Best Waterproof Electric Skateboards [Reviews + Buyers Guide]

An electric skateboard is only as good as it is functional - on a sunny or rainy day - and you ideally want yours to be waterproof.

Why buy an electric board that will sit idly in the garage when you could be out there in the rain having the fun of your life like other riders are doing. Don’t let rain or damp weather stop you from riding outdoors - check out our waterproof electric skateboard guide here.

There is a caveat, though, as we will see below.

In summary, if you live in a wet climate it is advisable that you definitely purchase an electric skateboard that at least has water resistant capabilities but ideally is fully waterproof.

What are the best Waterproof Electric Skateboards?

Only a few electric skateboards are fully waterproof, but more are water resistant. Here are our favorites:

At a Glance: 

Our Top 3 Waterproof Electric Skateboards

1. Maxfind 4 Pro

Quick Specs

  • Speed: 26 mph
  • Range:  15 miles
  • Charging Time: 
  • Weight Limit: 220 lbs 

Not only is this board one of the best boards period, it has IP65 waterproof ratings which only makes it better! The Maxfind 4 has exceptional performance capabilities with a top speed of 26 mph and a max range of 15 miles you are guaranteed non-stop fun and adrenalin for hours! Battery out of charge? Don’t worry, this board has a really fast charging time of ONLY 2 hours.

Need to extend the range further than 15 miles? The removable battery easily pops in and out in seconds.

The IP65 waterproof certification means that the board is water resistant as well as shockproof and dustproof.

The dual 750W hub motor is very powerful and has exceptional hill climbing capabilities of up to 30 degrees. The motor also operates quietly which is a bonus.

It is also lightweight at only 16 lbs, it is easy to transport and take anywhere with. Don’t let this fool you, it is a sturdy and solid board that can hold weights of up to 220 lbs.

The 96mm wheels make traveling over any surface easy and smooth no matter what bumps and cracks you encounter.

This board is great for beginners and advanced riders alike. The quality is top notch, and the specifications can cater for all levels of riders. Select any of the four riding modes ranging from beginner to max to find the best speed for you.

Get your hands on this great waterproof electric skateboard now.

2. Backfire Galaxy

Quick Specs

  • Speed: 25 mph 
  • Range: 15 miles  
  • Charging Time: 
  • Weight Limit: 240 lbs 

Backfire is one of the best and most popular electric skateboard brands on the market, and is also waterproof! It is made waterproof through a battery waterproof inner casing.

We’ve chosen the Backfire Galaxy for our list as it adds some flair to the regular Backfire electric skateboard. Add in some great specifications too. The Backfire Galaxy has a top speed of 25 mph and a max range of up to 15 miles.

Controlled by a handheld remote with an LED display, choose one of the 3 riding modes Eco, Sport and Turbo to customize your ride. On the Backfire Galaxy, there is no longer a 30 second limit on the Turbo mode and you can ride with it for as long as you want! 

The deck is both flexible yet strong enough to absorb vibrations for a smooth ride, and has a curved deck with a low gravity centre for balancing. 

Weighing only 16.2 lbs, this is a great transportable electric skateboard. It also has a high max load weight of 240 lbs.

Backfire also makes some of the best carving boards around so there is no shortage of fun riding this board!

3. Skatebolt Breeze II

Quick Specs

  • Speed: 28 mph 
  • Range: 15 miles 
  • Charging Time: 
  • Weight Limit:  

This board is renowned for having a super fast top speed of 28 mph and a good range of 15 miles, yet also has enhanced waterproof features so you can ride no matter the conditions with no worries.

The powerful motor can climb hills of up to 30 percent with ease. The Breeze II is the best hill climbing board produced by Skatebolt.

Using the wireless remote you can control the riding mode and speed, as well as view the battery remaining and range.

Braking is smooth through the 4 modes of braking which controls the intensity. 

The Breeze II also stands out for its exceptional build quality. The board is made from a bamboo and glass fibre mix, to give the electric skateboard a good combination of strength and flexibility. 

The board has a sleek look to it and in our opinion is one of the most visually appealing electric skateboards on the market. 

