Halo Board Beast Review – Best Off Road E-Board?

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25 miles


26 mph


23 lbs



E-skateboards have been around for quite a while now, and urban style boards have asserted themselves as a cool toy to show off and cruise around and a nice way of commuting.

Now, more robust boards are being made, with more advanced technologies and more reinforced builds to tackle tough terrains.

People are now turning to these awesome boards that are so versatile and can be used for cities and suburbs and off roading and mountain riding.

As always, we hope to bring you the latest and best boards around so it only makes sense to include one of the best and hyped boards around.

Introducing the Haloboard Beast - a monster of an e skateboard equipped with a strong build and built with immense power. 

Quick Specs

  • Speed: 26 mph 
  • Range: 25 miles 
  • Hill Climbing: 25%
  • Charging Time: 4-5 hours 
  • Weight Limit: 286 lbs  
  • Weight of Board: 23 lbs
  • Motor: 3200 Watts
  • Wheel Size: 96mm standard wheels (can purchase off road wheels separately)
  • Deck Length: 37 inches

Main Features of Halo Board Beast

The Haloboard Beast comes with a range of exciting features that gives it a staggering 97% 5-star rating on the manufacturer’s website. 

Let’s now take a brief look at some of the main features that make the Haloboard Beast stand out in the market.

  1. Fire-safe Battery

These batteries are sleek, certified, and safe, ensuring that you enjoy the most reliable ride ever. 

Don’t worry about overcharging/electrical faults in this board - it is fire-safe.

  1. Beastly Power & Torque

The Haloboard Beast boasts a MASSIVE 3200 Watts of power and can maintain a top speed of 26 KPH even when climbing hills. The power is one of the most stand out features as many boards on the market only have around 1000 watts in total.

  1. Direct-Drive Noiseless Motors

Armed with Dual Direct-Drive brushless motors, the Haloboard Beast brings with it top-class power, torque, and braking capabilities with little or no noise as it rips around.

Range and Speed

This “Beast,” as we love to refer to this machine, is powered by the all-new Dual Direct-Drive motors (3200 W) and can surmount an incline of up to 25% while still maintaining a top speed of 26 KPH. 

This is totally insane!

This feature is undoubtedly a big plus for the Haloboard Beast since most high-end skateboards can only comfortably glide through about 20% incline, max.

Charging the battery to full capacity can take about 4-5 hours. That’s an advantage given that the Haloboard Beast can be ridden for up to 25 miles (over 40km) per charge. 

Note, however, that this ride time per charge can be impacted by several factors such as weight, incline, and terrain. Nonetheless, you’ll enjoy a long drive for every charge. Beyond these fantastic features, it can also support weights of up to 286 lbs (approx. 130 kg) and is suitable for riders 10+ years and above. 

The Haloboard Beast e-skating board enables riders to switch between 3 different speed modes while in motion, thanks to the introduction of the new LCD multi-mode remote.

The speed, power, and unbelievable charging time make the Haloboard Beast a no-brainer and an ideal choice for many electric skateboards lovers.

Next, let’s now take a deeper dive into how this Beast was built.

Build and Construction

Made of Bamboo and fiberglass, the Halo Board Beast deck is both robust and reliable.

In addition to a superb deck material, the Halo Board Beast is more than a notch above its predecessor, the Haloboard 2, considering improvements in almost every feature. 

In any case, it still manages to maintain the same shape but with more awesome aesthetics added to its design.

The Halo Board Beast is an inch longer than the Halo board 2, measuring 37 inches, thereby allowing for a more extended deck. Extra deck space is always a bonus for me, giving you more room for balance.

Many, if not all seasoned skaters, will agree that “the longer the deck, the more stable and smooth your ride will be.”

Another impressive upgrade is the 97mm wheel, which enhances stability and guarantees a smoother ride when cruising through rough surfaces. The board with the regular wheels, is only raised 4.5 inches above the ground. This is pretty low, and this makes it great for carving and control when riding.

Although this e-skating board was not designed primarily for off-road adventures, riders have the option of purchasing additional “all-terrain” wheels that will make for a terrific performance in any terrain at all.

In summary, the Halo Board Beast is long, durable, high-performing, and capable of performing exceptionally in all terrains with ease and comfort. 

Now that we know all about the build and design of the Haloboard Beast, let’s talk about batteries.

The Lithium-ion Battery

The Beast is fitted with a 10.4 aH battery, better than the 7aH battery fitted in the Halo 2 board. Rest assured that the battery is a fire-safe battery encased in a carbon fiber case.

The charging time is about 4-5 hours to reach full capacity; while this may be considered long compared to other electric skateboards, it is totally compensated for in the Beast’s incredible power, top speed & long range. Just make sure you charge it overnight to prevent the battery running out. 

For riders who use the  Beast for the daily commute, the battery life may go between 700 and 1000 charging cycles before it starts wearing down. Typically, this means that a daily rider has the better part of three years to enjoy the Lithium-ion battery that comes with this board.

The regenerative braking system will also help you get more battery life out of your board.

Enough said about the battery; let’s check out the remote control.

