Blitzart Huracane Review: A Good Budget Board?

Key Features:

  • Speed: 19 mph
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Hill Climbing: 20% hill degree
  • Charging time: 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Weight of Board: 17 lbs



Ease of Use


The Blitzart Huracane is one of the top electric skateboards on the cheaper end of the market. For a board priced at under $300, Blitzart really delivers on producing a great electric skateboard with good specifications. 

Keep on reading our product review as we dive into all the key features of this electric skateboard and why we like the Blitzart Huracane as a good board for a budget seeker!


  • Solid build
  • Motor is very quiet
  • Affordable choice
  • Good weight limit
  • Great for beginners and intermediate riders


  • Not the fastest
  • Slightly wobbly
  • Not good for climbing steep hills

Build of the Blitzart Huracane 

The build of an electric skateboard is one of the features that sets apart electric skateboards at different price points. 

For the Blitzart Huracane, it has a sturdy and reliable build with the deck made from maple wood and bamboo covered with a grip tape layer. It is a 7 ply maple wood with 2 layers of bamboo. The grip tape keeps your feet locked in place when riding so you feel confident at all times.

We found that the maple wood and bamboo combination give the board a good level of flexibility which is necessary in a good electric skateboard. You don’t want the board to be too rigid, as your ability to carve and turn will be limited. When we rode the Huracane, carving was pretty effortless.

There is also still a level of strength necessary on the board that gives it a good quality feel and also has the ability to absorb vibrations and shock of riding on bumpy surfaces.

The board is strong enough to hold riders of up to 300 lbs.

There is also a carrying handle on the board for portability.

Size and Weight

The size of the electric skateboard is 38 inches, which is a longboard sized electric board. The board weighs 13 lbs. The lightweight board combined with the carrying handle make it easy to travel with the board.

Max Speed and Range

The Huracane stands out as being one of the faster electric skateboards produced by Blitzart.

The maximum speed of the Blitzart Huracane is 17 mph and has a range of up to 10 miles. 

The 2 modes of riding are great for controlling the speed. The two modes: beginner and advanced can be interchanged on the remote to do this.

It doesn’t have the speed and range of high performance electric longboards but its specifications do stand out against boards at similar price points.

When trying it out, it is evident that the hill climbing capacity of this board is not up to standard of other electric skateboards. It was able to fairly easily climb smaller sized hills, but struggled to climb larger ones.


The motor of this board is a single 350 watt hub motor. Don’t be convinced by the common misconception that a single motor won’t be as strong, as this board definitely packs quite a punch!

As stated, the board uses a hub motor (the motor is built into the wheels) which is preferable over a belt motor (motor is on the underside of the deck) as it is more durable.

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The battery on this board is a 36V, 4Ah lithium ion battery which is also replaceable. On a single charge you can expect the board to travel between 6 and 10 miles. The range disparity depends on various factors such as riding conditions, surfaces, weight of the rider and whether you are riding up hills among others.

The battery can fully charge in only 2.5 hours.

Regenerative braking is another feature which gives the battery a little extra juice when you brake on the skateboard. 

Wheels and Trucks

The wheels of the board are 90mm and made from polyurethane. They are durable and show little signs of wear after many rides. You are able to purchase in a variety of colors.

The trucks on the board are 9 inches wide and made from aluminium, which adds stability whilst not significantly adding to the weight of the board.

Handheld Remote Control

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The Blitzart Huracane is yet another electric skateboard is yet another electric skateboard controlled by a handheld remote. We found the handheld remote to be user friendly and easy to change speed and braking modes when riding. 

The remote has various different functions such as a reverse setting and a ‘hold’ setting to easily and safely get on and off the board.

The handheld remote is rechargeable and has a wrist strap to keep the remote securely attached to you.

We found the remote to be smaller than other electric skateboard remotes and wasn’t as solid as others. Despite this, we found that it worked really effectively and had little connectivity issues.

Additional Information

The Blitzart Hurricane comes with a 3 month warranty covering any internal electronic issues as well as any craftsmanship defects. It doesn’t cover any user damage.

Who does this Board Suit?

This board is a great electric skateboard if you are a beginner or intermediate rider or looking for a good quality affordable board. It is a good choice for kids and teens who are looking to get into electric skateboarding, but can also make a good adults gift.

At $299, this is a great choice for a lower price board.

Our Verdict on the Blitzart Huracane

We really enjoyed the Blitzart Huracane for everything that it offered at a low price. It proves that you can still find a cheap, high quality electric skateboard and don’t need to splash out to get a board with a solid build and good speed and range. 

The handheld remote is easy to navigate and has a user friendly interface for entry-level riders. The speed and range aren’t exceptional, but will still fit in with most peoples requirements and will satisfy short commute and cruising needs.

Overall, we found riding the Blitzart Huracane to be a lot of fun and makes a good contender for one of the best affordable boards on the market.