Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard Review

Our Rating:


11 miles


25 mph


13.7 lbs



Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard Review 

The Teamgee H5 is one of our personal favorites, and also a bestseller on the market. 

It fits into the moderately priced electric skateboards category, and definitely did not let us down and has many great features at an affordable price.

In our review, we will cover all the main features of the Teamgee H5 and what sets this electric skateboard apart from others on the market, as well as giving our opinions on the different aspects.

Quick Specs

  • Speed: 23 MPH or 25 MPH 
  • Range: 11 miles 
  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Weight Limit: 200 lbs  
  • Hill Climbing: 25% hill climbing capacity
  • Motor: 380W dual Hub motor
  • Dimensions: 38 inches x 8.5 inches

Price and Purchasing Details

First important detail is price. You can purchase the Teamgee H5 for only $499 and it is available on Amazon now.

Choose between 4 different colored wheels: black, orange, blue or red as well as 2 different top speeds of 22 MPH or 25 MPH.

Teamgee offers free international shipping to a wide range of countries.

What Comes in the Box

  • Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard

  • Ergonomic Remote 

  • Charger and USB Cable

Riding Experience

We found the riding experience of the Teamgee H5 to be very pleasant. We tried riding over various surfaces like grass and found it to work effectively. However upon trying to ride it on rugged terrains, it did not fare well - so do not try riding off road.

It is definitely designed to be an urban riding electric skateboard and we found it great for this.

We also tested the board out on various hills, and found that it was effective in hill-climbing without sacrificing speed. 

Another great thing about the Teamgee H5 is that it is so simplistic for an electric skateboard that it appears just like a regular longboard. We tested riding it without the electric mode and it we just like riding a longboard. 

Whereas other electric skateboards are hard to ride without electric mode due to the bulk and weight of the board, the Teamgee H5 is great for electric and non-electric riding.


The board can reach tops speeds of 22MPH or 25MPH depending on which you choose at purchase. We found that the speed was true to this, and we only noticed differences when riding at a different terrain, when we rode off-road and when the battery was almost dead.

Just bear in mind that other factors such as the weight of the rider and riding conditions can all vary the speed the board can reach.


Whilst the board isn’t the best choice for long range riding, we found that it does have enough juice to suit commuters and riding for fun. The max range on a single charge is 


One of the most important factors of an electric skateboard especially if you are commuting is portability. We found the H5 easy to carry around and didn’t take up much room when traveling on public transportation.

Build and Materials

The Teamgee H5 deck is made with a 10 ply Canadian maple coupled with a single ply layer of fibreglass.

The board weighs 13.7 lbs and is 38 inches in length. The width is 8.7 inches.

The Teamgee website says that the board has been tested to carry weights of up to 200 lbs.

However after speaking to a friend who weighs 270 lbs who said that they noticed little difference in the board’s performance we think that the weight limit has been underrated.

Riding the Teamgee H5 Electric Skateboard and Different Riding Modes

The Teamgee H5 electric skateboard is fully controlled through the ergonomic handheld remote. It is really easy to use and lets you have full control over your ride with multiple different riding and braking modes to suit any situation.

The four modes of riding are given by the letters L,M,H,H+ in order of increasing speeds. At L mode you can travel up to 7.4 mph for a gentle cruise, and you can increase the speeds in levels up to H+ when you can reach speeds of 25 mph.

The braking also comes in 4 modes: B1, B2, B3,B4 - which range in different braking intensities from a tender braking at B1 up to a strong brake at B4.

To activate braking on the remote is easy. Pull the throttle down, and simultaneously press the speed button on the remote to switch between the braking modes. You will be able to view the mode you are currently on, on the LED screen.

We personally found that the brakes did require a bit of getting used to, as they come strong when you aren’t used to it. Once you familiarize yourself with this, you won’t notice it. A benefit is that they allow you to come to a quick and smooth stop.

We definitely recommend testing out and familiarizing yourself with how the remote works before trying out those blistering speeds as braking can be jarring if done too suddenly.

Deck Shape

What sets the Teamgee H5 apart from other electric skateboards is the shape of the deck. Teamgee is one of the first brands to use the drop-through deck shape. It is also a very thin deck, which we really like.

Unlike other electric skateboards that are quite high off the ground, Teamgee have adopted a low to the ground approach for the H5. The H5 sits only 3.1 inches off the ground. It is up to 20mm lower to the ground than most other electric skateboards available.

This adds the benefits of more stable, and gravity centric feel when riding. In our opinion, It allows the rider to feel more confident and balanced too.

