’t worry this is common!) This is a good source to check out. But 30% is a pretty steep hill, so your Maxfind will glide up it with ease.

Are Maxfind Skateboards Waterproof/Water Resistance?

Maxfind electric skateboards are quite responsible in damp conditions (such as that of sprinklers and gutter run off) however are not classified as waterproof electric skateboards. They have said that this is primarily due to the boards not able to handle proper slippery surfaces, so therefore they don’t recommend riding their boards in wet conditions.

Remote Control

Maxfind have made a great remote control for their electric skateboards that is easy to operate and allows you full control of your ride. It is a bluetooth, wireless remote complete with a wrist strap.  The remote allows you to seamlessly change between beginner, eco, fast and max speed modes. It also has an LED screen for checking the battery and distance remaining.

A common misconception involved with bluetooth remotes is that if you are riding with a friend and they also have a bluetooth remote that the other person’s remote can interfere with your skateboard. This is not the case with Maxfind. 

The Maxfind remote is designed to only be compatible with the Maxfind electric skateboards.

Rider Recommendations

For Maxfind riders we recommend users of age 13 and upwards, or any rider younger should have parental supervision when riding. Maxfind recommends the max weight for riders on the board of up to 220lbs. Riders over this weight may find that the power of the board is hindered and it is possible for potential damage to mechanical components.


One of the coolest things about the Maxfind brand is how customizable the boards are. You are easily able to change wheels.

Shipping and Customer Service

Maxfind has an emphasis on customer satisfaction and impeccable customer service. They offer a 6 month warranty on all their electric skateboards.

We also found that domestic shipping was extremely fast and came in less than 5 days. For international shipping we learned that the boards can take up to 15 days to arrive.

Final Thoughts

Maxfind has really asserted themselves as a key player within the electric skateboarding world. They practically cover all the bases in terms of their electric skateboard models producing top quality commuting/cruising electric boards as well as producing an off road board and a mini board specifically for children.

Each of the boards produced by Maxfind have great specifications and are pretty similar in terms of the speed and range that each board has. However between the main 5 models, they are all very unique and have their own strengths and specialities. 

Personally, our favorite overall is the MAX4 Pro Series as it is a high performance board at a respectable price. Honorable mentions go to the MAX2 Pro Series.