Meepo Mini 2 Electric Skateboard Review – Best Mini Board?!


20 miles - ER


29 mph


18 lbs*



Mini 2 Specs

  • Speed: 29 mph
  • Range: 11 miles  
  • Hill Climbing: 11 miles  
  • Charging Time: 30 degrees 
  • Weight Limit: 16 lbs 

Mini 2 ER Specs

  • Speed: 29 mph 
  • Range: 20 miles  
  • Hill Climbing: 11 miles  
  • Charging Time: 30 degrees  
  • Weight Limit: 18 lbs 

Meepo Mini 2 Review

Short electric skateboards are great fun, and the Meepo Mini 2 is no exception to this. You may notice the electric skateboard market is booming, however the small electric skateboard market is less saturated. 

More electric skateboard brands have started coming out with small versions of their main boards. These boards are compact sized, yet still pack a punch and often rival their longboard sized counterparts.

Meepo being one of the main players in the game, had no other choice but to come out with their mini version. In fact, they actually came out with 2 versions

The Meepo Mini 2 and the Meepo Mini 2 ER (extended range).

Essentially the Mini 2 ER comes with a longer range and faster speed. Naturally it makes it slightly more expensive. Other than that, the two boards are practically the same. The Mini 2 is the base version board and the ER is a spec-ed up version.

This board really holds its own and comes in at a really affordable price, whilst still being top quality. Keep on reading to find out all the details and our opinion of the Meepo Mini 2 and Mini 2 ER.

What Comes in the Box

Meepo Electric Skateboard




First Impressions

I am a big fan of minimalistic looking electric skateboards. The Meepo Mini 2 doesn’t disappoint in this regard. On first look, the board is sleek and visually appealing.

It has a nice silhouette, and deck dish shape with a simple yet eye catching graphic with the Meepo logo. The board is mostly monochrome in a black/grey shade.

Speed and Range

Riding the Meepo Mini 2 for the first time, the first thing I noticed was the acceleration is crazy. It is one powerful electric skateboard. 

Honestly, this is one of the best accelerations on an eskate I have seen. The ER can quickly reach the top speed of 29 mph in no time at all!

I was pleased to learn the Meepo Mini 2 is fitted with a hobbywing ESC (one of the most reliable ESC’s on the market). From then, I knew the board would have smooth yet firm acceleration and deceleration. 

Motor and Battery

The boards are also very powerful and can climb hills of up to 30 degrees. This is made possible by the two 540W motors.

The battery charging time is also very satisfying, only taking 2-3 hours to fully charge the battery.

Riding Experience

A lot of electric skateboarders are reluctant to try smaller sized boards, as it is generally a whole different riding experience due to the size. On the shorter decks it is notoriously harder to perform tricks and use the kicktail like you would on a longboard sized board.

I was pleasantly surprised on the Meepo Mini 2. It genuinely feels like an electric longboard. It wasn’t light but solid and heavy enough to resemble the weight of a longboard. With the heavier weight, it was also stable and easy to balance.

The wheels were slightly larger than other mini boards which added to the longboard feel. The deck had a nice width which allowed my feet to feel locked in at all times. This allows you to hit those top speeds and not feel unbalanced. 

Along with this, the board possesses the qualities of other short boards. It carves well, can turn tight corners thanks to the narrow wheel width and kick tail.

A downside is the lack of vibration absorption which is to be expected. The smaller boards aren’t as smooth for riding, but as long as you stick to mostly smooth, urban surfaces this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. The board is not an off-road board though! 

You can definitely tell that Meepo have used some vibration padding as there is a more flexible feeling, whereas boards with a lot of vibrations are more stiff. 

Range of the Board

So depending on your range preference, you can go for the standard range option or the ER model.

The mini has a range of 11 miles whilst the mini ER has a range of 20 miles.

Build of the Meepo Mini 2

The Mini 2 and ER are 30 inches in length. The Mini 2 is slightly lighter at 16lbs whilst the Mini 2 ER is 18lbs.

