Backfire G3 E-Skateboard Review





Skateboards have been around for quite a long time, typically used for recreational activities in the park, quiet streets,  or a small driveway. 

In this evolution, we have seen that skateboards have frequently been used not only for fun and recreation but also to commute.

Indeed, Backfire has been part of the long legacy of great boards that have served many people around the world. 

We will be reviewing the Backfire G3. Backfire is known for producing excellent quality boards that rival for top positions. The G3 is their model that fits in the midrange price market. It doesn’t compromise on riding specs and features whilst being at an accessible price point for buyers.

Quick Specs

  • Speed: 28.5 mph
  • Range: 18.5 miles  
  • Charging Time: 3.5 hours 
  • Weight Limit: 260 lbs  
  • Hill Climbing: 30%
  • Board Weight: 17.6 lbs
  • Warranty: 180 days

Backfire G3 Review

The Backfire G3 electric skateboard comes with lots of features that makes this e-board a great commuter board, so you can ride smoothly and safely.

The Backfire G3 comes with a handheld remote that allows you to control the speed and the brakes. 

Despite the skateboard’s speed, it surprisingly allows for a smooth braking process that will not throw you off or cause you to fall, even at maximum speed.

The Backfire G3 also comes with LED lights that will ensure you are visible when riding in dark conditions. This crucial feature makes it great for traveling at any time of day. 

This board is also a great buddy on rainy days or while riding on wet surfaces as it comes with a waterproof motor and battery.

The Backfire G3 is also fast charging, thus enabling you to save time yet getting you riding in no time.

Just when you think that this Skateboard has everything you can imagine, then it surprises you with a USB port that allows you to charge your smartphone or similar devices while riding. How cool is that? 

It has more features such as turbo acceleration mode, a 96mm wheels, and Caliber II Trucks.

Range and Speed

The Backfire G3 boasts a top speed of about 28.5 miles per hour. A top speed like this makes it a great commuters choice, or just for pure fun.

The skateboard can travel up to 15-18.5 miles with a full charge, thanks to this excellent battery system. 

If you are looking for an extended range of up to 25 miles the Backfire G3 Plus is the best choice for you!

From full battery (100%) to the point where it's running low (at below 20%), the Backfire G3 electronic skateboard maintains the same feel and efficiency. This makes it the ultimate riding companion as you travel or skate for fun through the city.

Fortunately, even if you run out of charge whilst riding, the Backfire G3 still rides well manually.

The Backfire G3 has a fast charge time of 2.5 hours, which will get you moving again at your desired speed in no time. Comparing the charging time of the G3 to other boards, the G3 has a low charging time.

The range and speed qualify as some of the best in the market, making the Backfire G3 one of the fastest electric skateboards money can buy.

Riding Modes

The board comes with 3 riding modes to customize the board’s speed. These modes are eco, sport and turbo. ECO makes for more casual riding, and is the lowest speed mode whilst kicking it up to sport or turbo gives the board the extra kick. 

Sport is great for medium to high speeds, whilst changing to turbo will increase the acceleration by 20% for lightning quick riding up to the top speed of 28.5mph.

All of the speed modes can be changed through the buttons on the handheld remote.

Another exciting feature of the Backfire G3 e-skateboard is the cruise control mode. Long gone are the days of continually changing speeds. Just turn on the cruise control mode and off you go, cruising at a comfortable speed for you.

The best part is that changing between the speed modes does not cause any jerking or sudden movements and that accounts for the reason this board is acclaimed as one of the safest out there.

Design and Build

The Backfire G3 is a board with an incredible build and top quality, stylish looking features. 

The deck is one of the most appreciated features. It has a really nice flexibility to it, that enables the rider to be in full control of their ride. The carving ability is excellent with the bendy deck. 

The deck itself is made of bamboo and fiberglass, which contributes to the great flexibility for the skater to ride comfortably. The combination of both materials also enhances the durability of the skateboard and is a welcome change from Canadian maple materials.

The Backfire G3 e-skateboard has a deep concave at the top, which allows the rider to better position themselves on the skateboard while riding.

A nice feature is the USB port at the bottom of the deck. Here you can charge your mobile devices and remotes anywhere you go.

A waterproof shield covers the bottom of the deck. This is where the motor and battery live. It is designed with a geometric print, which gives it a cool aesthetic.

