Backfire Ranger X2 Electric Skateboard Review

Our Rating:


22 miles


22 mph


23.8 pounds



Our Backfire Ranger X2 Electric Skateboard Review

Quick Specs

Speed: 22 mph

Range: 22 miles

Hill Climbing Capacity: 30%

Weight of board: 23.8lbs

Maximum Capacity: 245 lbs

Battery: 44V

Motor: dual 1200 watt motors

Warranty: 180 days

Charging Time: 5 hours

What Comes in the Box?

  • The Backfire Ranger X2 
  • Remote
  • Charger
  • T-tool
  • Cannon LED light which you can attach to the board

The Backfire Ranger X2 is one of the top contenders for the best and most versatile all-terrain electric skateboards on the market.

The Ranger X2 is Backfire’s second edition of their all terrain board.

Upgrades to the Backfire Ranger X2 include higher top speed, more powerful motors, lighter and newly designed wheels and a better handheld remote among other new features.

It has a solid, robust build with a lot of power for navigating through any terrains and surfaces.

Definitely check out our view and the video below to learn all about this great Off-road board.

Top Features of the Backfire Ranger X2

  • Powerful Dual 1200W Hub Motors 
  • Large Off Road Airless Wheels
  • Concave Shape Deck 
  • Water-Resistant and Dust-proof Board
  • Great Range

Speed and Range

The Backfire Ranger X2 has a top speed of 22 mph. The speed is not the quickest around, and this is because of the larger wheels. It isn’t able to get as good acceleration either. 

If you are looking for a fast board, check out the Backfire Zealot. The Ranger X2 has great torque for an off road board, letting you experience the thrill of fast acceleration and a quick take-off.

The top range hasn’t changed from the Ranger X1, and is still 22 miles on a single charge. 

Riding Experience

The Backfire Ranger X2 is one of the most stable and balanced electric skateboards. The large wheels which are positioned fairly wide from the deck, mean that you are balanced even whilst riding on the most uneven surfaces.

The main point of an all terrain board is to navigate rough and uneven surfaces with ease. As such the Backfire Ranger X2 can tackle sand, dirt, grass and a whole load of other surfaces.

I personally found that if you are riding on soft surfaces like sand or dirt make sure you use the board’s speed. Often going over these loose surfaces not fast enough causes the wheels to get bogged if you aren’t going fast enough.

The Backfire Ranger X2 is very versatile. They are also great for urban riding and I have used it to commute on many occasions. Whilst urban riding, you can often encounter pot holes, rocks, speed bumps - all which are easily conquered by this board. 

Backfire claims that the Ranger X2 can climb hills of up to 30 degrees. From my personal use of this board, this is true. The Ranger X2 can power up hills with ease whether it is urban hills or a dirt trail.

Deck and Build

The Backfire Ranger X2 is built for riding in any terrain.

The Backfire Ranger X2 has a 38 inch long deck made from maple layers. The deck is solid yet flexible and easy to steer and maneuver. 

The flexibility is very good which eases vibrations from uneven surfaces. As this is an off-road board, good vibration and shock absorption is a must.

Backfire recommends riders be at a maximum weight of 245 pounds as to ensure optimal performance.

At 23.8 pounds the Ranger X2 is not the lightest board however this is to be expected in a robust all terrain board. This board is in fact lighter than the X1, which was 32 pounds.

The board is built with double kingpin trucks which make turning easy. For a large board, the turning radius is pretty tight and Backfire has said that the board has a 2 meter turning radius. 

Since it is an all terrain board, all components of the board are water resistant and dustproof. The electrical components and battery are also covered with a water resistant casing. 


The large rubber tires are one of the most distinct features of the Ranger X2. The wheels are 6.5 inches and are great at absorbing shock for off road riding. 

They are also airless so you won’t need to worry about them getting punctured or going flat whilst riding off road. 

The wheels are also all replaceable so you can switch them out to customize the ride. 

Handheld Remote

As mentioned, the Backfire Ranger X2 comes with a new and improved remote control. This remote has a LED display so you can check all your riding stats such as speed, battery life and distance traveled. 

The display is clear and easy to view stats, and the ergonomic grip makes it comfortable to hold.

Knitty Gritty (Motor and Battery)

For those that are interested the Backfire Ranger X2 has 1200W motors, increased from the 900W motors in the previous version board. The motors are hub motors which work far better in an off road board.