It has a concave deck shape which makes turnier easier than ever. The board easily flexes which gives it a nimble feeling, letting you perform sharp turns with ease.


The wheels on the board are 90mm in thickness. This is slightly thicker than most other wheels which are 80mm. We found that this extra thickness made a huge difference in giving more comfort and shock absorption when riding on slightly uneven and bumpy surfaces.

Whilst other boards wheels we have tried experience wear and the tread is removed, the H5’s wheels on our board are still holding up after months of use!

Handheld Ergonomic Remote

The handheld remote that comes with the Teamgee H5 is one of our favorite remotes around. 

It features an LED display to give you running and instant display of the board’s current speed, direction of travel and battery mode. There is also an odometer displayed, however we can’t relay the accuracy of this, but it is quite cool to look at.

The only downside we’d say is the speed is displayed in kilometres per hour, however this didn’t make much of a difference.

The remote also comes fitted with an LED light for riding in the dark. We found the light to be very bright and effective whilst we rode at night.

The remote does have to be recharged periodically but we found that we were able to get four rides out of it, before the battery died.

You are able to secure the remote to your wrist using the wrist strap. The strap itself is sturdy and durable and has a clip to ensure a secure fit.


The battery in the Teamgee H5 is an ultra-thin lithium battery. It is so thin and compact that it fits discreetly inside the deck and doesn’t add extra bulk or weight. This allows for a sleek appearance of the board, when most other boards on the market have an exterior located battery.

The battery is also high-powered. You won’t have to worry about the board running out of charge on you when you're out. It also has a very fast charging time of only 2 hours - much less than the industry average of around 3 hours.

The board also has the regenerative braking feature. This can recharge the battery when the board brakes through converting kinetic energy to battery power which in turn, extends battery life beyond the 11 miles.


The Teamgee H5 is fitted with dual hub motors with each motor being 380 watts.

Additional Information

Teamgee boards are easily fixed from wear and tear. Instead of replacing the whole motor, you can just replace the wheels of the electric skateboard which will give you the new electric skateboard feel. 

Customer Service

We initially encountered some shipment issues however Teamgee’s customer support was extremely helpful and attentive and were able to quickly resolve this. They stayed in contact with us until our board arrived.

Also Teamgee offers a 90 day warranty on all their electric skateboards.

What do Other Riders think of the Board?

You don’t need to look too much further than the Teamgee H5 product page to see a whole load of review with 98% being five stars for the Teamgee H5.

The general consensus amongst other electric skateboard riders is that it is a highly reliable board and for the affordable price of $499 offers great features. Reviews describe the board as durable and commend the craftsmanship and quality of the H5 at such a good price.

In fact one rider loved it so much that they purchased a second one in the same week!

The majority of riders have said that they used the board with the intention of commuting and it was able to serve their purpose well and they were able to get great range out of it.

Others have commented on how easily the board maneuvers and the great torque and carving. 

Many commented on the fun that this board is to ride and we have to agree.


  • Built-in deck battery
  • IP65 waterproof certification
  • Aerodynamic board
  • Quick recharge time 
  • Good for hill climbing 
  • Balanced riding feel with the low deck


  • Weight limit of 200lbs is pretty low
  • Not TSA approved

Our Verdict

I have been riding electric skateboards for around 7 years now and have tested many mid-range boards. Whilst the Teamgee H5 is not a high performance electric skateboard like many others boards priced at over $1000, it is a sensational moderate priced electric skateboard and really offers value for money.

It has great specifications with a speed of 23 MPH and a range of 11 miles, which are not the highest around, but nonetheless are still good for commuting and cruising. The low profile look of the board also has a really nice appeal.

We would recommend this board for commuters, college students looking to ride around the campus and those looking for a cruising board. It is portable, lightweight to carry and doesn’t require much room on public transport.

It is also a great choice for beginner and intermediate riders. The remote is very user friendly and allows new riders an easy transition into electric skateboarding. The low to the ground, gravity-centric board makes it easier to balance, and as a beginner are less likely to feel unstable or fall off. 

If you are already familiar with electric skateboards and looking for a higher end model we would point you towards performance brands like Boosted or Evolve.

We also really like the aesthetic appeal of the H5. It has a really nice, sleek silhouette and the appearance of a regular longboard but with all the perks of an e-skateboard. We certainly turned heads when our unsuspecting longboard launched off at top speed!

If you are looking for a sleek looking board, that is a great choice for you!

Overall this is a quality moderate priced electric skateboard that we definitely agree is worth the investment. It really has all the features you could want at a board in this price range.

We hope our review of the Teamgee H5 has helped to give you a better insight into this mid-range board. If you have any questions you can contact me here.