Backfire Zealot Electric Skateboard Review

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17.5 miles


28.5 mph





Backfire Zealot Electric Skateboard Review

The Backfire Zealot Electric Skateboard is a monster of an electric skateboard.

In Backfire is one of the most prominent brands of electric skateboard. In many electric skateboarders' opinions there are 3 main affordable top tier electric skateboards on the market that are unmatched.

  1. The Wowgo 3X
  2. Exway Flex
  1. Backfire Zealot

It is fast, powerful and well built and reminds us a lot of the Boosted Stealth board, except that it is half the price. 

Released at the beginning of 2020, the Backfire Zealot is one of two of Backfire's latest electric skateboard technology and certainly lives up to the hype.

Keep reading to find out about all of the main features of the Backfire Zealot and our opinion of the board.

Quick Specs

  • Speed: 28.5 mph
  • Range: 17.5 miles 
  • Charging Time: 
  • Weight Limit: 260 lbs
  • Weight : 17.6 lbs 
  • Wheel Size : 96mm
  • Water Resistant : Yes
  • Warranty : 6 months

What Comes in the Box?

Backfire Zealot Electric skateboard

Two extra belts andTwo kegel pulleys

T tool and Bonus hex keys

Two extra motor covers

R3 remote

Board charger, USB C Cable, External battery charge cable

Battery diagnostic cables.

Our Comprehensive Backfire Zealot Review

First Impressions

Upon first impression the aesthetics of the board are simply yet eye catching. The board has a nice magenta design on the underside of the board, and magenta outline around the sides of the deck. 

It also has the Backfire logo in magenta on the upside of the deck.

The black grip tape covering, the grey wheels and the magenta detailing give the Zealot a cool look.

Speed and Range

The range is one of the most impressive things about the Backfire Zealot electric skateboard. Out of the three main electric skateboards we mentioned above, the Backfire Zealot has the best range by far. This is down to the Zealot having the largest battery.

The range of the board is anywhere up to 30 miles on a single charge depending which mode you are riding on. Backfire has stated that you can ride up to 22 miles in sport mode and up to 30 miles on ECO mode.

The top speed of the Backfire Zealot is 28.5 mph which is extremely quick! 

Depending on your weight, you could definitely reach in the 30 MPH range too.

Riding Modes

The Backfire Zealot has 3 main riding modes: Eco, Sport and Turbo.

Eco Mode is the perfect mode for beginners and familiarizing yourself with the board. Both the acceleration and braking are extremely smooth, and the highest speed the board can reach is 

Sport mode: Is the ideal mode for faster cruising and commuting. The acceleration and speed are more powerful as well as the breaking. The highest speed you can hit here is

Turbo Mode: the fastest mode! It is recommended that you use this mode with caution if you are a beginner as it is very fast. The top speed here is 28.5 mph and is great for racing and overtaking.

If speed is what you are looking for, this is the board for you.

Just keep in mind that riding in Turbo mode can reduce the range to around 60% of the range’s capacity. This is around 13 miles of constant riding in Turbo.

**At any mode you are traveling at it imperative that you wear appropriate safety equipment in particular, a helmet**

You also have the ability to set the Zealot to a fixed speed cruising mode, which really comes in handy. 

Deck and Construction

The Backfire Zealot Electric skateboard is made with a bamboo and glass fibre mix deck. This allows the board to have really good flex, which is another feature that sets the Zealot apart from other boards.

The composite deck also absorbs vibrations well for a pleasant and smooth ride. As of September 2020, Backfire began to offer the option of a new composite deck. This deck has a lightweight maple core with polymer sidewalls which work at resisting impact. It is made with high density foam which dampens vibrations and absorbs imperfections in the road.

The maple core option is a slightly stiffer option that the Bamboo deck yet is still very comfortable.

The deck has a concave deck shape. This allows your feet to stay in place whilst riding for a balanced ride. The concave also makes turning easy, allowing you to have a precise turning ability. 

Wheels and Trucks

Backfire actually uses a different brand’s truck for the front truck.