Using a belt motor in an off road board can trap sand and dirt in the belt, which can stop it from working.

The hub motors in the board are located in the two rear wheels.

With this kind of power, the Backfire Ranger can navigate rough surfaces, steep hills and any surface such as sand,dirt and grass. Wet and muddy conditions are also easily conquered on this board.

The battery change is also significant. The current 50.4V battery operates at a lower temperature. Producing less heat means the battery can generate more power, increasing the range. 

Bonus Features

The Backfire Ranger X2 also comes with a Cannon LED light which you can install on your board for riding in the dark.

Who Should Buy the Backfire Range X2 Electric Skateboard? 

The Backfire Ranger X2 is the perfect electric skateboard for those looking for an adventure. If you are looking to ride your electric skateboard on different terrains such as sand, grass, mud or dirt this is a good choice.

The features like the deck build and the large tires are features that enhance the off road capabilities

You can ensure you will be balanced whilst riding on any surface with the concave deck that keeps your feet locked in place the whole time. The board is easy to get a steady hold on, so it can suit riders of any experience level.

Due to the large wheels it is also great for hill climbing too.

Backfire recommends riders be above the age of 14, or if they are under 14 years they are accompanied by an adult.

Whilst predominantly being an off road board, there is nothing stopping you from using it in urban environments. The versatility of the board allows you to be riding on a trail one minute and then in the city the next.

Overall we would recommend this board to those who are looking for versatility in an electric skateboard. 

Backfire Customer Service

Backfire is one of the most reputable electric skateboard manufacturers. They have a responsive and helpful customer service team willing to help with any queries.

Backfire offers a warranty of 180 days on all of their electric skateboards. In this period you are entitled to warranty repairs which can be arranged by contacting the support team.

Shipping time for their boards range from around 7 to 20 days depending on the destination. If you are based in the USA you can even get your board in as fast as 3-2 days. They also offer tracked shipping.

   Good Things about the Backfire Range X2

Very Powerful Board

This all terrain board certainly packs a punch. The dual 1200W motors are some of the most powerful out there. Go through any rough, muddy or wet surface confidently whilst traveling at speeds of up to 22.4 mph. 

Large Wheels

The large wheels really come in handy. These make riding smooth and comfortable.

They are great shock absorbers and give you the option to ride on urban, suburban environments as well as dirt trails. 

What makes these wheels durable, is the honeycomb structure that absorbs shock really well.

The fact that these wheels are interchangeable is also a plus. Swap them out for smaller urban wheels to experience a whole different riding experience. The fact these wheels are airless and can’t puncture is also a real benefit.

Water Resistant

A feature that is hard to come by with electric skateboards is water resistance. So this is definitely one of the selling factors of the Ranger X2. The ESC and battery are  both protected with water resistant casing. Keep in mind the board is not waterproof. If you were to throw it in a pool of water it will likely break.

   Not So Good Things


Due to the nature of the Ranger X2 being an all terrain board, naturally it is pretty bulky. 

This makes carrying it not easy or comfortable. There is no built-in handle to easily carry the board. Especially if you have been riding all day you won’t be able to carry it around without getting a bit dirty.

Although bulky, I was initially surprised at how lightweight this X2 is compared to other off road/all terrain electric skateboards. The lesser weight makes it far more manageable to carry if you have to.

Turning Radius

The position of the wheels pretty wide off the Ranger X2 means you can’t get a tight turn. The turning radius is pretty big (although it is less at higher speeds). This is also down to the double kingpin trucks which are designed for wide turning.

If you are planning on mostly using it off-road this shouldn’t be a big deal though as you won’t be making tighter turns.

Charging Time

If you are looking for a fast charging board unfortunately this is not it. It takes roughly 5 hours to fully charge, which is justified given the long range and powerful motor. You best bet is to charge it overnight to ensure it has a full battery for your ride.

Our Final Thoughts on the Backfire Ranger X2

The Backfire Ranger X2 is an impressive all terrain electric skateboard. Backfire has taken the popular Backfire Ranger X1 and enhanced the features and technology to produce the new and improved Ranger X2.

This board is lighter, far more powerful and more efficient than the X1. It also has a lesser charging time. 

What makes this board impressive is its versatility. It doubles as a tough, durable all terrain board or a commuting board.

What is not to love about this electric skateboard?!

Although it isn’t the cheapest board on the market, the price reflects the top quality of the Ranger X2 and it is definitely a worthwhile investment that will give you years of use.