A bonus feature is the built in rear brake lights, which keep you visible and safe when night riding.

How Do I Know if an Electric Skateboard Has a Waterproof/IP rating system?

The beauty of having an e-skateboard is that you can find boards that can ride in any weather condition, but you need to be sure every part is protected against damage from water.

Certain electric skateboards are NOT waterproof or water resistant primarily as their electronic parts are not properly covered from water contact.

In the event that the metallic or electronic components get in contact with water, you will undoubtedly experience movement difficulties and unwanted friction resulting in rusty bearings and nuts.

If there is not a covering, water will also damage the battery quickly.

 When shopping, you should check the IP rating system to know if the e-skateboard is waterproof before taking it out on a rainy day or through wet puddles.

IP stands for ingress progression as allocates a protection rating against foreign materials such as dust, water and other foreign agents.

Just bear in mind that electric skateboards do not have IP ratings for their boards even if they are water resistant.

 The ratings are:

· IP 54 (protected from dust and spraying water)

· IP 55 (protected from dust and splashing water)

· IP 65 (dust tight and splashing water protection)

We have made a table here to compare the most popular electric skateboard brands and whether they are IP rated or not.

 The IP ratings mentioned above are recommended for spraying or splashing water only; so, ensure the board is not entirely soaked or submerged in water.

 Can I ride it in the rain? What are the dangers and risks? 

Knowing that water and the circuit board and electronic wiring do not mix, it is not advisable to make a regular habit of riding your e-skateboard in the rain unless it is fully waterproof.

 While you may use it in the rain, riding an e-skateboard under frequent showers and through puddles will shorten its lifespan if it is not waterproof due to water getting into the circuit board and other parts like the wooden board. 

 Note also, that riding in the rain can be dangerous. Aside from obvious water damage to your board, it is important to ride with caution for the following reasons:

 The road becomes slippery, leading to less friction between the pavement and wheels. This factor will lead to a compromised grip on the road; as such, the probability of falls during braking, accelerating, etc., becomes higher.

You will likewise experience less grip on the board, considering that the grip tape has become wet. Such a situation will reduce the friction between the board and your shoes.

Be cautious when accelerating and braking rapidly. If your electric skateboards has gradual acceleration and braking modes we would definitely recommend using these in the rain as doing it too suddenly will cause the wheels the skid, and potentially through you off the board

Riding in the rain exposes your e-skateboard to puddles, increasing the chances of water getting into the sensitive parts. As such, it is essential to shop for a waterproof e-skateboard to avoid such damages.

Your shoes and pants will end up soaked in water and covered in dirt or mud even when riding on asphalt.

Always wear all your safety equipment including knee and elbow padding and helmets!

What Types of Decks are Waterproof?

The decks of your e-skateboard can be waterproof, but that will depend on the material used in its construction.

 Since most traditional decks are made from wood but sealed with paint, honey wax, and other varnishes, they tend to be protected against water. However, in the long run, they get weaker given that water continually seeps into the mounting holes. It can also cause wooden boards to fracture and splinter. 

 On the other hand, waterproof decks are made from composite materials such as plastic, carbon fiber, or fiberglass.

 These types of decks are ideal as you can get wet or ride for hours in the rain without worry since they possess waterproof characteristics.

No matter what time of deck your board has, wiping it down after riding in the rain is advisable just to prevent dirt and residue from drying on it.

What Parts are Waterproof and What Parts Aren’t?

To get the expected value from your e-skateboard, you should do a thorough review of the parts to know those that are waterproof and those that are not before making a choice.

 Doing this will help you if going the Do-it-Yourself route; it will also help you prevent wasting resources.

 The waterproof parts include:

· Decks made from fiberglass, plastic, and carbon fiber are preferable

· Batteries enclosed within a plastic case for protection against water.

· Bluetooth receivers and remote controls that possess adequate protection against rain, such that the enclosed materials are waterproof.

· Hub motors placed within the wheels and enclosed with rubber sealant to prevent water from seeping into the electric motor.

Steel trucks will also not rust.