The Zealot has a Caliber front truck - the world’s leading longboard truck brand. The rear truck is made by Backfire. Both trucks are pitched at 50 degrees.

Depending on your preference you can tighten the trucks to allow for carving at faster speeds.

The board has wheels with a diameter of 96mm, which in our opinion is the optimal sized wheel. Particularly for urban riding, having a regular sized wheel can maximize acceleration and speed.

These sized wheels are also large enough to conquer uneven urban surfaces and don't elevate you too high off the ground.

If you are after larger wheels, Backfire has collaborated to produce 105mm Cloudwheels, which you can purchase separately.

The trucks and wheels together make riding the Zealot for long distances really easy and comfortable.

Weight and Is it Portable?

The Backfire Zealot is similar in weight to other boards of the same size, coming in at approximately 19 pounds. The board is overall pretty easy to transport and not uncomfortable or too bulky to carry around when not riding.


The remote that the Backfire Zealot comes with is the Backfire R3 remote. 

About the Backfire App: Backfire have created an IOS and Android Compatible app that is compatible with any of their boards.

Knitty Gritty (Battery and Motor)

As all our reviews, we like to get into the knitty gritty of the board to break it down for the enthusiasts.

The Backfire Zealot uses a 50.4V 311Wh battery super large battery with 2X 750W belt drive motors. The motors are manufactured by Hobbywing and possess incredible power when accelerating and hill climbing.

This board is the first from Backfire to use belt motors instead of hub motors. 

The Electric Speed Control (ESC) again is made by Hobbywing. The 12S high voltage control has a very low failure rate. It also contributes to the smooth accelerating and braking of the board.

Bonus Features

  • LED Lighting

A nice feature Backfire has used is ambient lighting on the sides of the battery. These lights are great for night eskating and can be turned on and off using the remote.

Unlike other boards light, I found these don’t drain the battery.

  • Water Resistant

The Backfire Zealot is a water resistant board (not waterproof!). The battery on the underside has a waterproof casing to protect it from water. The water resistance is made generally for rain and riding on damp conditions and small puddles. I wouldn’t go and throw it in water, but for riding in rain it does the trick.

Customer Service and Shipping

Personally, I haven’t had to contact Customer Service, but I have heard positive things from friends who have. 

Despite boards manufactured in China, they have US based customer service in California and Virginia which is helpful for fast response times.

Backfire ships their electric skateboards from China and you can choose between air shipping and sea shipping. Sea shipping comes at a cheaper price, however takes longer. The Sea shipping costs $100 less than the air shipping.

Overall, in accounting for COVID delays, the board took about 4 weeks to arrive by Sea.

It is possible to get it in around a week if you choose the air shipping option.

The Best Features of the Backfire Zealot


This electric skateboard has an extremely impressive range. It has the largest battery of all top tier affordably priced boards on the market.

If you are looking for an electric skateboard with a long, reliable range for hours of use definitely choose this board.


This board is a rocket! If you are looking for a very fast electric skateboard you will not be disappointed. The top speed of 28.5 mph is one of the fastest on the market. 

The board effortlessly climbs up to these top speeds and feels extremely smooth in doing so.

Not so Good Features about the Zealot

Remote: one of the features I like in an electric skateboard remote is that it is solid. The Backfire remote is pretty light and feels cheaper. This does not affect the function however.

But ideally, I would have liked the remote to be heavier so you are holding a bit of weight. This is a personal preference however.

Who is the Backfire Zealot Suited For?

Often when you get a top performance electric skateboard, I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.

However for the Backfire Zealot is a good quality, top performance mid range board that I recommend for all levels.

The riding modes make it easy to switch between the speeds to give you the right level of acceleration for your liking. 

Our Final Thoughts and Wrap-Up

Overall, the Backfire Zealot definitely asserts itself as one of the best mid-price range electric skateboards.

The range and speed particularly stand out, as well as the solid build and striking look.

It is great for all ages and levels and using the eco mode gives you a nice gentle ride, or you can build it up to the turbo mode.