For a mini board this is quite heavy, however the size makes it easy and compact to travel or commute with.

In terms of look, the Meepo Mini 2 deck bears an uncanny resemblance to the Boosted Mini X deck. The design and aesthetic are similar, however Boosted have used a more prominent kicktail.

The Meepo Deck is made from a 7 ply Canadian Maple Deck. The shape is concave which is ideal. It is comfortable for your feet and gives you an easy grip.

The deck is also wider than standard at 9 inches wide. This is a big selling point for riders looking for a broad deck to give you more area to balance on when riding at top speeds.

Wheels and Trucks

Both the Mini 2 and Mini 2 ER have larger sized wheels which are 90mm. Most riders prefer these larger sized wheels as they have better ability to navigate unpredictable surfaces.

As said the Mini 2 have hub motors (motors located inside the wheels), and the larger hub gives the board more power. It also adds to the ability to absorb vibrations.

Both Mini variations use Shredder trucks. These trucks are some of the 

Electronic Features (ESC, Battery, Motor)

The Meepo Mini 2 has the standard double electronic enclosure on the underside of the board. The casing of the enclosure is a plastic material. It is simply and sleek looking, occupying pretty much the whole underside.

This is not ideal for flex. But it is to be expected given the length. 

Bonus Features

A good feature of the Mini 2 is the regenerative braking. With this feature the battery recharges itself whilst you brake, giving you some extra range and battery life.

Differences between the Meepo Mini 2 and Meepo Mini 2 ER

Whilst the two are predominately the same, it is still important to talk about the differences between the two boards.


The Mini 2 has a weight of 16 lbs lighter than the weight of the Mini 2 ER which is 18 lbs.

This isn’t a noticeable difference  however.


ER (extended range) board has a greater range than the base Meepo Mini 2 board. 

The ER’s range is 20 miles, whilst the Mini 2 has a range of 11 miles.


Naturally the price of the Mini 2 ER is slightly higher than the Mini 2. The best one to choose is solely based on your riding distance preferences. Longer distance riders it is definitely worthwhile spending extra to get the ER, which has a range of almost double.

Differences in ESC

The Meepo Mini 2, have used the Hobbywing ESC which is known for being used by the Wowgo. This makes the ride very smooth, and is ideal for those looking for a board without the extreme and sometimes jarring acceleration and deceleration.

The Mini 2 ER uses the Lingyi ESC V3.0. This ESC brings extreme power. It has smart functionalities such as the kickstart feature. Just push the board forward and the ESC will automatically start. There are 4 different modes of riding to choose from depending on your preference.

Be mindful, the ESC has stronger acceleration and deceleration. It is the ideal choice for the more experienced and aggressive rides and can be jarring for beginners.

Remote Differences

Mini 2

The Mini 2 board comes with M4 remote control. With this remote you can easily change between the 4 riding modes and 4 braking modes. To change the riding modes, press the function button to switch between them. For braking modes pull the brake button and press the function button to switch between the four. 

With both the riding and braking modes 1 and 2 represent lower speeds and softer braking whilst 3 and 4 are faster speeds and more forceful braking.

Mini 2 ER

This board comes with the Meepo MR Remote control. It has an LCD display to give you all your riding stats like: speed, distance traveled, distance remaining and battery status and the whole distance you have traveled to name a few.

Battery and Motors

Mini 2

The Mini 2 has a 4Ah battery, made of Samsung 20R cells. This battery gives the board a maximum range of 

Mini 2 ER

The Mini 2 ER has a battery released exclusively by Meepo made from Samsung 40T 21700 cells. It has a capacity of 8 Ah.

This gives the ER a range of 20 miles.

Meepo Customer Service and Shipping

The Meepo Mini 2 comes with a 6 month warranty on the board.

   Best Features of the Meepo Mini 2


These boards are quick with a top speed of 29mph. For an affordable, mid range electric skateboard this is really impressive. The 29mph top speed is undeniably one of the fastest of a small sized electric skateboard too.