The following parts are not waterproof, but you can work on them to keep them safe and in use for as long as you want:

 Bearings: These are easily damaged when they come in contact with water, so you need to maintain them well by greasing them regularly to prevent rust. You can also replace them with ceramic variants or sealed grease-filled models with a protective shield on both sides.

Bolts and nuts: It is advisable to wipe the bolts and nuts dry twice or more in a week depending on usage, to prevent rusting.

Wheels: Since wheels are not waterproof, buying and installing wheel guards will be a better option.

Difference Between Waterproof and Water-Resistant

How do you differentiate between an e-skateboard that is waterproof from the water-resistant model?

 A waterproof e-skateboard can be entirely immersed in water for some time, without a single drop of water getting into the interior parts. A fully waterproof electric skateboard is not common yet in the electric skateboard world, however technology is advancing so this should be more common in the near future.

 But a water-resistant e-skateboard ensures water does not get into the parts easily when you ride on the wet ground after rainfall.

 Water-resistant e-skateboards are not recommended for heavy rainfall or submerging in water.

The feature that dictates whether the board will have water resistance is the type of motor. Hub motor models are the types of boards that are waterproof whereas belt motors are not. The hub motor is when the motor is inside the wheels, so they are fully enclosed. Compared  to belt motors where the motor is in the underside of the board hence is more susceptible to water exposure.

You should ensure your ideal skateboard has an IP 65 or IP 55 rating to ride in all weather conditions.

Can I Waterproof my existing electric skateboard myself?

Yes, you can waterproof your existing electric skateboard on your own without any form of professional help.

A simple method is to spray CorrosionX on the e-skateboard electronic parts, thus keeping it working even when you ride on a wet day.

 Another option is to use a waterproof sealant in the crack of the board’s underside and the battery carriage.

Applying waterproofing glue will also serve the same purpose.

 You can likewise use closed-cell neoprene foam to replace the stock foam underside used for the battery. Since it is 100% waterproof, it will prevent water from seeping into the battery.

Tips for Maintaining Your Electric Skateboard

Dry Your Board After Riding in the Rain

Drying your board is really important after riding in wet conditions. Once you get home, we recommend removing the battery (if it is readily removable), propping it up so it is standing and towel dry all the parts that have gotten wet. 

Make sure you give more attention to drying the battery socket and electronic parts thoroughly. Leave the board to dry for a few hours or make sure it is all dry before inserting the battery again. 

Protect the Bearings

Bearings are the part of the electric skateboard that allow the wheels to move smoothly. When riding in the rain you will want to make sure the trucks are dry so they don’t rust. Oiling the bearings regularly is also a good idea.

My electric skateboard has water damage. What Should I Do?

If your board has been exposed to water and you have noticed one of more of the following signs, your board may have water damage.

Electric skateboard not turning on

Board turns on, but not moving

Battery won’t charge

Your immediate reaction may be to contact customer service to claim warranty on your board, however it is often the case that companies will not cover self-inflicted board damages such as water contact related damages. 

We recommend that you check just in case, but don’t get your hopes up.

So what is the next step?

Buying a whole new electric skateboard is not always financially viable for most people.

If you consider yourself handy, you can always do a DIY fix on your board. Water damage can likely come down to battery damage, so you can always purchase a spare one and replace it yourself. This is the cheapest fix, and is pretty easy to do on your own and works as good as new. Buying a new battery can cost around $50 to $100. 


Are Boosted Boards Waterproof/Water Resistant?


The essential reason for opting for a waterproof electric skateboard is not necessarily to get into the rain or ride through puddles of water for long hours, but for those occasional moments when the weather is unpredictable, and you get stranded.

You are taking a risk when electric skateboarding in wet weather, but getting a waterproof electric skateboard will mitigate the risks. A non-waterproof board can get wrecked pretty quickly when making contact with water.

 Take the necessary precautions, though, knowing that the roads will become slippery when wet. As such, endeavor to ride only when well-kitted from your head to your knees as you ride your e-skateboard on a rainy day for your own safety.

 Always remember that most electric skateboards are more water-resistant than waterproof, so do not fully submerge it in water to avoid voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.