What Happened to Boosted Boards?!

So What Exactly Happened to Boosted Boards?!

Sadly back in March saw the cult-favorite electric skateboard brand Boosted come to an end, laying off a large portion of their staff and announcing that they were seeking a buyer.

Verge has stated that Boosted immediately laid off 130 members of staff, which has left many of their penultimate orders unfulfilled and repair requests in limbo.

The Rise and Fall of Boosted Boards

Boosted is known for revolutionizing the electric skateboard market. It gained traction through social media platforms like YouTube, where it was showcased on popular YouTuber influencers channels and quickly amassed a large following.

And rightfully so. Boosted created top quality electric skateboards with a sleek and stylish look, that were easy to operate and gave their riders hours of adrenalin-fuelled fun.

Boosted’s humble beginnings started as an idea between Stanford students Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen and Matthew Tran, that captivated investors and launched in 2012 growing to a mega-popular international brand that as of 2018, had retailers in 34 countries.

Boosted garnered a community of well over 100,000 riders that traveled millions of miles on these electric skateboards.

So How did Boosted Meet its Demise?

It may seem hard to understand why a brand like Boosted, in all its glory, could come crashing down so fast.

Boosted’s untimely end can be largely attributed to the increased financial hardship that they suffered as a result of the United States/China trade war. The 25% tariff on a variety of personal electric vehicles such as electric skateboards and electric scooters imposed in 2018, has led to the demise of numerous brands and Boosted cited in a statement on their website that they too succumbed to this.

In the statement given by CEO Jeff Russakow and founder and CTO John Ulmen, it was said that the nature of the electric skateboard industry being highly cost-intensive was also a contributing factor to their struggles.

What is Next for Boosted?

In April, it was confirmed in a Reddit post that Lime had acquired Boosted’s intellectual property and various assets including source codes, patents, software, parts, and designs. 

However, they did not acquire Boosted’s remaining inventory, which instead went to a warehouse in San Francisco owned by Brian Schwarz, the owner of the retailer Last Mile SF. 

So far we are unable to tell whether Lime has future plans to produce electric skateboards, or whether they are using their acquisitions to leverage off Boosted’s engineering and technology secrets.

Can You Still Get Your Hands on a Boosted Board?

As of now, you can still purchase the Boosted Mini X on Amazon, retailing for its standard price if you are desperate to get your hands on this elusive piece of technology. For electric skateboard fanatics keen to know the best current brands of electric skateboards can click here for a guide that highlights all different models and makes.

Final Words

Whilst we are hoping for a Boosted return, given the current economic state in the world, we aren’t holding out hope for the short term.

If you’ve been affected by Boosted’s collapse and still have customer requests including those who have sent their boards to be repaired before the collapse can contact boostedmanagement@boostedboards.com