The Bluetooth Remote Control

The Haloboard Beast comes with a Bluetooth remote control that allows for a fantastic rider experience.

The new LCD multi-mode allows riders to switch between three-speed modes, taking advantage of the automated cruise control that enables learners to ride at their own pace and experts to unleash the Beast while riding at top speeds.

Thanks to the new ergonomic remote system, riders can enjoy a thrilling cruise around town or otherwise take a slow ride down busy streets.

The beauty of this new remote system is that riders can adjust between all three-speed modes in a single ride and at the click of a button without any hassles.

Moreover a typical issue experience with eboard remotes is connectivity. Often there can be a lag between you using the remote and the board responding to the commands.

Why We Love the Halo Board Beast

Who wouldn’t like such a supermachine? 

We absolutely love everything about this e-skating board, from its exquisite design to the great aesthetics, speed, and power - you name it. 

But here are some of the main reasons why the Haloboard Beast stood out for us.

  • Immense Power and Speed

The speed and power exerted by the Haloboard Beast cannot be exaggerated or talked about enough - it is phenomenal. 

The 3200W motors and 25 miles drive range per charge combination are truly game-changing in the e-skating world.

  • Next-level Bluetooth Remote Control

The re-engineered Halo remote control is superb, allowing for riders of different skill levels and experience to enjoy their ride to the fullest.

  • Regenerative Brake System

This is definitely one feature we couldn’t love any less. The brake system charges your batteries, thereby taking you further than what a single charge could offer.

  • All-terrain Capability

The larger halo all-terrain wheels are sold separately from the board. However, it makes for a comfortable off-road ride even while maintaining speed and stability during the ride.

  • The Incredible Build & Design

The Haloboard Beast is nothing short of an impressive all-around design that thrills even non-skaters.

 Going from traditional carbon fiber to a maple deck accompanied by an extra 1-inch length to improve stability is simply fabulous.

Downsides of the Halo Board Beast

As we may well know, there are trade-offs in every design, no matter how sleek they appear. 

The Haloboard Beast is no exception in this regard. 

Whilst I found it hard to find some stark issues with the Haloboard, here are some of the downsides that we found and thought you should know.

  • The weight

For a board to be fully appreciated by people of varying ages, it must be easy to carry around; a board weighing 23 lbs is a lot of weight to carry around. Also the heavier board makes it harder to ride like a regular board if the battery runs out of charge.

Although this may not be a total turn-off, it is noteworthy if you wish to purchase this beast.

  • The Cost

The Haloboard Beast is quite expensive, but you’ll never regret any cent you spend on this board - it is that awesome. The cost may deter some people, but it is definitely an investment. It’s great for commutes, and the cost-savings in commuting will definitely pay for this board.

A great idea is to wait until sales like Black Friday where you can see if you can get it at a discount or on a special deal.

  • Charging Time

5 hours to charge? That’s ridiculous!

That was our first reaction, but all that was forgotten after the very first ride. It is a trade-off we’ll gladly take any day of the week. As long as you remember to charge up the battery fully (at night is recommended) you’ll be fine. 

Who the Halo Board Beast is for

One of the top selling points of the Halo Board Beast is how versatile this board is. That’s why we don’t have a specific group that we recommend it to. We recommend it to College students looking to commute across campus, city commuters, off road riders and those who are just looking for some unrivalled fun.

The Halo Board Beas is definitely a significant upgrade from the Halo 2 (for those who already own that).

It is super sleek, powerful, and strong, though you have to pay a premium to enjoy these features (definitely worth it in our opinion).

It can also serve as an excellent alternative for users who intend to limit their car usage and rather commute about town in simpler (and cleaner) transport modes.

The Halo Board Beas is designed for ages 10+ years and above. It is not suitable for kids younger than that.

It can also be a fun, fast, and reliable way to commute owing to its top-class features that enable a smooth ride in rugged terrains.

Overall, the Halo Board Beast is the go-to e-skating board for electric skating enthusiasts and anyone that commutes on different terrains.

Halo Board customer service

The Haloboard Beast offers incredible customer service to users.

There is a dedicated customer support call line as well as warranty/technical support. You can enjoy this via email on the contact page of their website.

Make sure to include your order number (order#) and a picture/video of the issue you are facing. You are guaranteed to have the issue resolved in no time.

The website also offers a comprehensive FAQ section that answers the most pressing issues that may arise.

When you purchase a Halo Board it comes with a 6 month Halo Care Warranty. In this period, you will be covered for any damages and malfunctions. Halo will willingly replace any broken parts as many times during this 6 month period!


In conclusion, I would like to say that the Halo Board Beast is undoubtedly one of the toughest e-skating board’s on the market today. They have taken the popular Halo Board 2, and redesigned and upgraded it to come up with this awesome board.

It has a great range and speed, as well as being extremely versatile and customizable. Simply swap the wheels in and out and you have the freedom to travel on all different surfaces.

Other top features such as great speed, balance, and a quality build, there are only a handful of e-skating boards that may be able to compete with this board.

Halo has asserted itself in the market with this board, and if you are considering purchasing, we think you should!

It is rugged, tough, and beastly and loved by riders of all ages. 

It is the Halo Board Beast.