Electric Skateboard Laws in the USA

You often think of electric skateboards, as recreational toys - There must not be laws about them right?!

However due to the sheer power and growing popularity of these boards on our roads and in urban areas, certain laws have been implemented in the United States to keep both the riders and the community safe. 

In many instances laws are still being developed but we have compiled all the laws and regulations that have been made public in respective states.


California - as specified in the law AB-604 -permits the riding of electric skateboards on bicycle paths and roads, as long as the rider wears a helmet, and the skateboard is properly equipped. This means that it possesses features such as headlights and reflectors (like a bike).


Florida state law permits urban electric skateboarding on roads where: the speed limit is 25 MPH, marked bicycle path, on roads where cycling is permitted and on pedestrian paths/sidewalks however you must give way to pedestrians. 


Michigan has passed legislation in the house of Representatives that states that electric skateboards are permitted on the roads, like bikes and cars with the speed limited to 25 MPH. Confirmation is waiting in the senate before it is enacted into law.

Are Electric Skateboards legal in Seattle?

Seattle currently views electric skateboards (also regular skateboards for that matter) as toys and hence are not permitted on the roads.

Are Electric Skateboards Legal in Massachusetts? 

In General, Can I Ride Electric Skateboards on the Road?

Well in short the answer is no, but only on the pretence that many states have not enacted law which says you can ride them. It is unlikely you will be fined or caught by the police if you are acting responsibly.

Here are some tips for riding Electric Skateboards on the Road Safely

  1. Always Wear a Helmet (riding on the ride and anywhere else)
  2. Follow Road Laws e.g. traffic lights
  3. Ride Courteously - Don’t be a Nuisance!
  4. If riding on urban footpaths consider pedestrians
  5. Obey the speed limits and adjust speeds to the road conditions
  6. If riding at night wear reflective gear and use light and reflectors on the board