Meepo V3 Electric Skateboard Review

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20 miles


28 mph


16 lbs



Meepo V3 Review

The Meepo V3 is among the most popular boards on the market considering its fantastic features and superb agility, no matter your terrain of choice. It is a lot of fun to ride, and the new updated model from the V2 has 30% increased power.

Meepo is one of the best brands on the market, and the V3 is one of their prime and best-selling boards.

Where other top  of the range boards can set you back around $1000, the Meepo V3 is an affordable board. At less than $400 for the standard range, and less than $600 for the extended range it is a no brainer. The price point is accessible - and prevents you from breaking the bank!

It is a top-notch product sporting the latest version of the Meepo Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) - v65.

Let’s dig in to see what this budget-friendly electric skateboard has to offer..

Quick Specs

  • Speed: 28 mph 
  • Range: 20 miles 
  • Charging Time: 
  • Riding Modes: 4 modes
  • Hill climbing: 30%
  • Motors: 2x540W brushless hub motors
  • Weight : 16 lbs 

What Comes in the Box

The Meepo V3 Electric skateboard comes with the brand new M4 remote control. It also comes with 2 sets of bushings: the white softer 83A and the harder blue 96A - which you can swap in as you want. The ones fitted in the board are the 90A yellow. 

Other items that come with the board are the charger, t-tools and some stickers for the deck.

Main Features

As we mentioned, the V3 is the updated model from the V2 and has 30% more power than the V2. It also features the ESC v 6.5 ESC.

All the electric components of the board are fully sealed with glue which makes the board water resistant. It is also moisture proof and dust proof.

This Meepo V3 skateboard offers up to 20 miles of riding on a single charge if you opt for the Extra Range battery option. Choosing the regular battery will give you 11 miles of riding.

You only have to charge it for two hours to get full battery capacity, and unlike the V2, the board has great hill climbing capabilities. You can ride it up hills of up to 30% hill incline.

This powerful, fast, and stylish wonder-on-wheel possesses a powerful and wholesome 540-watt per hub motor, which takes just 4.5 seconds to reach speeds of 19 mph.

Meepo uses regenerative braking technology that allows you to spend a longer time on the road. It also sports a responsive and intuitive throttle remote that offers a comfortable ride, complete with a cruise control system and four ride modes.

You can quickly check out the odometer, speed, trip meters, and battery right on the larger screen of its newly designed remote.

A handy feature is the interchangeable battery. Carry a spare battery with you and pop it in and out quickly and easily without wasting time. Meepo estimates it will only take you 2 minutes to do this.

There is no need to worry about lugging around your Meepo V3. It is lightweight (weighing only 16.5 lbs) and has a practical cutout handle for easy carrying.

To enjoy high speeds, you need wheels with firm grip and traction, which the PU wheels are offering. This comes in 90mm diameter or 100 mm diameter.

The excellent tires feature shock-absorbing shredder trucks.

Deck, Construction, and Build

This deck comprises 7 layers of thick Canadian maple wood, which offers lots of power yet still has the ability to keep you stable when riding. The build offers a nice balance of flex yet sturdiness, allowing you to carve freely yet still feel stable.

Meepo V3 has a 38” length and 9” width with a nice wide wheelbase deck.  The board weighs 16 lbs and has a weight capacity of 300lbs.

The shredder trucks are great quality and come pretty tight. A lot of Meepo V3 riders have said that they loosened the trucks to allow for better carving. I did the same, however it comes down to personal preference. Tighter trucks can be better for a more firm ride, and if you aren’t wanting to make really tight turns it is probably ideal to leave them as they are.

The deck has a slightly concave shape and a good quality grip tape to keep your feet comfortable at all times.

The wheels the board comes with are the 90mm wheels. They are swappable, and I personally prefer the 100mm set, as they make riding on unpredictable surfaces smoother and more comfortable.

You’ll discover that the parts used for the barrel bushing and trucks are of good quality; however, you can decide to change the bushings to suit your weight or get a personal feel and touch. I personally used the 96A as you may find that the 90A are too soft,

Lastly a nice quality feature is the reinforcement all around the board. This prevents the deck from dents and cracks, and keeps you board is a pristine condition for longer.



For every electric skateboard lover, the range is a crucial determiner when making the final buying decision. Everyone wants a product that will serve well as a daily commute or for longer trips.

The Meepo V3 has a standard range board and the option of an extended range to help you get the most out of your electric skateboard.

The standard battery has a range of 11 miles (18km), while the extended coverage will give you about 19 miles (30 km) with full battery capacity.

You should note that the standard and extended variants range will eventually be affected by the surface inclinations, power mode, and rider’s weight.

It is advisable to use two packs of ten sets of Li-ion batteries each. Doing so will deliver 4Ah,144 watts per hour for the standard range, and 8Ah, 288 watts per hour for the extended range.


The Meepo V3 has four-speed and braking modes, which are LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, and PRO.

With these ample speed modes, a beginner can familiarize themselves with electric skateboarding on the low speeds and then move through the incremental modes as desired.

The V3 is a great choice for all riders and has the speeds for all levels of riders whether you are new to riding or an expert.

Thanks to the LingYi ESC, the acceleration process is smooth when changing between the speed modes, making it a better alternative (and an upgrade) to the Meepo V2.


Riding experience

The riding experience of the Meepo V3 is overall very good.