The mileage on the Mini 2 boards is also a huge selling factor. If you are looking for a short commute board that is great for cruising and students, the regular Mini 2 is a good choice. The 11 miles will be sufficient for most.

If you are looking for that extra range, the ER board does not disappoint with a HUGE range of 20 miles.

The fast 2-3 hour charging time only makes it better!


The Meepo Mini 2 is small at 30 inches, which makes it very portable. It is great for commuting and can be stored in small spaces or even fit into a bag for easier transportation.

Not only this, but it is easy to carry around when you aren’t riding it.

   Features We Didn’t Like

Heavy for a Small Sized Board

When smaller sized electric skateboards are generally light, the Meepo Mini are heavier than other boards on the market. Coming in at lbs, it is a solidly constructed board. The weight can be put down to the dual 540W motors. The weight can make carrying for long periods of time laborious. 

On the other side, the heavier weight can be good in that it makes for a stable ride and allows you to feel more centered and balanced at all times. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Meepo Boards

Where are the Meepo Mini Boards Made?

Meepo Mini 2 boards along with the other Meepo boards are all made in Shenzhen, China. The boards can be shipped worldwide and are sold by numerous retailers worldwide.

Is the Quality of Meepo Boards Good?

Meepo is one of the dominant electric skateboard brands and asserts itself in the market, known for quality. For entry-level skateboards, Meepo is one of the most popular. They carry good specifications and solid builds and constructions that have longlife. 

Is the Meepo Mini Waterproof?

The Meepo Mini board is unfortunately not waterproof. If you are looking for a waterproof Meepo board you can check out the Meepo V3 which is water resistant. 

Our favorite water resistant electric skateboards are reviewed in this article.

Can I Remove the Battery on the Meepo Mini?

Yes, the battery can be removed in the Meepo. It is in place tightly, but if you follow the steps you can easily take it apart.

Step 1: Unscrew the Battery’s housing

Step 2: Unplug the battery and remove it from the housing

Step 3: Now you can replace the battery, and just repeat these steps in reverse to put you new one in

Step 4: Ensure that the screws that hold the housing together are tightened properly to avoid water seeping in

How Do I Charge the Meepo Mini Remote?

To charge the Meepo Mini remote plug the remote into the USB cable that is provided with the board. The USB is on the bottom of the remote. 

Are there any accessories I should buy with the Meepo Mini 2

In order to enhance your electric skateboarding experience as well as ensure you are safe, there are a number of accessories you can purchase.

A helmet is a necessity. Electric skating carries risk, so it is important that your head is protected from potential accidents.

Other optional safety gear includes elbow and knee pads. Check out our guide on the top accessories for eskates to find a comprehensive list of the best accessories.

A bag or cover for your Meepo Mini 2 is also a good purchase. This will protect your board and ensure that it remains in a good condition for a long span.

For customization you can buy different grip tapes for your board to give it a new and improved look. 

Another set of wheels is a practical investment. Buying a set of either the same or different sized wheels is recommended. A different size wheel can give you a new riding experience.

How Long Will the Meepo Mini 2 Take to Arrive?

The Meepo Mini 2 depending on your location can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 weeks. Amazon purchases may take shorter times depending on whether it is shipping from the USA.

Final Wrap Up and Thoughts 

The Meepo Mini 2 is definitely one of the best and most powerful compact electric skateboards we have seen on the market. The board not only has exceptional range (20 miles in ER, 11 in regular board) but is also lightning quick!

Its compact size is great for commuting and cruising, and storing it and traveling around with it is so easy. The board not only rides great with the electric mode, but rides just as well without it if you want to ride the board normally. 

It is a great board for all levels and ages. The entry-level price is another bonus and the regenerative braking and LED screen remote just top it off. 

The Meepo Mini 2 is one of the best small e-skates around, for its quality, safe and user friendly experience. You will be hard pushed to find a compact electric skateboard as good as this one.

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