Wheels and Trucks

The wheels are also excellent for riding over small obstacles such as cracks on the road and speed humps. These wheels are 96mm thick. You are at liberty to change it if you prefer smaller or larger sizes. Note, however, that any other set of wheels will be sold separately.

The Backfire G3’s Caliber II Truck feature enhances the skateboard’s stability, control, and performance. It also contributes to the sensational carving experience.

It enables the skateboard to be stable when riding at high speeds, delivering not only an adrenaline-packed ride but one that is safe and controlled as well.

Motor and Battery

Maximum torque is produced by the G3 through the dual 450W hub motors. 

It is powerful enough to climb hills with a grade of 30% with ease. 

The skateboard uses 24 pcs of 21700 battery cells that are as powerful as they are efficient, enabling the rider to cover an extended travel range.

Remote Control

The G3 comes with a pretty stock standard handheld remote control. With the LED screen you can view pretty much anything about your ride, like the speed, range, battery. Other specs like the odometer are also available. 

You speed and braking is all controlled with the remote, and the cruise control setting can be activated with the click of a button.

What we like about the Backfire G3

This sleek outdoor thrill is the perfect electric skateboard for experienced riders that want a boost in their skateboarding experience. 

The ECO mode also allows beginners to start at a slow pace and then gradually builds up to the sports and turbo mode for a more thrilling ride.

Not only is it fast, but this skateboard is also super comfortable, thanks mainly to the flexible concave shape of the deck that allows the rider to get a good stance on the skateboard.

The fact that the LED lights allow you to ride safely at night makes it many riders’ preference for their chosen board to have this. Say goodbye to your adrenaline-pumped thrills only being limited to riding during specific hours of the day.

The water-resistant shield that protects the battery and the motor gives room to ride over wet surfaces without encountering electrical problems.

The Backfire G3 is one of the fastest electric skateboards in town with an efficient battery system that allows glide effortlessly. 

The skateboard’s range and speed are truly remarkable, too, meaning the rider can cover a reasonable distance before the battery drains. 

You can enjoy the skateboard in terrains covered in low hills yet still have adequate battery capacity for the ride back to base.

Check out this video for a great visual review of the G3!

The ease of use of the remote just adds the cherry on top with buttons to switch between different modes and a critical function included to help you quickly accelerate and brake at the touch of a button. 

As if that is not enough, this board is wireless and displays the speed you are traveling.

Finally, we love it because the deck is lightweight, durable, and flexible

If this combination of safety, durability, efficiency, and convenience is not remarkable, we don’t know what is.

 Not only is the G3 practical with its specs, it is also extremely fun. It is a board made for all riders skill levels and its price point makes it an easy choice for those looking for a good quality board without breaking the bank.

When with most boards you are looking at a charging time of 4-5 hours, the G3 has a shorter charging time of 2.5 hours. If you think you will be pressed for time when charging, a board that can be fully charged in less than 4 hours is your best choice.


The board’s weight capacity of 260lbs is on the lower side in the market. Take this into account when purchasing as riders above this weight can see noticeable changes in the board’s specified speed and range when they exceed this recommended weight. 

Unique Features

USB Charging Port

This is a bonus feature that is truly unique to the G3. The charging port under the deck is very handy for whenever your mobile phone or remote runs out of charge. Wherever you are, you have a spare battery pack so you won’t even have to think about packing a separate charger.

Bright LED Lights

The very bright LED lighting is great. Whether you are riding in low visibility weather conditions or at night, these LED lights are bright enough to illuminate the way. The light is a strip LED light too, for maximum effect.

Interchangeable Wheels

Having the ability to interchange wheels is always a nice feature if you are a fan of customizing your skate. The standard board comes with the 96mm diameter wheels but you can purchase Backfire’s 83mm or 165mm wheels.

Smaller wheels are better for flatter surfaces and are great for speed. Whilst larger wheels are better for bumpy or uneven surfaces. They work great at absorbing shocks and making your ride less jolty and more pleasant.


The Backfire G3 is known for its flexibility deck that makes it one of the best carving boards out there. It has an impressive top speed of 28.5 mph and a range of 18 miles that makes it a versatile board whether for fun or for commutes.

The various riding modes allow riders of all levels and ages to enjoy this board, catering the speed to their preference. It’s interchangeable wheels also add to the versatility so you can ride on many types of surfaces.

At a moderate price, the Backfire G3 is an attractive choice for all buyers. it’s ability to not compromise on quality and features makes it one of the best value choices around.