The acceleration is punchy and powerful and can get you up to speeds of 20mph in only 5 seconds. One the other hand the lower speed modes are perfect for beginners.

The flexibility of the deck is good and it allows you to be able to carve well to make those tight turns.

Smooth braking is important and the V3 certainly has it. I found it to not be too jolty and disconcerting, yet the board was responsive when I started braking with the remote.

Where I found that the V3 came down was the shock absorption and vibration dampening. Meepo have chosen to focus on motor power and so have opted for a larger hub motor. The larger motor means less covering between the motor and the group, and so vibrations are more noticeable. 

On flat and smooth surfaces this should not be a concern, but if the path is bumpy you will most likely feel the vibrations.

To mitigate vibrations for riding on bumpy surfaces you could do one of the following

  1. Switch o the 100mm hub sleeve 
  2. Switching wheel size to larger wheels
  3. Look at purchasing the Meepo NLS pro - their e-skateboard model design for off road riding


Riding modes

The Meepo V3 offers four riding modes for acceleration and braking, starting from Low, Medium, High, and Pro.

Whether it’s your first time riding or not, it is advisable and safe to start with level 1 or Low mode which caps the speed at 5 mph. This is a perfect speed for getting to grips with riding your new board. 

You can switch to level 2 or Medium mode where you can travel at speeds of no more than 10 mph.

Moving forward, you can accelerate to level 3 or High mode when on hilly terrain to speed things up and also gain more momentum at 27 mph.

Finally, if you are an expert rider who wants to go all the way and achieve top speed relying on an aggressive torque, switching to the Pro mode at 28 mph and above will be great if you can manage it.

Just keep in mind that riding at faster speeds for extended periods will drain the battery faster.

In terms of acceleration and braking, the V3 has a nice smooth acceleration across the lower riding modes. Once you hit Pro mode the acceleration kicks up a notch. Overall I found the braking to have significantly improved from the V2. It is strong, yet not jerky or disconcerting enough so that you lose control or fall off.



The Meepo V3 uses a dual hub motor. This is an improvement on the previous version, boasting a 30% increase in power.

With the 540 watts of power per motor it offers, navigating slopes and hills is a walk in the park, literally, even at a 30% inclination.

Some things to note that may affect the inclination are the torque and power, which must always be considered.

The hub motor is nice in that it is quieter than a belt motor board. No one wants to be riding with a loud board.

The powerful motor of the Meepo V3 also translates to thin PU sleeves, but you can easily swap to 100 mm wheels to boost the shock-absorbing abilities.

Best of all, the braking performance is enhanced with the use of powerful hub motors.



The Meepo V3 comes with the popular M4 board with the larger digital display. 

The screen is made with soft-touch plastic, making it comfortable and easy to hold while on the move.

The easy to use wheel on the side of the remote is controlled by your thumb and is designed to allow you to adjust the braking modes or acceleration. I found the remote to be really responsive and haven’t experienced any issues with disconnection.

Thanks to the digital display on the screen, you can monitor your speed in mph or kph, as well as the battery consumption level, etc.

At the moment, you have the option of choosing the MR model or the latest M4 model, which has a bigger LCD screen. Both perform the same function, more or less.

What we Like about the Meepo V3  

Range (In the Extended Range Board)

The Meepo V3 has a good range of 20 miles in the extended range model, and having the choice of two range models gives you the flexibility to find the right board for you.

This comes down to preference and if you are looking for a mid to long range board, the V3 extended battery is a good choice. The 20 miles can last you for hours of riding time. The 11 miles of the standard battery is still good for shorter commutes.

Speed and Acceleration

The top speed of 28 mph is very impressive in conjunction with the quick acceleration. The acceleration was designed with the ESC to be thrilling, and can get up to 20 mph in only 5 seconds. This is half of what the previous Meepo V2 board took.


Well, this is a budget-friendly electric skateboard that is reliable and dependable.

The amount you get to pay will vary depending on the range and type of shipping you choose. 

The options are outlined below:

·         V3 Standard range with standard shipping - $379

·         V3 Standard range with fast shipping - $439

·         V3 Extended range with standard shipping - $579

·         V3 Extended range with fast shipping - $639

Whichever you opt for, rest assured that you will certainly get value for your money and a six-month warranty at the end of the day.


To conclude, the Meepo V3 is a fun way of commuting around town, thanks to the excellent quality and performance it has.

As well as its great quality and top specifications, the board is also very affordable. The choice between purchasing a standard or extended range board allows you to find the board for you within your price range. At under $400, the standard range board is great if you are looking for a steal price! 

I personally recommend the extended range if you have the extra cash to spend. At $200 extra, you are definitely getting your money’s worth. I can’t describe how much better the double range is (20 miles compared to 11 miles) and being able to travel the extra distance is really convenient.

It gives you the freedom to ride for longer and further distances and also prevents you from running out of battery charge whilst riding and having to push kick the board back!

Although it will require a little time to get used to, it becomes worth every penny once you master the machine.

Meepo V3 is a trailblazer in terms of range, top speed, and acceleration despite its unbelievable affordability. With their 100% guarantee on all of their e skateboards, you can ensure you are purchasing a top quality board from Meepo.

Meepo ship to 60 countries, so you can get your board anywhere in the world. Don’t wait to get this fantastic e board at a price a fraction of the cost of other top boards.

If you want to keep enjoying your ride, even on bumpy terrain, it is indeed the perfect choice anytime, any day.